Check out this video of people having a great time at The Zombie Mud Run! Shocktoberfest will be hosting The Zombie Mud Run on September 21st.
Check out this video of people having a great time at The Zombie Mud Run! Shocktoberfest will be hosting The Zombie Mud Run on September 21st.

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Just your average day at SHOCKTOBERFEST Whether you like to be scared or like to watch people who hate to be scared, you will have a fun time at Shocktoberfest!!

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Chandler Clouser
· November 11, 2017
Shocktoberfest is by far one of the most unique multi haunted attractions in the area. If you want a night full of fun and scares then Shocktoberfest should be a place you strongly consider visiting. ...With such a wide variety in attractions (walk throughs, hayride, zombie run, laser tag, escape room, zombie experience, etc) there truly is something for everyone. Now, with that being said, don't expect to complete all of these attractions in one night in the middle of the haunt season. Many reviews are based off of crowds, lines, etc and with no consideration to what the haunt has. If you visit on a Saturday in October, yes you're going to wait. If you visit on a Saturday in October, yes there's going to be some back up in the haunts. This stuff is anywhere so don't let bad reviews of wait times/lines deter you from experiencing shocktoberfest. It's truly one of a kind as it sticks to the zombie theme from beginning to end. Shocktoberfest puts on a good show from beginning to end so I strongly encourage other haunt lovers to visit! Besides, everyone is open to their own opinion so don't let just ones person negative comments deter you from visiting. Who knows, you may visit and love it or you may visit and hate it... But you'll never know if you don't try and shocktoberfest is surely with a shot! 11/10 in my books for this year!! See More
Brittany Barber
· October 21, 2017
Please everyone before you buy tickets look at the reviews. Yes this place has been rated at times a 5 but bad reviews matter just as much. I've been going to haunted attractions forever and Halloween... is my favorite but the wait is ridiculous . Been here since 8 and have only gone through one attraction that took less than 5 minutes. Hopefully this isn't deleted before the end of the night. You stand in one line just to get moved to another and the videos before the safari were terrible. The video before unknown 2.0 was bad and your jam packed in a small building with a ton of people. Lastly, they don't even check wrist bands for RIP and regular groups. I've witnessed people just get right into these lines and get right in. You spend so much money on these places. It should be a great experience. However, this place isn't. Please everyone read this review it's 100% honest. See More
Kim Oldham Castellano
· October 22, 2017
Went Friday night with 6 teenagers and we had blast! This is probably my 8th or 9th year going there with kids. We drive over an hour, always have a fun time! Great staff at the attractions. The actor...s do an awesome job! They have some great hiding spots and know how to get you!

I experienced something very nice in the prison. There was a man with a little girl maybe around 8 or 9 behind us. She clearly did not like it a few minutes after she walked in. I witnessed the staff being very good to her and not scaring her then helped her and her dad to exit so she did not have to go through the whole thing.

The laser tag was lots of fun! There were two teams and zombies walking around that you could shoot.

Always a fun and scary time at Shocktoberfest!
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Jennifer Murch
· October 21, 2017
���� #1 in my book so far! I went to numerous Halloween attraction and I have to say it was worth every dollar we spent! Yes the line for the hayride was ridiculously long but it was worth the wait an...d the scares. I loved the zombies and my throat hurts from all the screaming I did. The prison of the dead was amazing! I could go on for days about my experience. Oh by the way the shrimp po boy sandwich was fantastic!! #lovedit #halloweenrocks #zombies See More
Victoria Leigh Craven
· October 2, 2017
Very cool place, went to another haunted attraction in Lancaster the day prior, this hands down beat the hayride! The other one had pretty much the same scares it does every year. Shocktoberfest was excellent well excecuted the actors gave some genuine jump scares, the effects were up close and personal and this year has a plot that gives some character to the whole tour. Don't be fooled after you come through the entry way the initial lane going back to the attractions looks sparse, however the vendors are unique and cool kind of like the renaissance faire they have stuff to sell (air ferns which were cool, trinkets), once you get on the attractions though its a whole other game very cinematic, not the same boring ghouls at other places! New to area and well pleased with this one over the other ones this year so far See More
Amanda Lyn Thomas
· October 22, 2017
I go every year to shocktoberfest and never have I been so disappointed as I was last night. First of all we waited 40 minutes in a line for the unknown that wasn’t even moving. They just had us there and were not letting anyone in because they weren’t ready. This was after the posted opening time for the park. We waited an hour in line for the hayride which should have been the shortest wait because again the line was just not moving. Then when we got to the prison there was too many people in line so to “speed it up” they let people in more frequently which just resulted in it being a forty person pile up processional with no possibility of being scared. On top of that the actors were yelling in our faces telling us to move when there was literally no where to go. I have never had such an awful experience at this park. See More
Lauren Hess
· October 29, 2017
We went last night with our 8 year old son. It was fun! We did the hayride and prison of the dead. I maybe jumped twice. Not scary for me. But watching my sons reaction was so much fun! He had a great... time and wasn’t that scared either. He was more scared walking through the prison of the dead than the hayride. A lot of the “zombies” gave him high fives and he loved the extra attention. We also did paintball on the hayride. Probably wouldn’t spend the extra money on that again. All in all, it was a nice time with our son and I’m glad we went! We got there early and the lines were super short! See More
Krystle Yeagle Bennett
· October 13, 2017
Hubby & I came for a date night. We had a bogo all access pass coupon, so we both got in for $50. We were able to complete the hayride, prison of the dead and the unknown 2.0 in the 3 hours we were th...ere. Overall we had a great time, and my hubby agreed (and he’s not always easy to please).

