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Randy Adams
· February 16, 2018
Looks like CNN has their own page. Or the National Enquier....what happened to the comedy that was what this page was about years ago???
Anne Weinfurter
· October 29, 2017
Full of made up and fake news. It was a good page like 5 years ago. Idk what happend. Fake new must be the new trend.
Candace Nohealani
· March 26, 2018
They post fake stuff trolling on people that haven’t really done anything. This is more like a bullying page.
Lawrence Ginete
· December 31, 2017
Full of fake ass news. Bullshit content all the time.
Kendal Pekar
· February 1, 2018
Horrible content. Not sure where they are even getting the stories that they post...
Darren Stapleton
· December 13, 2017
Too much clickbait. Used to be good when I first liked it
Kyle Manning
· May 26, 2017
Honestly, this page used to be funny and i enjoyed getting posts from them. It just seems like they keep rolling down hill. Today was the last straw, they posted about a man who had died as a result o...f a hunting accident and how funny it was and that he deserved it. Regardless of ur views on hunting, you turned this mans tragic death into your twisted punch line all because of your personal opinions and i will not support a page with such disregard for human life! See More
Hannah Fox-Teague
· December 7, 2017
Mostly clickbait articles now, really sucks used to be a good page
Jorge Martinez
· November 27, 2017
Used to be funny years ago. Now it's just another clickbait page for middle aged people.
Lauren Hall
· June 21, 2017
I've been following this page for a few years, but now it's full of clickbait and most of the articles are dumb in my opinion. This page used to have posts that were funny.
Nick Simonsen
· December 27, 2017
This page use to be cool and posted pretty funny memes. Now its just click bait BS.
Christopher Black
· April 7, 2017
Page used to be fun and post memes and relatable content that you could just scroll, see, like, and move on. In order to keep their dying page, that they've tried to turn into a brand, afloat they've ...resorted to only posting click baity articles with titles like 'You won't believe what happens next!!' And the like. Nothing worth seeing here anymore. See More
Michelle Simpson
· December 20, 2017
Its all just clickbait. .
Andrew Grimmer
· February 1, 2018
Fuck this anti-American page #MAGA ...............
Tabby Ann
· November 27, 2017
Clickbait this, clickbait that, something faintly interesting...then more clickbait.
Farzeen Khan
· November 17, 2017
A lot of clickbait
I hate clickbait
Sorry i hv to unlike this page
Ashley Gervais
· April 15, 2017
Used to be funny but now most of the stuff that passes through my feed is serious, sad, and political. Don't need any more of that in my life.
Kris Glover
· April 23, 2017
I've never seen on page post so much shite. Literally ive just scrolled past about 5 or 6 shitty clickbait articles and every single one was posted by this pathetic excuse for a fb page.
Shay Chandler
· August 18, 2017
Used to be a good page but now its nothing but click bait
Charlotte Schmidt
· March 17, 2017
Mixing up titles and articles all the time. This is what your page is about, telling stories, and you're basically showing you don't care