Sheppys Kingston Black and Dabinett available at Siidrimaja!!…/cider-company-secures-export…

A Taunton cider company has secured six new export contracts in the last 12 months with the aim to double its exporting sales over 2018.
Siidrimaja is with François Arnould and Kaire Jakobson at Siidrimaja.

When cider meets freshly baked bread. Francois is a Belgian whose father made bread and he wants to continue with the same tradition. I can and will pair it nicely with cider, no doubt.

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Jūlija Kolosovska
· December 30, 2017
Thank you Geofrey and Kaire for the warmest welcome and the insightful tour into the wolrd of cider. Totally appreciate the energy, knowledge and stories you shared while we were at your place. Thumbs up!
Liisa Eller
· November 8, 2017
Siidrimaja is special and unique in the region, selection of craft cider is nice and Kaire with Geoffrey (or is it the other way around) as hosts just amazing!!!
Katri Nuutinen
· February 11, 2018
� passionate about new flavours and experiments; this is the place to learn a lot about sider from near and far
Anre Kuldja
· October 27, 2017
Everything is great - cider, service, Geoffrey the dog and Kaire herself! �
Kristjan Saaremets
· September 19, 2016
If you are ever visiting Tallinn, you have to stop by this place. It's a common misconception, that cider is just for women - SiidriMaja offers some surprisingly tasty beverages and I found myself wan...ting to try out more. As an added bonus, their shop has a great interior design and a homely feel to it. Would recommend to everybody who want to taste something exquisite. See More
Janis Matve
· November 29, 2016
The best place in this part of Europe to meet and taste wide range of small scale craft ciders from the Baltics and old cider contries
Jan-Olof Steen
· December 20, 2016
Every ciderlover must visit.
Niina Toivola
· October 15, 2017
Oltiin kolmen hengen kaveriporukalla siideritastingissä. Kaire on todella asiantunteva ja meillä oli tosi rento ja mukava ilta! Yllätyimme kuinka siiderit voi olla niin monivivahteisia. Suosittelen ka...ikille käymistä! See More
Михаил Козлов
· September 5, 2017
Siidrimaja - отныне святая святых Таллинна. Расположенная за углом от автовокзала, спрятана в уютном помещении, больше похожем на квартиру королевы сидра Kaire Jakobson, настоящей фанатки своего дела.... Медленно, упорно она ведет свою работу по приобщению страждущих к прекрасному. Набор сидровых юнитов поражает и восхищает. Мы, своей слегка одуревшей от впечатлений и легких похмелий, компанией зашли туда скорее на разведку, но Kaire Jakobson умудрилась задержать нас на несколько часов, открыв еще более дивный мир. Таким образом, начавшись с переворота сознания у Tori Siidritalu, командировка завершилась еще одним переворотом. Ну, и, разумеется закупом методического материала, для просвещения непросвещенных на местах. Обязательно к посещению в общем! See More
Juho Lähdesmäki
· August 2, 2017
Tulin nopeille siideriostoksille, lähdin n. 20 min myöhemmin. Kairen tietomäärä siidereistä on ällistyttävä ja asiakaspalvelu huippuluokkaa!
Станислав Юров
· September 2, 2017
Прекрасное место. Нет во всей Эстонии более уютного и приятного магазина для любителей сидра. Туда можно зайти, просто проходя мимо, и остаться на пару часов в разговорах о сидре. Хозяйка, Кайра, хоро...шо говорит по-русски. В магазине устраиваются дегустации для больших и маленьких групп. Оттуда невозможно уйти с пустыми руками. Полки всегда забиты нормандскими, испанскими и английскими сидрами по очень хорошим ценам (Кайра имеет прямые контакты с поставщиками). Местные, прибалтийские, сидры тоже не забыты. Магазин находится в 100 метрах от автобусной станции и я давно вынашиваю план остановится в соседнем хостеле и провести пару дней просто дегустируя... Разве может быть что-то лучше?) See More
Maiu Hirtentreu
· November 8, 2016
Kõik on superhüper äge seal! Astuge julgelt läbi!
Siret Ruul
· December 30, 2015
Tõeliselt äge koht,väga hea ja soe teenindus ja suur valik!
Gertu Borodkina
· July 19, 2016
Suurepärane vastuvõtt! Sain kõvasti targemaks siidrimaailmas.
Kristi Juuse
· September 19, 2015
Äärmiselt mõnus koht ning väga meeldiv teenindus!!
Mary Pilden
· July 30, 2015
Väga hea siidrivalik ja meeldiv teenindus (y) (y)
Anna Tee
· May 27, 2017
Siidrimaja läheb Õllesummerile mitte mütsiga lööma, vaid möögaga korke maha lööma. Eile õhtul harjutasime sabrage'i :D

Just postitasin Uue-Saaluse rabarberijoogist.

