I was honored to be included in the annual list of 140 Top SEO Experts to follow by Search Engine Journal. Thanks for the add SEJ, I am truly honored.

Want to learn more about search engine optimization? Then you should learn from the top SEO experts. Here are 140 brilliant ones to follow.

I am so looking forward to being at PubCon Florida next week. I will be speaking about building a community to grow your brand. I hope to see you there!

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Check out my article on Search Engine Journal talking about ways to improve your Facebook Ads. I hope you enjoy!…/235901/

Here are some not-so-common Facebook features that, when used to their potential, can help drastically improve your ad campaigns.
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If you are interested in learning about Lead Generation with Facebook Ads you must attend my PubCon session on Tuesday, Nov 7th @ 2PM Salon C…

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For local businesses, it has always been a struggle to see the full ROI of your online marketing efforts. Facebook is now making that a little bit easier for us all, now tracking offline conversions.

Connecting your CRM to your Facebook ads allows FB to pull in sales/customer data to give you a more accurate picture of where your sales have come from and which ads are performing. No more guessing.

Acquiring information and intent from interested people is just one step in the path to converting a lead into a customer, and currently, marketers are trying a little bit of everything to move people down the conversion path, including phone calls, in-person visits or in-store transactions.

Always exciting when my hard work on a clients website pays off big time. #bigROI #SEO

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Sounds like Instagram is starting to follow in Facebooks footsteps and has recently been making algorithm changes that is causing some instagramers to not show to non followers who are searching by hashtag. In the past, you could tag your posts with tags and your post was placed into the hashtag feed. It seems that business accounts and personal accounts which Instagram suspects are business accounts can expect they will need to start advertising if they want to regain their previous exposure levels. Instagramers are calling this Shadowbanning. Some Instagram accounts are seeing engagement drop by over 50%. This is not a big surprise to me, it was only a matter of time they started making changes to increase ad revenues.

Facebook announce today that they are releasing more tools to give us more in depth insights into our ads. This also includes a Daily Results Estimator which will give you an estimate of expected results from the campaign. Will be interested in testing its accuracy.

We're introducing more campaign transparency and predictability with Delivery Insights and Estimated Daily Results

Do you agree with Pinterest CEO's assessment on the future of search being all about imagery and pictures over keywords? I have been loving some of these new tools which can help identify items found in a picture.

"Computer vision technology is going to be a big deal," Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said on "Closing Bell."

Did you know you can also do lead forms in LinkedIn ads similar to Facebook's lead ads? Depending up on your line of business, this might be a goldmine for your business if done right. Anyone try this out yet? What results did you get?

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A little birdie told me that Facebook's Power Editor will soon be integrated into Ads Manager, hopefully by Summer. The best parts will be integrated into Ad Manager minus the sucky UX issues that the power editor currently possesses.

A nice feature which Facebook business pages offers local businesses is the opportunity to supply a "Place Tip". For those of you that has a physical business location, you can select to show a message to people who access Facebook while at your location. I was brainstorming examples of ways to utilize this.

One example I thought of was for a Restaurant. Write a custom message like:

"We hope you are enjoying your meal. If you are, please consider checking in, Liking our pag...e & leaving us a review on our FB page. If you do, please show to your waitress for a $5 coupon off your next meal."

This could also be easily modified for a retail store. I honestly don't know too many people these days that doesn't check Facebook at least once while they are out to eat. Seize the day and find a clever way to utilize this feature for your business.

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Looks like Facebook recently rolled out a new ad format for us. We can choose the four pictures that shows underneath. It's called Collections and it's found at the ad level under the Conversion and Traffic objective.

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I can't tell you how rewarding it is to get a message from your client telling you they trippled their daily sales goal yesterday, a very rare thing for this time of year for this seasonal business. Very exciting! This company is going to see great growth this year. #hardworkpaysoff #digitalmarketing