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Dear Friends,

We are proud and excited to announce that the Battle of Kuban development cycle is completed and Battle of Kuban is officially released! As of the Sturmovik product series it is always a pleasure to announce major milestones to the community and this one is very special. Battle of Kuban was a technical challenge from start to finish, but the team has once again proven why they are the best. When I took over as Producer I promised you a new and improved Sturmovik experience. A Sturmovik with a more hardcore feel with more classic flight-sim features for both single-player and multiplayer modes along with other touches that remind you of past Sturmovik titles while embracing new genre-leading technology. In the past 18 months we’ve done just that and transformed this generation of Sturmovik into a real leader.

As you will see below, the amount of work that has gone into just version 3.001 is huge, not to mention ALL of the enhancements, improvements, fixes and content that was developed for Battle of Kuban and the engine as a whole during this cycle. Every department has worked hard to make this release special. This was months and months of hard work by an extremely talented and dedicated team who spent very long hours trying to make the vision I announced in fall 2016 a reality. If you are a fan of Sturmovik, either old or new, they deserve your continued support. Please tell your flight-sim friends about how much Sturmovik has improved with the Kuban release. Together, the Sturmovik line-up will continue to grow and thrive as our big announcement about Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and Tank Crews this past November shows. We have big plans, but we need your support to make them happen. We have no magic safety net. Your support allows us to expand our team and spend time clearing development bottlenecks or solving long stubborn issues.

As with any major release, many compromises in scheduling and work-flow had to occur. Some features not in our original plan were added (new distant terrain rendering, new shadows, improved flight-models) and some were delayed (Air Marshall, Object Viewer) and some work took much longer than planned (Pilot Career, P-39). As a result, a few new features planned for the Kuban cycle have been pushed to this Spring and Summer and will be part of the Battle of Bodenplatte development cycle. Since our core engine powers all products it really is just one large development cycle. All we need is enough time, patience and support from you and all can become a reality.

Let this release be an example of our unending desire to make a better product and do the best job we can with our small team and limited resources. The team has worked a miracle here once again and made me very proud of them as I know my constant demands make their lives more difficult. Please think of them when you fly and enjoy Battle of Kuban.

P.S. I hope to see some of you at the 2018 Flight-Sim Expo in Las Vegas, NV USA taking place June 9-10of this year.



And without further delay, here is Daniel aka “Han” with the goodies you have been waiting for…


So, this day has come. It's been six months since the last update of the game 2.012, which, as you remember, was quite voluminous and brought a lot of new game. But today the new update, 3.001, sets a new record in our project. We have never released such a number of diverse innovations in one go. Of course, this is due to the longer time period that has passed since the previous update. Answering the question, which, of course, has the right to life, I will say that such a long break in the renovation is connected with the fact that during this time the two middle and forming aspects of our game were radically revised at once.

First, the old regime of the dynamic campaign is replaced by a new "Career". This mode is the union of all the best that was in the "Career" mode in the project Rise of Flight and in the old regime of the Campaign in the "Battle for Stalingrad", with a huge number of new features and features. This new game mode for the pilot of the WWII functions in any theater of military operations that you have - the Battle for Moscow, the Battle for Stalingrad and the Battle for the Kuban. If you have all three, then you can start the game in 1941 in Moscow and finish in 1943 on the Black Sea coast. AI was also significantly improved. It is important that we plan to further develop and refine this game mode, bringing it more and more variants of missions and interesting aspects.

Secondly, the evolutionary leap of our graphics engine, begun in 2017, reached its apogee in version 3.001. The main change is, of course, an increase in the range of visibility of the landscape. But this major change has attracted many other equally important innovations and improvements, with a list of which can be found below. Many of these changes were expected by the community, but some will be a pleasant surprise. In general, the whole set of these improvements reinforces our confident leading position in the genre in the field of graphics.

It is also important to note the addition of a new multiplayer game mode "Cooperative", which in the compartment with other changes, especially in the statistics system, will bring many additional and interesting opportunities to those our users who prefer multiplayer.