Kuulsale von Maydellide aadlisuguvõsale kuulunud Uue-Saaluse mõisa moonakamajas läks eelmisel aastal käima töö, mille järgi võiks seda kohta kutsuda ka Võrumaa esimeseks veinimõisaks. Pererahvas ise nimetab end siiski tagasihoidlikult veinitalunikeks.

Latvia was represented by:
Mr. Plume


Estonia was represented by:
Valgejõe Veinitalu
Tori-Jõesuu Siidri- ja Veinitalu
Uue-Saaluse Veinitalu
Peenjoogivabrik Nudist

All 7 rhubarb drinks were very different. The sparkling fruit wine was the main product type. Mr. Plume rhubarb wine from Latvia was still, almost transparent in colour, but intense in flavour. Uue-Saaluse, Valgejõe Veinivilla and Tori-Jõesuu had made sparkling rhubarb wine. Their flavours were also quite clean and not modified. Abavas from Latvia and Peenjoogivabrik Nudist had less intense and more modified flavours. Punch was in the bunch just for the sake of name rather than for being an equal competitor.

The three first from the left were intense and naturally rough, hence morecwhat you would expect from a fruit wine. Towards the right wing flavours started to fade and the overall impression was a bit too polished to my palate.

All this being said, I see that the Baltic region should go bananas with rhubarb, similarly to Irish shamrock or French lavendel. From beer makers I expect more rye bread infusions and playing with the local grains. Or with the pine tree spikes.


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Let me present: Professor of Ciderology, Geoffrey II.

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Yesterday was the spring equinox. Right. Check the snow piles.

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Strategically located at the crossroads of Scandinavia, Central Europe, and Russia, Estonia is the northern gateway to the Baltic countries. A region that fuses tradition and modernity, it’s known for its technological prowess; Estonia the first to implement online voting in 2005, and now home to ...

I was invited to a cooking event at Ööbiku Gastro Farm.
My passion was to get the best match with cider to all courses. I think I succeeded. I know I succeeded. I am getting more and more convinced tast with cider one can get better pairing results than with wine.
The other aspect of food pairing is related to tableware. Like these stone-like bowls that are actually plates. Well, by definition a plate is a surface which, when adorned with food, you attack with heavy artillery of forks and knives.

Cider pairing. Oh, I just created a new form of sport for me.


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Yesterday was the first time I opened my private tasting for a couple of people. So far my cider decisions have been done solo. Or with the cider dog.
Thank you Nathalie and Stefan for coming over. Special thanks to Nathalie for being patient enough to deal with the French postal system and getting Broceliande farm ciders here. Thank you Alex and Maria. And thank you Thea for the German ciders.

The End of the week.

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The debate over what is and what is not proper rosé cider has become clear to me now. If a cider is made of pink fleshed apples, it is appropriate to indicate this rarity accordingly. But if the cider is tinted with blackcurrant or cherries or something else to achieve the characteristic pink colour, then it is clearly a flavoured cider by definition.

The topic is beautifully explained by Michelle McGrath, Executive Director of the U.S. Association of Cider Ma...kers:

And here I am with 2 beautiful pink flesh apple rosé ciders from France.
The difference was in colour, alcohol level and flavour. The darker red (Broceliande) was more intense and had more alcohol. Yet, the lighter was also beautiful but easier. Not everything has to be super intense, I guess. Both rosés had retained fabulous appley aroma that was so clean that it would be sacrilege to detect any anomalies in it. If the nose is happy then the palate syncronises with it.

What a great start for this weekend!

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Checking the usage of SIIDRIMAJA SOOVITAB (Siidrimaja recommends) label all over Tallinn. I was happy to see that Henneys Cider is also appropriately labelled.

Sellesama imejoogi kohta veel ... endal ploomid suus praegu ...

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UUS! Täiesti jabur asi: alkoholiga ploomikompott aga hea. Mul läheb endal juba ma-ei-tea-mitmes purk. Ja tegelikult meeldib mulle see purk, millesse need ploomid pistetud on.

New! It's totally crazy, but with alcohol, the plum compote is good. I don't know how many cans I've got. And actually, I like the jar that these plums are stuck in.
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