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Short added 7 new photos to the album: New photos!!

We get way too lucky with our models and photographers. Many thanks to Kathy Rooney for the gorgeous pictures!


I'm told people's prints are arriving... and I haven't even seen them yet (well, maybe a few photos). Let me know how they look, will ya?!

I feel strongly that I should express how saddened I am by yesterday's events in my hometown. My heart goes out to the families and individuals whose lives have been wrecked by this atrocity. I was moved by the many heroes on the scene and by the strength of the entire Boston community. Much love, and please keep adventuring and roughhousing playfully.

Short is with Miri Rooney.

So few hours left to buy my print! If you're on the fence, please consider supporting my continued illustration and a great company willing to print unknown artists. It's under $20!! Feel free to share this post. We got a little extension but the print goes offline at 11am tomorrow to be replaced by the great Dan Mumford! Hurry hurry!

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It's now Wednesday and you only have until Sunday night to get your hands of my It's No Teddy Bear Picnic print from Warpaint Press.

Limited run offering from Short Army, one of their first pieces ever to be printed as a poster. This print is titled It's No Teddy Bear Picnic. 18 ...

Do you want a giant dinosaur wrecking a Viking picnic on your wall? 5-color screenprint available from Warpaint Press on Monday!!

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Hey Texans, go check out our Spartan hats at Posh Little Pig

SHERMAN, Tx. (Instagram @posh_littlepig) High-end + playful couture for BABY KIDS TEEN + MOM. Shop Mon-Sat 10a- 7p. Call a "Personal Shopper": 903-870-4040

Listen everyone, I just want send out a big wholehearted thank you to all those who enjoyed our flash sales with and It was really fun, educational, and easy to work with both companies and my storage unit is looking much much lighter.

And there you have it!

Little ones easily emerge victorious from the battle against boredom when they're decked out in creations from Short Army. Their line of cleverly constructed and amusingly embellished kidswear goes the extra mile to delight one and all with heaping helpings of comfort and style.

Hey there frugal mamas, I've got another flash sale coming at you, this time with Zulily! Keep an eye out for me this weekend starting TOMORROW!

This was amazing fun!!

By William Collins Last Friday night, at the Arts at the Armory on Highland Avenue in Somerville, a journey into the Viking afterlife, Valhalla, replete with Odin, oysters, mead, song, dance, and delightful food took place. Put on by the local restaurant Cuisine en Locale, O.N.C.E. (One Night Culina...

Woohoo, another crazy sale in the works! Busy winter...

So the Fab sale ended last week and was a wonderful success. Thank you everyone who bought some hats and tees. You should have them shortly, if you don't already!

Whoa guys, this this is pretty amazing. Thanks everyone! Only a few days left!!

I found this great design find on Visit now and sign up. Fab is everyday design. Smile, you're designed to!

It's time, everybody! Fab it up

I found this great design find on Visit now and sign up. Fab is everyday design. Smile, you're designed to!

This is happening TOMORROW! Get some hats and tees on the cheap!

I found this great design find on Visit now and sign up. Fab is everyday design. Smile, you're designed to!