And of course, a large amount of content is going to be a separate article, which is updated with update 3.001. These are five new aircraft (two of which are collectable) and the scenario campaign "Sea Dragons". Added a large number of new official color schemes, the ability to create a game server directly from the game, the game mode "with modifications" and much more. It is very difficult to cover all this huge list in a brief introduction, so here is the full list of changes in version 3.001:

New content:
1. Aircraft A-20B added to the project and now flights can be performed by anyone who purchased the "Battle for the Kuban";
2. The Yak-7B aircraft of the 36 series was added to the project and now all those who purchased the "Battle for the Kuban" can fly it;
3. The P-39L-1 was added to the project and now all those who purchased the "Battle for the Kuban" can fly it;
4. The Bf 109 G-6 collection aircraft has been added to the project and flights can now be performed by everyone who purchased it;
5. The La-5FN Series 2 collection aircraft has been added to the project and now all those who purchased it can fly;
6. The old main game mode "Campania" replaced by a new "Career";
8. A scripted campaign "Sea Dragons" from Alexander -BlackSix-Timoshkov for "Battle for the Kuban" on the IL-2 airplane of the 1943 model was added;
9. Added the ability to create a game server directly from the game interface, while simultaneously performing flights on this server;
10. Added the mode of the game "with modifications", in which you can use the modified game data files. Game servers in multi-user mode are divided by this feature;
11. The collection plane Bf 109 G-6 is accompanied by a unique set of historical painting schemes, created by enthusiasts III / JG2_Gustav05 and I./ZG1_Panzerbar;
12. The collection plane La-5FN series 2 is accompanied by a unique set of historical painting schemes, created by I./ZG1_Panzerbar enthusiast;
13. Enthusiast efforts = BlackHellHound1 = on the IL-2 airplane of the 1943 model, the entire package of textures of the external model (main color, microrelief (bump), texture (specular), damage) and official color schemes now have a resolution of 4K;

14. Range of landscape display is increased from 40 to 150 kilometers;
15. Added the effect of rain drops on the glazing of the aircraft cockpit and the pilot's glasses;
16. The range of cloud mapping is increased from 40 to 150 kilometers;
17. The forms of heavy cumulus clouds are made more complex, in a number of variants, two-level cumulus clouds were added within a single base cloud layer;
18. Due to the increase in the display range, the "maps" of cloud propagation have been changed for all weather variants with cumulus clouds;
19. Fixed a problem in which cumulus clouds located below the mountains cast shadows on the surface above them;
20. Eliminated (minimized) problem with "pereschelkivaniem" clouds when flying at a small distance from them;
21. In the visualization of the celestial vault, a "wide white band" near the horizon is eliminated;
22. In the visualization of the celestial vault, the color of the sky is changed toward more blue hues;
23. In the visualization of the celestial vault, the perspective of cirrus clouds is increased;
24. Reconstructed winter natural light, shadows on all objects and landscapes made more contrasting with a natural light blue tint;
25. The texturing of the summer and autumn maps of Stalingrad has been completely updated, the appearance of the steppe has been made more realistic, the tiling of fields has been eliminated;
26. Fixed "wink" of textures on the slopes of large steep mountains;
27. The shadow of the foliage of trees near is made more detailed;
28. In the Ultra graphics, LOD switching of the landscape grid at near and medium distances is made less noticeable;
29. Added graphics option, which allows you to disable 4K texture resolution to save performance;
30. On the guided tanks improved technology is responsible for the review through prismatic instruments;
31. On the guided PzIII tank in the cab of the driver-mechanic a movable prismatic visor and closed armor covers of survey windows were added;
32. Reconfigured lighting in the hangar scene of the main menu and aircraft settings, flickering and sound of welding removed;
33. The T-34 tank uses a promising technology for visualizing caterpillar tracks, which will later be used on all tanks of the Tank Crew project;