My only complaint... in the unknown 2.0, there were real rats in a cage and you could tell they were stressed because they were all huddled together and jumped when there were loud noises and banging. If it was me, I’d replace the rats with a tarantula or something equally as creepy and can’t hear to the same extent.
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Philip Mykel Haden
· November 12, 2017
Amazing! A must see for those who are haunting fanatics. This place deserves 5 stars hands down. The set designs are mind blowing & out of this world, the actors & staff are great to work with. It was... a new experience that I won't ever want to forget guest acting for such an incredible place. I highly recommend this! See More
Cody Weitkamp
· September 30, 2017
Shocktoberfest is the ONLY haunt I regularly attend that gets better every single year. It is clear to see that they hired more actors than ever before. I was never too much of a fan of the Zombie Saf...ari hayride, but that has now changed. It's obvious that they spent a LOT of time on the hayride over the offseason. The waterfall and vehicle maintenance station were the highlights (along with the worms, as always!) As long as Shock continues to do what they're doing, I'll continue to be a regular customer. Keep it up Pat, and all of your crew! See More
Christina Businsky
· October 24, 2017
What an awesome night! You really get the full zombie experience. The hayride gets you all set up for the rest of the night and I loved finishing with Zombie Laser Tag -- I felt like a boss using that... laser gun. Definitely give your self time to go through each attraction. I wish I had the right shoes for the Zombie Night Run! Guess I'll have to go back. See More
James McCullen
· December 3, 2017
Schlocktober fest is pretty overrated as far as haunts go. It's sometimes fun, sometimes scary...but mostly it's just the same old thing. Kudos for the staying power all these years...but its really... time to up your game and get your mojo back. See More
Kristi Atkinson
· October 22, 2017
It was a great experience! Having to drive 2 hours to get there we were NOT disappointed! Even after getting head butted and kneed in my left kidney by zombies ,elbowed in the lip by my boyfriend, and... just falling in the tunnel on my own �� I had a great time ! Many screams from me that’s for sure ! We will be back next year ! See More
Rich Meyer
· October 14, 2017
First time with a group of 4, Friday night at 9pm, FANTASTIC TIME!! Did hayride, which is by far was the longest, time wise trip that i have ever gone on. And the waiting time was 5 minutes... Second we did was prison, no wait on this one. The length of walking through was by far the longest and Ive dont the haunted prison in Philly, hands down this place was better. The unknown was the last one, not as good as previous two, but the props we actually pretty good! Overall, it was awesome and we will be back next year... See More
Jeremy Messer
· October 29, 2017
The attractions and overall ambiance were nice - the Prison of the Dead escape room and the Zombie Laser Tag are standout attractions. That being said, they need more staff on hand in general. There... was a feeling of disorganization and slapdash management of the various attractions, and it could unclear where lines formed and when things were happening. Concise instructions with more knowledgeable staff would make a 5-star outing. See More
Kayana M. Cobb
· October 24, 2017
Had an awesome experience at Shocktoberfest!! The multiple attractions (i.e. hayride, haunted prison etc.) were all unique to what I thought would be your typical run-of-the-mill haunted house, the "...zombies" (or monsters) were not only nightmarish and creepy but they each were super dedicated to getting their scares out of visitors every second and succeeded on numerous occasions. My favorite part had to be the hayride, which in my opinion, was the least scary compared to the other attractions, (and this is saying very little because everything was terrifying). Be prepared to scream (and maybe cry?) in terror, but also to have a fun night. It is well worth the trip for the experience! ♥ See More
Timothy Frank
· November 5, 2017
Best haunt I been to this season drove four hours to come see it! My favorite part was the hayride so many great props animatronics! Only dislike was the unknown 2.0 was a little confusing and hard to... see some stuff wish the snake room was visible.... other then that great sets great actors but if you don’t like to be touched or grabbed wouldn’t recommend it for you! Highly recommend visiting for lights out!!!!!! And years to come! See More
Mindy Shipman
· October 21, 2017
This group of awesome people are super scary, but also super accommodating! My sister is 22 and LOVES Halloween. We have tried a number of local haunted attractions, but she often could only do the ha...yride. Here she was able to do it all! The characters didn't give her special treatment either...they tortured her just like everyone else! Wheelchairs welcomed!! See More
Stacey Lee Seneca
· October 29, 2017
Was so much fun...And they are honest. I lost my phone, my case with all my cards and cash , ID... They found it and returned it to me with everything in it. Still good people in this world....
Taylor Gentry
· September 23, 2017
It's a good concept, with a lot of potential to be great. It was fun, just because it was something to do. But I wanted to be more scared. Needs more zombies coming from every direction and the actors... shouldn't give up when they try to scare you. They should keep going, really push me to my edge. I also feel like there should be more hype going to the attractions. Other than that it was nice to get out and do something to get me into the Halloween spirit. See More

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Haunted House

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Shocktoberfest is open tonight! If you don't like waiting in lines, Thursday night is for you!!!

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What's more fun than coming to Shocktoberfest??... Working at Shocktoberfest!! We are currently hiring more actors. Simply shoot us an email or come out any night we are open at 5:00. You won't regret it! Have fun, make new friends, get paid!!!

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What's more fun than coming to Shocktoberfest??... Working at Shocktoberfest!! We are currently hiring more actors. Simply shoot us an email or come out any night we are open at 5:00. You won't regret it! Have fun, make new friends, get paid!!!

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October 16, 2017


Today! 2-6 PM!


SHOCKTOBERFEST will be open Friday the 13th!! There's just know telling what might be in store for you!!!! Are you brave enough to find out??

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