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We are getting ready to launch SikhHub. We would like to share our operational model here.
SikhHub will operate internationally as a global sikh welfare organisation. We live and breathe for only one cause: to unite, strengthen and create a brotherhood in the Sikh community.
SikhHub will have a monthly paid membership. Member decides his/her own monthly contribution amount. There will be a minimum monthly amount set by SikhHub, which will be very minimal.
SikhHub membership g...ives its member a death cover, which will be very different from a traditional term plan offered by for-profit companies worldwide.
Every SikhHub member appoints a nominee, who will receive the monthly financial support from SikhHub in case the member dies unfortunately.
SikhHub will reserve part of its monthly funds to support the nominees of deceased members, and will employ a formula to decide each deceased member's support amount and support duration, which will include factors like the deceased member's monthly contribution, duration of contribution, country, living standard, etc.
In future, we will also roll out plans for other financial benefits like medical insurance cover, etc.
Plus, if a member is in trouble, SikhHub mobile app will show him on a map, locations of nearby SikhHub members and their contact numbers. We're also planning to roll out features to raise an alarm to nearby SikhHub members in case a member is in trouble. Nearby members who come to support the member in need will receive direct financial benefits from SikhHub in terms of monthly contribution waivers for a limited period.
Apart from these direct benefits, SikhHub will use the major part of its capital fund which is composed of members' monthly contributions to fund KhalsaAid, the international humanitarian relief organisation we all are proud of, and similar sikh organisations working for human welfare and disaster relief.
Secondly, we will also use this funds to employ world class animation and motion pictures companies to make high budget, hollywood grade impactful movies on History of Guru Nanak's esteemed Religion to teach our history to our future generations and enlighten the world with our way.
Lastly, at our discretion, we will also consider funding other NGOs that are working for humanity.
We're open to suggestions from our members and from esteemed personalities in the religion to guide us to spend these funds in more better ways.
If you support our mission, please join us and spread the word among your friends and family. Thanks!

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