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Ok folks, it’s been a little bit since we updated inventory. We are going to kick off Black Friday with something new, Yeti Snot Aftershave. It’s a non alcohol splash that compliments Y…
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Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium, LLC added 2 new photosfeeling appreciated.

We got a review/kind note from a customer who was one of the first to pick up "Yeti Iced Cream."

"That yeti ice cream is out of this world. I can't explain the ...bizarre and wonderful cooling it has, and that post shave is wonderful. I think our man Ernie Borraga really nailed it this time." - D. Smith, MI

To the dapper gent, we say Harrumph and huzzah! Greatly appreciate the feedback and review!

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Did everybody get some Iced Cream!!

Happy New Year, we're live!!!! Get it while you can. Yeti Iced Cream

Are you ready!!! 2 1/2 hours left to feel the freeze!!

4 hours and 42 minutes until we go live!!

Today is the day. Yeti Iced Cream will go live at midnight. Are You Ready!!

Ok, so you want to know how to get Yeti Iced Cream. It will be available at Midnight on Sunday 12.31.17. But it will only be available on Dr. Mike's Website. This will not be offered on the Yeti Website. Shipping is USPS Priority USA for $6.00. The cost of the Yeti Iced Cream will be $19.00 for a 4oz container. The first batch will be a run of 50, with another 100 available within a couple of weeks. If you have any questions, just ask, or pm me or Dr. Mike.

Are You Ready!!!

Are you Ready

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Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium, LLC

New Year's Eve looks to be a cold one indeed. ARE YOU READY FOR THE YETI?
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New Years is almost here. Who's ready for some Yeti Iced Cream

Labeling up the Iced Cream for everybody!!!! 4oz's of peppermint candy with a kick

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Less than a week away from the release of Yeti Iced Cream. I can feel the chill from here!!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Xmas. Enjoy it and be safe!!

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For those who thought the Yeti was a myth, we are proud to present an incredible new product from the Shaving Yeti. With a little help from my friends, several months of careful experimentation and development, we have come up with a new formula.
If you are familiar with our standard shave products, this is something very different. This isn't your basic shave soap. This is a full fledged Shave Cream!
Envision yourself walking into a candy shop. As you walk around you the fragrant smell of peppermint. It brings back memories of Candy Canes and Peppermint Discs. Now take that Peppermint and add some Menthol to it. Not just a little bit either; this might be the coldest cream in the Northern Hemisphere. Several people have tried it, but most say the after the second pass it gave them Frost Bite.
This Stuff isn't for the faint of heart. Be ready for an experience. Be ready for the Yeti!

So you're asking yourself, when will this be available? I'm launching the new cream at Midnight on New Year's Eve. So be on the lookout.

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Can you feel the chill in the air? It's almost time to get your Yeti Iced Cream!

a review of the Yeti Iced Cream by Matthew Nichols.

SOTD 12.11, Menthol Monday

So I consider myself a lover of all things mentholated; soaps, aftershaves, balms, whatever. I treat menthol the same way some men treat buffalo wings. The more intense the better. For quite some time Yeti Snot has reigned over all menthol soaps as the coldest available. So I was very curious and excited when Ernie, the creator of Yeti Snot, reaches out and asked me to test his newest offering, Yet...i Snot Iced Cream.
As you can tell by the picture, the whole setup is very unassuming, no hint for the ride you’re about to take. Where Yeti Snot is more menthol scented, Iced Cream has more of a peppermint aroma. Indeed, I could smell it through the shipping envelope. On first sniff I knew I was in for a wild ride. It’s a cream soap so lathering is a breeze. I scooped an almond sized amount into my bowl and started lathering. My whole bathroom smells like candy canes now. Unlike yeti snot, this stuff is cold from the get go, now build up. I was tearing up and I hadn’t even done half of my first pass. It was though my razor was made of ice. I had seriously underestimated the cold level. Oh well, can’t turn back now. So I made it through the first pass onto the second, after a brief pause to let the cold subside somewhat. I should’ve waited longer. If possible, the second pass was colder than the first. Fresh lather and the effects of the previous pass I’m guessing. Before you think this soap is all cold and no performance, I only needed two passes to get bbs. The glide was superb and the protection is top notch. The lather is thick and rich, right up there with the big boys.
As for the aftershave, it’s amazing as well. I base that on previous uses because I couldn’t feel it this time, the soap overpowered it completely. The post shave fee is great, nice and smooth no greasy residue. I can safely say this is the coldest soap on the planet, bar none. And I’ve tried them all. Nothing comes close to this. Don’t believe me, that’s fine. Buy it and try it yourself, I dare you. But be warned, this soap isn’t for the faint of heart

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