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May 8, 2017
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What do you get when a Sikh, a Muslim, a Catholic, an agnostic, and a Reverend do comedy in a church? You get Central Comedy Club. Great show tonight guys! A special thanks to WIG for closing the show strong!!!

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Hello there!
At the 'FPIA Prelims' show (

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Lot of folks need to understand this!

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Writers Write

Quotable - Zadie Smith

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Writers Write is with Marija Palunko.

A Map Of A Writer’s Mind

I am a firm believer that everyone should follow his dreams, strike out down an uncharted road, take action. That approach applies to writing just as it

'Your Place or Mine?' now available digitally in Kindle edition
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His girlfriends wedding invitation is languishing in his mailbox and the house he lives in is stacked with empty beer bottles and cigarette butts. Meet Ali, a young executive with a fortune 500 company, who drives a big car, leaves a big tip at the restaurant and has a big bank account. Even thou...

Not bad for a week old book. Thanks to every one who googled it up, hope you all bought it too
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Insightful - Been meaning to share my views on this for quite some time.
How the completely new and runaway hit genre of street lit fiction has clouded over the Indian publishing market. How even the seasoned publishers are now milking on the trend. And how, amid all this, aspiring writers eager to see their name in print end up selling their work to publishers who compromise on the editing and printing values just to make a quick buck. Who's to blame here? The publishers, who suddenly find the once elegant publishing industry turning into a rat race of churning out more quick-read, low priced titles, or the aspiring writers, who face the dilemma of either being published by these very same publishers or face the danger of their work never seeing the light of the day.…/golden-age-of-indian-writing…

There was a time, not so long ago, when a visit to a Delhi bookshop to browse its section of Indian literature would be a somewhat depressing experience. There would a handful of stellar stand-out names, of course; Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh and one or two others. But the collection would be a hal...

My new book 'Your Place or Mine?' is now out in stores!
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Happy new year and happy reading!
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