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Anita Dillon
· September 3, 2017
We adopted our two lovely cats from here and I think they are amazing. They were so helpful in supporting us with adopting two cats that would get along well. They answered all the questions that I ha...d and we are amazed by how much love they have for all the animals and how the charity is run on such limited funds.
Keep up the great work without you Skye and Noel would be without a loving home and still on the streets.
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Cheryl Quick
· April 30, 2018
I adopted 2 cats from SHUA about 11 years ago. I've also received help and guidance on different cat related matters from them and they have been invaluable.
Karen Jones
· August 12, 2017
Shua is an absolutely amazing place and Kay Jacqui and co are always welcoming as are our furry friends x we have always had our lovely cats from them x whoopie or grace as we renamed her was adorable... she used to wrap herself around your neck like a scarf x we still have Lola and cookie with cookie being a psycho but we love her all the same xx highly recommended and the best place to find your favourite fluffy xx See More
Sue Quinn Aziz
· December 5, 2016
Shua is an exceptional and magical place. Old, young, energetic, disabled, idiosyncratic - every kind of cat you can think of is looked after here. Lots of different places, pens, cat rooms and wife o...pen space depending on the needs of the cats - and of course,the kitten kitchen! If you or anyone you know is ever thinking of getting a cat - please adopt one from here See More
Donna Crimmins
· December 3, 2016
This place is wonderful run by several awesome people who change lives of these unwanted often dumped and injured fur babies. We went to adopt a cat 6 years ago ended up with 3 then a 4th a few years ...later :) thank god for wonderful people like this xx See More
Val Williams
· December 23, 2016
I first came across SHUA when working in a place where they happened to have a fund raising stall - they struck me as amazing then and the years that have passed since have totally reinforced that imp...ression. The love and care they show to cats is truly awe-inspiring - especially the "unadoptable" ones. All of our "gang" came from SHUA and we love each and every one of them. See More
Charlotte Strevens
· August 20, 2016
I have had 2 cats from here, a 1yr old previously and a 11 weeks old this weekend. They take great care of all cats and try to help as much as possible. I wouldn't get a cat from anywhere else :).
Jack Jones
· July 9, 2016
Awesome organisation. People who are willing to give up their spare time to search the streets for injured/vulnerable cats and then take them in and care for them. Met two lovely ladies Joanne and Cat...h. Their love of cats is apparent and they do their best and more to track down animals and ensure their safety and well being is met. See More
Ruth Gray
· June 4, 2017
I have also seen the picture of these idiots holding a cat down and painting its face. Disgusting, hope you get done for cruelty to animals and are shut down!!!!
Sarah Bird
· September 8, 2017
I am homing a lively, playful tabby next weekend looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow at the fundraiser.
Joanne Webb
· February 2, 2016
Shua do a fantastic job, I have adopted 2 cats from them and they will always have my support, I will always adopt from shua, they are amazing
Karen Fallon
· June 4, 2017
Painting cats faces is certainly not the actions of any animal welfare organisation! You need to let that person who did it and the other idiot who took the photo and (thankfully) stupidly uploaded it... to your FB page go! And also apologise for the distress you've caused. And we wonder why animals are abused and kittens are coloured green and blue! Absolute bunch of idiots! ��� See More
Kyle James
· December 20, 2015
Thank you very much for taking in the two cats I founding sure they will be well looked after there with you xxx
Aimee Edmonds
· September 10, 2017
Amazing place doing amazing work. Very friendly and looking forward to adopting our new family member😻
Lauren Jones
· May 23, 2016
Adopted a beautiful little cat from SHUA. Everyone I dealt with was really helpful and knowledgeable. I couldn't recommend them more.
Glenda Balch
· July 17, 2016
Thank you so very much for taking in my babies, and giving them the best start in life, thanks Jackie from glenda...
Megan Wilcox
· September 23, 2016
Such a wonderful place full of wonderful cats run by incredible people.
Chrissy Derbyshire
· April 11, 2016
When I called SHUA about my cat, which had behavioural problems but was healthy and which adoption centres would not take because she would be unlikely to be rehomed, they were abrupt and unhelpful. T...hey said, 'Try again with the adoption centre. But they'll probably just put her down'. See More
Jane Southard
· May 12, 2016
They reunited me with my lovely amber after she was missing for 10 months I can't thank them enough
Emma Jones
· April 11, 2016
I recently contacted SHUA on behalf of a friend, asking for advice on how to rehome a pet. They gave helpful advice re: rehoming organisations, but at the end of the email suggested that my friend cou...ld have the cat put down so that it 'would have only known kindness.' I replied asking if a manager could call me to discuss this advice and recieved a rather horrid response. (See below) I'm pleased to report that other organisations were much more helpful and that my friend's loving but boisterous one eyed kitten now has a forever home. Please: if you're considering donating, donate to an organisation that does not advocate putting healthy animals to sleep.

"Hi Emma,

I am a trustee of SHUA and I have worked for SHUA since it began over a decade ago.

