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  • In a world that often fails in the areas of compassion and patience, and which excel at isolation, and selfishness; we have been given angels who are everywhere to help us learn these important lessons. We mistakenly call these people "disabled".

    I'm so excited to be sharing my book MORE THAN YOU HOPED FOR: Cultivating Inner Strength and Inner Peace in Times of Change and Challenge. I hope you will come often to my wall and learn more about my book.

    My name is Sharon Hart. And my passion-- what I live for -- is to see a student or a client with their eyes all a glow; radiating love and passion for life in this moment. It is such an honor to be with ordinary people who have faced very challenging life events and see their hearts open despite the intensity of what they have been through.

    To be facing your darkest hour and realizing that who you are; is MORE THAN YOU HOPED FOR. This is a moment of pure grace.

    My book is called: MORE THAN YOU HOPED FOR: Cultivating Inner Peace and Inner Strength in Times of Change and Challenge.

    Perhaps you know how to find inner peace and bliss when times are good, but do you know how to find your way to the joy of pure consciousness when times are tough?

    What makes one person facing tough times become embittered and miserable, while another person is able to use the situation to develop wisdom and inner strength, and to thrive, and even inspire other people?

    We have all heard stories about people who were facing difficult times and somehow they grew in some remarkable way and experienced a state of inner fulfillment or inner strength that they didn’t know how to access before the challenge arrived in their lives. Sometimes the people in the story succeed in overcoming incredible obstacle and other times they failed in terms of significantly improving their external circumstances, but nevertheless, we see a change in them that we recognize as monumental. We see the glow of wisdom and compassion in their eyes and we are in awe of how they not only survived but flourished somehow despite their obstacles.

    MORE THAN YOU HOPED FOR is a totally incredible book that invites you to turn a life altering event into a catalyst for awakening. It’s a book about how to let "hard times" to become a sacred door that take you from living an ordinary life to living and extraordinary life.

    Its pages are filled with the kind of inspiration you get when you sit with a wise sage or great spiritual teacher but the good news is that this wisdom comes forth from an ordinary person like yourself. It’s good news because if someone as ordinary as me can find this kind of wisdom and joy in life then surely it’s something YOU can have in your life.

    The book is organized around spiritual principles but they are not the familiar “change your thoughts change your life” type principles that you have been reading about for a few decades now. There is a different twist to that you will find when you read my book.

    And woven into the fabric of the book is my life story offering you clues concerning how you can sustain the potent energy of profound spiritual realization in your day to day life. The story of my life reads like an incredible novel with intense challenges at ever
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