Enjoy Our New Mosband App!
Mosband reminds you of preparing surprises for your girlfriend and supports you with many creative suggestions. Surprising can be that easy!

The mosband app reminds you of doing something special for your girlfriend and supports you with many creative suggestions. Try it yourself!

Once more, we hit #1 in the iOS App Store! What an amazing feeling!
We wish Kixi all the best and hope the success continues!

Once again, one of our apps is ranking number one in the charts and once again, we are extremely happy and proud.

We relaunched Netzkino's website with a new look and many neat features!

With so many changes happening around Netzkino such as the recent release of its Fire TV App, it was time to bring along improvements for ...

We now have a beautiful office in the center of Berlin!

With new years come new advances.

We built our first Fire TV app! We wish Netzkino all the best and are overwhelmed with the amazing stats!

Just as so many other impatient users, we pre-ordered the Amazon Fire TV box for Germany which we finally received in early December.

Time to say thank you! We wish you a happy new year!

2014 has been a great year for us.

If you have children, we just made the perfect iOS app for you! We wish Kixi great success and are sure the kids will love it.

Having proven our talent in making successful movie streaming apps with Netzkino, we were the perfect partner for Kixi Entertainment GmbH’s ...

Do you wish you had a survival app for witty responses? Check out our new app Badesalz, the product of another great collaboration with Sony!

With the development of Sleep Well!, we had a great start to our collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH.

We did a great job: Netzkino is now part of TV Movie's iPad app!

Once we release a product, its journey only just begins.

We now made the great variety of free Netzkino movies available to users of Amazon devices and smartTVs, as well.

For us at simpleTechs, the passion never ends. This is true for everything we do and also includes already released products.

There’s no greater feeling than giving it your all and crossing the finish line together.

This summer, we faced a challenge outside of our comfort zone and away from the computer screens. We participated in a company run.

Check out our first pro-bono work! We wish all the best for the future!

We are proudly announcing, our first pro-bono work to be finished!

Wir suchen nach einem Webentwickler (Vollzeit) und setzen einen Finderlohn von 100€ aus! Werde Teil eines tollen Teams und lass uns gemeinsam Großes bauen. Bewirb dich via Mail bei uns - wir freuen uns auf dich!

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We're launching a new series of blogposts - sharing what we learned throughout our journey of developing great apps with the world. We want to help you succeed and focus on what's important rather than what's bugging you.

Old habits Even before we founded simpleTechs as a company, we created as a shared resource for writing about ...

We are proudly announcing our latest update of Netzkino with Chromecast support, an offline function and full iOS 7 support!
We hope, all users will love the new features as much as we do!

After weeks of hard work we are proud to be able to announce our new update of the popular Netzkino app on Android and iOS! In this version ...

Congratulations to! Good luck with the new app!

We are proud to relaunch a completely rewritten app for Windows 8.1.

We were blown away by the sheer amount of applications and people willing to work for us. Amazing! Also: Hi and welcome aboard, Johannes, Finn and Alexej!

Our search for talented developers has been a huge success. We welcome three new guys who have just joined us. Welcome!