It is bizarre that you have apparently not read the ENTIRE email and instead focus on the final paragraph - yet even then you have misread it. And yes, this is a modified template email that all of the trustees fully endorse. We send out this information every day in response to multiple queries and have done so for many, many years. Not had a single complaint before you. Weird, isn't it?

If you actually read my email, you'll see that first of all we recommend that your friend puts her pet on the waiting list for a rehoming centre. We then make suggestions as to what to do in the interim while waiting for the space at the rehoming centre. We then warn of the dangers of trying to rehome a let yourself. We then warn not to abandon or otherwise turn the pet loose. Finally, we say that if YOU CANNOT WAIT for the rehoming centre THEN (& only then) the kindest thing is to have the pet put to sleep - in other words, rather than the risks your pet would face if you rehomed them yourselves and rather than throwing them out.

We advise this because that's precisely what WE deal with as an EMERGENCY cat rescue facility - pets that HAVE been abused by unkind owners or abandoned or thrown out by owners, kicked by people, hit by cars etc. If you had seen and dealt with even a small proportion of what we have over the past 15 years then you would give the same advice. But again, note that the advice is IF YOU CANNOT WAIT FOR A SPACE AT A REHOMING CENTRE - in other words, the decision and fate of this cat is ultimately yours (or your friend, in this case).

Personally, we believe that it is a pet owner's responsibility to do the right thing by their pet (as does the law!) and, if a pet needs rehoming then this means doing everything in their power to ensure the animal is safe (hence we say to wait for a space at a rehoming centre). If you will not do the right thing and wait for a rehoming centre then the safest option is PTS. But, like I say, we would *hope* that responsible owners would do the right thing and wait for the space at a rehoming centre.

I fail to see what you find shocking about this advice.

Best wishes

Update: I have received the following written response to my request for a phone call from management.

Hi Emma,

We have reviewed all of the email correspondence between you and Sally (who is indeed a trustee, as she says).

She did not advise that your friend has her pet put to sleep EXCEPT as a final resort (re-read her first email please!!) and, yes, this is SHUA's standard advice. Thousands of healthy animals are put to sleep every year in the UK and the vast majority of these have no behavioural or physical problems. It's simple supply and demand - there aren't enough homes out there for the number of animals needing homes.

As Sally says in her first email, if your friend doesn't want to keep the cat because it urinates on the bed and attacks people, why would you think that someone else would? It is hard enough to find homes for healthy, friendly, issue-free adult cats. The order in which people want to adopt is tiny kitten, young kitten, juvenile, young adult ... there are few homes for cats over 5 years old, fewer still for cats over 7, and homes for cats over 10 are simply gold-dust - pretty rare. Additionally, it's always the black or black and white cats that are left behind - last to be adopted or not adopted. People are fussy because they can be; (sadly) there are enough cats needing homes that they can pick and choose whatever suits them. If noone wants to adopt the cat because it urinates on bedding and attacks people, what would you reasonably expect a rescue or rehoming centre to do with it? This isn't a rhetorical question, it's quite serious. Is the cat supposed to be confined to a small pen for the rest of its natural life? This would breach animal welfare laws, for obvious reasons. If you can't find a genuine home and a rehoming centre can't keep an animal cooped up for the rest of its life in a pen (and risk their volunteers or staff being attacked every day plus the extra cleaning requirements of a cat that urinates on bedding), then quite seriously, what solution would you suggest?

SHUA itself has a non-destruct policy, however, we are just a small organisation and barely scratch the surface of all of the problems (cats needing help) in our area due to lack of resources. No one at SHUA is paid (not even trustees); there are no staff, only volunteers. We all do of this in our free time outside of work. We have limited space, funds and time - we are a very small team of dedicated volunteers.

As Sally points out, we would hope that your friend would do the right thing and wait for a space at a bona fide rehoming centre to come up but, if she will not do this, then we believe that it is kinder to have the animal put to sleep than to risk trying to rehome it to someone you don't know or to 'put it outside'. The risks Sally mentions in her first email are sadly all too real.

This cat has an owner and so, as Sally points out in her second email, this decision (whether to wait for a bona fide rehoming centre to take her in or to put her to sleep) is theirs and the responsibility for that decision falls squarely on them. However, it also falls on you - you could set the cat up in one room in your flat or house, with the door closed (to prevent contact with your other cat) if you wished to. That's what we do when SHUA is full - if there is no pen free and an animal has no owner and nowhere to go and needs help, one of us will give up our bathroom or lounge or spare room for them.

Sally has run the email for over a decade and dealt with literally thousands and thousands of emails. We do not feel that there is an aggressive or unpleasant tone. Her second email was only necessary because you didn’t read the first email properly and instead zoned in on the final paragraph. Perhaps you should re-read the first email.

The Trustees

EDIT: I have now advised SHUA that I do not want to discuss this complaint further as the tone of their messages is unpleasant, and they are continuing to send me messages. I have had to block the account on Facebook messenger.
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Ralph is missing from the Rhoose area.
She is a small black tabby
Lost for past 3 days so out of character.
She is chipped.

