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In 1934, 16 terminal cancer patients were cured using the power of frequency and vibration alone.
Explore more possibilities beyond conventional medicine:

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The amazing world we live in.
Malaria cured in 24 hours

Ya think 🤔 ??

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Let that sink in

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With all the intelligence agencies and networking and telescreens, and all this surveillance and spying, how could pedophiles, torturers, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, extortionists, blackmailers, plunderers, thieves, smugglers, tax evaders, loan defaulters, crooks, fraudsters, scamsters, loan sharks, land grabbers, war criminals, gun runners, violent drug cartels, gangsters, thugs, bootleggers, hospital/pharmaceutical/laboratory mafia, NGO/Fundraising/Charity mafia/organiz...ation, beggar mafia, human rights violators, pimps, blue film makers, slave traders, human organ traders, despots, demon worshipping child killers, serial killers, corrupt officials/bureaucrats, terrorists, religious fanatics, extremist groups, political hooligans, vandals, traitors, and the providers of Dark Web, etc. be unhampered in their activities? Unless THOSE ARE THE ONES running the surveillance and spy grids and this entire System...

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As soon as anyone has a fever, the first thought among most is to get rid of the fever. It’s almost an obsession, especially in pediatric cases.

Then if the fever is reduced, it’s equated to healing or recovery from whatever ailment was behind the fever. Aspirin and Tylenol type medications are usually the first course for fever reduction.

But fever phobia often leads to making things worse. This is because fever is one of the body’s main defenses against invading pathogens. ...Suppressing fevers can even increase rapid viral replication.

Fever is the immune system’s part of the response against harmful bacteria and viral infections in addition to sending T-Cells to produce antibodies. And fevers are also part of the clean up process for toxic bacterial waste products. Externally suppressing the fever is stopping it from doing its job.

When it comes to any type of influenza, taking a pharmaceutical to reduce fever is not the way to go..


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When governments run out of money, Big Pharma will collapse because it depends almost entirely on government money for its revenues. Stay informed at http://...

Pahahaha Flat Earth Debunked!!

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Flat Earth

Video by Red Pill Philosophy

Why do the cameras on these rockets never face into space? 🤔

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Interesting! 🤔

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