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Sarah Martinez
· April 18, 2018
The fitness center is great-weight area is never crowded which I like because that's the area I use 90%. The night staff who work the child care are great, always interacting with the kids. My 3 star ...issue lies with some of the member service staff. This is the second time I've encountered rude interactions. New member for two weeks never given wristband, this evening the lady working the front desk kindly decided to finish her conversation with another employee before greeting me as I inched my card closer. Thats when she decided to let me know I needed a wristband for the fitness center in not a nice customer service voice. First time I've heard of this. Second incident happened yesterday, an employee was blocking the door to women's locker room when she said " ummmm you can't use it right now, it's being cleaned up" in a rude tone. I brushed it off until a lady came up after me and got "I'm sorry it's closed right now" in a much more pleasant voice. I literally wasn't going to review until the incident happened tonight. I use to work for the YMCA so I definitely understand the customer service aspect of the front desk and some of your employees don't have it. Also, who the heck wants to workout in a wristband?! See More
Stacy White
· November 15, 2017
The pool is very nasty ! Me and my 4 year old both got ear infections from the pool !!! First thing my doctor asked me was if We had been in a pool and this place was the only place we’ve been to
Drew Schmitz
· March 19, 2018
I have so much fun swimming with my friends I'm so happy when the get the new stuff done
Scott Thompson
· August 26, 2017
The Jukebox doesn't work on the waterslide and hasn't yet this year. And this is my 4th time going so far this year. The tropics is really dusty and obviously very little maintenance in the Tropic are...a. the whole place is full of children not being watched by their parents. Pushing my two-year-old out of the way the whole day See More
Chantal Marie
· March 31, 2018
So much fun to be had especially at the water park
Melissa Sailor
· July 22, 2017
We had a blast, the kids were excited about the slide with the radio and lights! We got the family rate, so that saved us some $$ on the admissions. We will be back again!
Kelly Check
· March 26, 2017
I was there for a craft show and although the Community Center was crowded with families having parties or playing in the pool area, the craft show was a bust! A fair amount of vendors for the space, ...but not many visitors. I wonder if the craft goers didn't want to fight through the party/pool crowds to attend a craft show??? Not sure we'll be back. See More
Anna 'Kyllo' Miller
· April 6, 2015
For use as swim lessons and pool policy specifically I have some concerns. Overall the swim program is sufficient. However, the locker room situation is completely unacceptable. The policy that re...quires children over 4 years to be in their gender specific locker room is ridiculous. What 4 year old is able to dress and change themselves before or after swim lesson? Furthermore, the 2 "family lockers" don't even come close to meeting the needs for the multiple families trying to get dressed at the same time. How about dedicating an area of each locker room to adults on vs parents with children to accommodate the needs and comfort of all? I recognize the need for privacy but if this policy continues without change we will take our children elsewhere for lessons and encourage everyone I know to do the same. See More
Nina Sposito
· March 16, 2017
The slide has very loud music and lights flashing so if your child is sensitive to strobe lights be aware. The lifeguards are not consistent in blowing the whistle for behavior. My 10 years old son l...asted about 30 mins had enough. See More
Melissa Andrews
· May 10, 2016
They definitely should put a cap on how many people can be in the pool area! It was so packed the kids could barely swim and there were no chairs at all for the adults to sit in, let alone any just makes for a less than desirable experience See More
Liz Borchert
· February 11, 2017
Used a shared room, plenty of room for all 3 parties, without feeling like your party is being invaded. Clean, good people, reasonable priced, friendly staff, and lots to do!
Tammy Peterson
· April 5, 2014
Waste if time! The pool water was cold the pool room temp was cold, not toddler friendly at all! Family locker rooms are over crowded with only two rooms.the playground is aJOKE! Eagles best it's times better! And the parking lot sucks too!I will never waste my time here again! Not even worth one star! See More
Christy Novak
· January 28, 2017
We had a great time in the pool, gym and climber. The food was great. $50 for 4 of us to enjoy our Friday night. Family locker room could be bigger.
Julia Glaser
· August 22, 2016
We used the Shoreview room and it was an amazing room! It fit all of our 200 guests and there was room to actually get around! Very roomy and we would recommend this to anyone! They are helpful and se...tting up was no problem! We had a great experience! See More
LuAnne Jaskowiak
· November 30, 2015
Shoreview is an amazing fun filled day! With the water park and indoor play area you can spent the whole day! Kids loved the water slide! They thought it was so awesome, that there was lights and they... could pick their own music. Great place!

to it on the way down
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Melissa Hunt
· February 21, 2015
None of the lifeguards were on the same page as far as rules(if there even was any). The pool water was freezing.
Was told after trying for a week to get ahold of a person o talk to(started calling t...he Sunday before I planned to visit) that they were going to be open from 6am-6pm and the waterslide and pool would be open, arrived at 11:00am and nothing was open they were doing swim lessons.
The web page is very disorganized and hard to understand. Lifeguards were crabby and seemed that they didn't want to be there. Way to many people for the amount of lifeguards on duty. Never did a safety sweep to make sure everybody was safe. The "rules" for the hot tub are not clear as we got told nobody under the age of 18 "IN" the hot tub sign did not clarify in the "hot tub area" but as soon as all hell broke loose nobody including the lifeguards cared who was in the "hot tub area".
I was told eight different things by eight different employees and NONE of which matched or was even remotely close to the other, I had to track down a manager and ask the rules(not professional at all) I also am not a resident and surely was treated like a nonresident unless they were scared of my wheelchair.
Moral of review- lifeguards need more training on the rules, the rules need to be posted and/or told to you when paying(which the price is so ridiculously high), everyone needs to follow said rules and implement them all the same not each have their own set, and have a safety check every half hour to hour.
Hard to say if I'd return to try again due to this sour taste I have toward the expirence I had.
Please check it out before going with your kids and call a few times and make sure everything adds up.
However the locker rooms are nice and the pool was nice but not warm like said.
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Felicia Harris
· January 1, 2017
We got there early 5 o'clock knocked on window staff looked me in my face and turned her head and continued to speak with her staff! Never once gave a gesture or acknowledgement of me or several other... parents in the COLD with their small children!
No one NEVER came to the door to say that the doors will not open till 5:30. Activities were great, kids had fun! I DID NOT APPRECIATE their customer service. I wish I had gotten her name.
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Michelle Lund Laudert
· March 9, 2015
Way too much chlorine in the not warm enough water. Hate the music and lights inside the slide and I've seen more than a few kids get knocked around in it.
Angela Lynn Baerthel
· December 14, 2013
Great place if you are middle class income. Not so much if you are low income. It is a different type of community center. Not the ones I grew up with. Or my kids were just at. No free stuff or schola...rships for struggling families. Not enough public transportation.
Other then that it was fun. My daughter had a great time swimming and playing at the park for her birthday. The pool was clean. The staff was nice. Will only go again if my kids ask.
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Danny Sim
· May 29, 2017
Great place to have fun for kids. Lifeguards need to be consistent with rules and regulations.
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