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The SHUA Charity Shop in High Street will be open tomorrow Tuesday 8th May 2018 from 10am to 4pm 😻


The shop will be closed tomorrow Tuesday. because we are in need of a major sort out. Hopefully it will reopen on Wednesday.

EASTER CHICK UPDATE.................
We think FOWLER & ROCKY are now on the right road to success; Rocky has had a difficult past 10 days - he was struggling to eat, barely moving or walking, sleeping constantly. We put a separation panel in their cage (to stop Fowler bouncing all over him) and put them both on a short course of antibiotics, half of Rockys milk feeds being replaced with Glutolyte rehydration fluids. What a transformation within 24 hours! He must have come dow...n with a little virus which was making him feel soooo poorly!
Both boys are now completely recovered, back together, eating and playing well AND have started to use their 'training pads' for weeing! Their personalities are now really showing - they are like chalk and cheese: Fowler is "FULL ON" hyperactive, vocal, demanding, constantly up to mischief when awake then adorable when lounging and wanting his tummy tickled. Rocky is a far more serious explorer of everything - wanting to sniff, lick and examine everything he discovers. He does love a cwtch and tickle but then settles down to sleep usually cuddling his teddy bear (away from his boistrous brother who is usually STILL running on Duracell batteries?)

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Image may contain: cat
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April 21
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Jacqui Kay to SHUA Charity Shop

Today is VINYL RECORD SHOP DAY - and for all you vinyl enthusiasts, a very kind supporter of SHUA has donated some of her 1980's vinyl - 12' dance hits for us to sell and raise some desperately needed funds! Records should be in our window before lunch today

Every sunny patch in our garden here at SHUA is currently occupied by a cawdle of our rescue cats - the winter has been too long and cold for their whiskers and now the race is on for the best 'sun trap'.
Here is PABLO in the Newly arrived CATIO (thankyou Julie & husband) He is having to take turns - much against his wishes, to share this much sought after space. Meanwhile McCafferty is more than happy just running and climbing and posing in the sunshine. Our Little Hero is just sooooo pleased to be alive! xxx

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Do you remember Little ANNIE ? She was the little Kitten rescued last Autumn from the cinema complex in Cardiff Bay after being dumped because of a major Umbilical Hernia. Thanks to all of you who contributed to her lengthy and complicated surgery to repair the hernia (after nearly two months of daily physio to 'return' the intestines to inside her tummy while we waited for her to grow sufficiently to be able to successfully have her operation) ANNIE and her friends discovered the Spring sunshine this week and are making up for lost time spent indoors during the winter. Although a nervous little soul, she has made many friends here at SHUA and is loving EVERY day of her now pain free happy life, Thankyou ALL xx

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today is VINYL RECORD SHOP day and for all you vinyl enthusiasts, a very kind supporter of SHUA has donated some of her 1980's classic dance vinyl for us to sell today. Records should be at the shop by lunchtime!

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April 7

You can now donate to SHUA TRUST using the link below, directly in to our PayPal account.

Paul Atkins...

I just tested it and it works perfectly.

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Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries. Getting one is fast and free.
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April 3
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Drucilla Jones to SHUA, South Wales (Safe House for Unwanted Animals)

This is the high street SHUA shops window all done and beautiful x ( done by me and kay) XX
Unfortunately the shop is closed tomorrow-4/4/18- and Thursday-5/4/18- but we will be open as normal on Friday xx
Many thanks Drucilla xx
(Shua volunteer)

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April 3
Drucilla Jones to SHUA, South Wales (Safe House for Unwanted Animals)

Helping feed the babies at shua with Jacqui xx
Rocky and Fowler are doing well and learning to walk and dance...
They are getting fatter by the minute xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😺😺😽😽😽🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

HAPPY EASTER to you all xxxx
Sorry for the delay in getting some pictures out ther of our tiny hand rear twins ROCKY and FOWLER, but due to some technical glitch the camera wouldn't import the photos?
Anyway, here they are...............FOWLER was soooo keen to see the world that his eyes opened on Wednesday (when I took these pictures) ROCKY waited til Good Friday for his to open. So far both boys are feeding well and loving their snuggles. Both have now started to purr just a little. If any of you are interested we will be posting updates.xxxx

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Image may contain: cat
Image may contain: cat

Here they you can see -still having problems getting photos to publish with post....??

Image may contain: cat and indoor
Image may contain: cat
Image may contain: cat

HAPPY EASTER to you all xxxx
Sorry for the delay in getting some pictures out ther of our tiny hand rear twins ROCKY and FOWLER, but due to some technical glitch the camera wouldn't import the photos?
Anyway, here they are...............FOWLER was soooo keen to see the world that his eyes opened on Wednesday (when I took these pictures) ROCKY waited til Good Friday for his to open. So far both boys are feeding well and loving their snuggles. Both have now started to purr just a little. If any of you are interested we will be posting updates.xxxx

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February 8
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Sue Quinn Aziz added 5 new photos — with Karin Diamond and 3 others.


! Penarth friends - please check your gardens, sheds, garages, cupboards, anywhere. Our beloved Nike is missing. She's very friendly and a bit daft. Please share with any other locals 😢


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