“Oh the slippery slope argument. How original..”

No, that’s how things happen. Your rights get chipped away, one “reasonable” request at a time.

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Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla talking the authoritarian impulses of Hollywood leftists at their Phoenix #NoSafeSpaces tour. Check it out!


When you love someone so much you need to have a binding contract with the state to prove it, and permission from them to end it.

Marriage permit: State permission to be a couple....
Divorce certificate: State permission to be single.


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Maybe it’s time you invest in some more marketable job skills to get a better paying gig.

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What’s next? Suing the bar for your DUI? Taking McDonalds to court for making you fat? Suing Ford for your accident? Apple for texting while driving?

You alone are responsible for your actions.

A Wareham man was sentenced Friday to serve six to eight years in prison for manslaughter after a woman overdosed on heroin he sold her

Tuesday at 5:30 at the Dover City Hall.

Rezoning Committee

DOVER — In 1988, the City Council rezoned about 1,000 acres on both sides of Sixth Street from residential to commercial/industrial, land that is

You can’t take pictures from space without a permit.

They’re literally regulating your actions when you’re not even on the planet anymore.

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NowThis Future

SpaceX has been streaming its launches illegally

The problem with ending Expanded Medicaid is the public relations issue it creates. You can't take away the healthcare for 50,000 people without looking like a heartless bastard that kills poor people.

The only way to get rid of it is to chip away at it, slowly transferring the enrollees to the private sector with incentives for health insurers to take them off the state's hands while creating ways for people to voluntarily fund the people who are left through donations, fundraisers, and charitable organizations.

A disruptive cold turkey solution is political suicide.

City Council Budget Workshop.

Today the School Board presents their budget, which accounts for nearly 50% of the entire city budget.

City HallDover, NH
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This morning I calculated how much one person would need to make in order to afford a $275k starter home in Dover.

The mortgage would be $1850/month, $650 of that would go to property taxes.

One third of the mortgage payment would be taxes.


You would need an income of $88,000.

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Wing-Itz Dover NH
American Restaurant
Wing-Itz Dover NH is raising money for Dover Police Charities Inc.

Wing-Itz Dover NH is asking for donations to Dover Police Charities Inc.

Come celebrate our first year anniversary with our first annual wing eating contest. Proceeds will benefit the Dover Police Charities. Here are a few examples: ...Teen Center, Youth to Youth, Mounted Police, and Youth Athletics. If interested please contact Derek to sign up for the competition. Limited contestant spaces available. Trophies and T-shirt’s will be given out to final contestants and some great prizes too. Like Red Sox tickets, gift cards, Wing-Itz apparel and much more!

Derek Fisher

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Dover peeps, tonight the City Manager presents the new budget to the City Council, where it will be debated and worked every Wednesday on for the next 6-8 weeks.

This is when your input is vital to the process!


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Posted by TRT World
TRT World

Does this episode of 'Black Mirror' seem eerily similar to a social 'credit' system that will score citizens' trustworthiness in China?

Remember when Glenn Beck was seen as tin-foil-hat level crazy?

Not so much now.

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Glenn Beck

Without the Bill of Rights, are we still America?

Perspective is everything. It bridges gaps in knowledge, it creates an understanding of the decisions of others, and perspective makes you grow as a person.

Sarah McBride has bravely published her perspective in her first book (of hopefully many), and Teen Vogue has published an excerpt I highly suggest you read.

Will you learn anything new? Probably not, but you will gain a perspective you rarely are able to get.


This book is now on my reading list.

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Teen Vogue with an excerpt from the book! One of the things I love most about the book is that people get to know Andy far beyond his cancer - they get to see h...ow smart, smooth and kind he was. In this excerpt I talk about our first date: my insecurities as a trans woman and Andy's way of helping to wash them all away.

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Author Sarah McBride shares an excerpt from her new book “Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality.”

Do you want to end gun violence in schools?

Change the culture.

In the business world, a toxic corporate culture will eat away a company like a cancer.

Huh. Apparently the City of Portsmouth is paying lobbyists to squash bills increasing regulation.

I’m torn. On one hand taxpayer money is being spent on lobbyists, but on the other hand it’s attempting to squash increased regulation.

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Mindi for Congress added 2 new photos.

Coakley Landfill Group, funded by the City of Portsmouth Taxpayers has 5 lobbyists and an attorney to fight bills submitted by myself and Renny Cushing's bills.... Do the City of Portsmouth Taxpayers know where their money is going? According to Bob Sullivan, the lobbyists were paid $4K per month. How much are they paying their attorney? #HB1766 #HB1701 #CLF #Indivisible #SeacoastResist #NH01

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Thinking outside of the box will actually save lives in our classrooms.

Instead of using tragedy to further political agendas and rally activist bases.

Entrepreneurs will save lives.

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A high school senior in Wisconsin has invented a device to keep intruders out of classrooms and possibly save lives.

Do you think Indiana schools should have this device?…/students-invention-protects-his-scho…