Meet "Admin C" our new community manager of #megacorptcg (left) and of course everyone's favourite Southeast Asian TCG competitive player Mr Jonathan De Joseph (JDJ)

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Our devastatingly handsome and artistic #megacorptcg team mate Shawn spearheading the #china distribution meeting in #china

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Hand drawn inking process~

While Creator Mark is in #philippines Shawn (the sexy hands you see here) who runs art/ops is in #china #shanghai ever seen #megacorptcg in Chinese?

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Looking forward to meeting all of you for #megacorptcg tomorrow in the #philippines! Dont forget there are not one but three demo events, with consistent follow up plus also a first look at the Megacorp RPG setting too! Learn more at and see you! - M.

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The Awakening is the most important historical event in the fictional world of Gaia, when the Godlike AI GENECIA made contact with humanity and revealed the Gaia is one of several human colonies, and not the cradle of human civilisation.

Humanity now has the choice to embrace transhumanism via genetic augmentation or Nanoblood with a process called THE ASSIGNMENT

Find out more at

We are a small team with big dreams: to succeed as more than just a one title studio and become the "Marvel" of southeast asia. Asians love Science fiction too: let's see the future together.

This video is the work of an international team of many cultures and beliefs.



Michelle Glazov as the Protagonist
Abby Lai Ka Hei as GENECIA
Vasily Chuply as the Driver
Hearse Elf - Creative Model as Kara, Kurzweil Cultist


Then Pit Yoke
Poh Loey
Ho Soon Hock
Phoon Lye Heng

Wong Huan Wen (Taichokun Singapore)
Dominic Lim E Hong (Taichokun Singapore)
Shawn Siow

Make up: Lauren Ranger

"The Awakening" Written by: Mark G. Koh and Ting Si Hao

Vocals: Abby Lai Ka Hei

Directed by: Vasily ‘ Xpionaj’ Chuply (Project28)

Principal photography: Reuben Ng (Project28)

Produced by:
Megacorp Trading Card Game (tm)
VX Global Pte Ltd, all rights reserved

Post Production: Mark G. Koh and Dehann Ballesteros (Viral Creative)

Megacorp created by Mark G. Koh

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Drone-based automation is rampant in Aohu mainly due to the economics of labour. Market leader EXATECH manufactures some of the most ubiquitous robots in various roles from agriculture to waste disposal and the hated EXA16 police model

In an example of life imitating art, scientists have come up with a technology straight out of an episode of Black Mirror: Bee-like pollinating drones. A t
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February 13

Happy Valentines day Founders! Today is the day where the #megacorptcg #megacorprpg universe comes to life with a stage play in collaboration with #rebelempire of #australia. Get a 10 AUD ticket (8.05 USD) or just donate to support performing artists -…/ticketdonation-the-serpent-in-…

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Wed 7:00 PM UTC+0838 Attfield St, Maddington WA 6109, Australia
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Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang on Chinese tech world

In a podcast with venture firm GGV, Yang gave a wide-ranging interview about the Chinese tech scene.

To kick off the very first tournament season of #Megacorptcg in 2018, we have a limited edition playmat, "The Awakening" up for grabs (only 1000 pcs) get it now:
It depicts Kara, Kurzweil Cultist experiencing digital epiphany with the Godlike A.I GENECIA

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Very deceptive backpack with quick deployment for urban operations. Though the choice of gun could be smaller in our opinion.

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Posted by Cheng Kun
Cheng Kun to 生存遊戲裝備DIY討論區


GENECIA wishes all humans a fantastic enjoyable serotonin-laden holiday season with copious imbibing of fermented beverages, gathering of similar genotype social pleasantry and changing of the date variable. I will be with you soon

In May 2017, researchers at Google Brain announced the creation of AutoML, an artificial intelligence (AI) that's capable of generating its own AIs.

Dear founders, here it is, the downloadable free lore #megacorptcg infographic you can use for your wall or just for reading pleasure:

This massive lore infographic is our holiday season gift to all fans of #megacorptcg universe - Mark G. Koh and the Megacorp Team.

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Dear founders, this is our official launch music video for the Chinese market for #megacorptcg 企业争霸!The title is "Will to be" in english "未来的未来" in mandarin.

D...eapath is: Mark G. Koh (Megacorp creator) and Ting Si Hao
"Will to be" written by Mark G. Koh and Jole Hughes

Music Video credits
Client - Megacorp Trading Card Game
Session Vocalist: Abby Lai Lah Hei
Producer: Mark Koh
Creative Director: Shawn Siow
Director: Vasily Chuply (Project28)
Makeup artist: Aries Tan
Camera: Reuben
Post production Manager: De Hann Ballesteros

— Products shown: Megacorp Core Set Booster Box.

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Biohacking became popular on old Earth in the late 2030s as regulators could not keep up with readily accessible tools. #incarnatemovement

People are starting to alter their own DNA with cheap, easy gene-editing technology. Is it time to regulate CRISPR?