AI aircraft and game objects:
34. Improved accuracy of calculation of damage from small explosions on large objects;
35. Trees in small forest plantations, forest belts and on the fringes of large forests can now be dumped with a strong blow;
36. Improved algorithm for avoiding collision with hills and mountains for AI aircraft;
37. The algorithm for approaching the ground attack from a shallow dive in the case when the height of the aircraft was large when the attack command was received was improved;
38. The algorithm for avoiding AI by aircraft collision with objects on the ground is improved when attacking a ground target from a gentle dive;
39. A guided player can now "mislead" his link by "flying on his own business," while the AI ​​unit of aircraft will continue to carry out the task;
40. The takeoff of the AI ​​of the Hs 129 B-2 attack aircraft has been fixed;
41. Fixed a problem with the take-off of heavy-loaded AI aircraft;
42. When attacking targets in a group, the situation is eliminated when, in the presence of sufficient targets, some of the aircraft of the group did not attack;
43. When attacking targets in a group, the situation is eliminated when, in the presence of enough targets, several aircraft attacked one target;
44. Priorities are changed for the selection of ground targets by aircraft during the attack on the zone. Air defense targets, then locomotives, then tanks, then artillery, then everything else, are attacked. Within the class of goals, those that are closer to the center of the zone are more priority;
45. A damask model of damage to ships, large ships is now more difficult to destroy;
46. ​​On large ships (except for tankers), the struggle for survivability was added in case of severe damage;
47. Improved (accelerated) taxiing of aircraft AI groups to the runway;
48. Fixed the behavior of the dome of the parachute in the multiplayer game;

Changes in physics, systems and aircraft models:
49. On the Yak-1 aircraft, the synchronizer of the machine guns was replaced from the C2K-19 model on the C2K-26, which produces not one but three pulses per shot per rotation of the propeller;
50. On Yak-1 aircraft, the spread of shells from UB machine-guns and SHVAK guns was specified in accordance with the newly appeared references for testing Yakovlev's aircraft;
51. On IL-2 aircraft, the lock of the open position of the lantern was added;
52. Fixed calculation of destructive overload for all aircraft;
53. Fixed a bug that caused the aircraft to explode when setting the "No impact damage" / "Unbreakable" setting;
54. On the He-111 aircraft, the problem was fixed when, when starting in the air, a difference in the position of the engine control levers immediately formed;
55. Fixed the work of lighting devices on the plane IL-2 mod. 1943;
56. The work of radio compasses on some aircraft has been fixed: now on all planes the radio compass operates only when the power supply is switched on, and without artifacts when the power is turned on / off or the beacon signal is lost / found;
57. Fixed a bug that caused the following planes to get damaged when setting the "No impact damage" / "Unbreakable" complexity: Bf-110, He-111, Ju-88, Ju-52, Il-2, Pe-2 ;
58. Fixed a bug that caused the flipped MiG-3 and Hs-129 B2 not to roll back to their normal position when setting the "No impact damage" / "Unbreakable" complexity;
59. When setting the complexity of "No damage to beats" / "Unbreakable" corrected an excessively abrupt return of the overturned aircraft in the normal position, as well as corrected the "swinging" of some aircraft lying on the fuselage with the retracted landing gear;
60. When falling on concrete, ice or rolled snow (on the runway), the aircraft (or fragment) no longer raises a cloud of dust / snow;
61. With the loss of small debris, there will no longer be the effect of a "pile of dust and debris" in the air;
62. Fixed artifacts in the glider's DM (inadequate loss of broken structural elements at rest);
63. Fixed a bug due to which the cab lights fell off from the aircraft in the wrong place;
64. Fixed the bug of the lack of resistance of the dropped lantern of the cabin and the incorrect aerodynamic properties of the wreckage for the Bf-109 E7 aircraft;
65. The dependence of the viscosity of engine oil on temperature has been changed, which now leads to faster engine failure due to overheating of the oil;
66. For all the USSR aircraft on which RPM R-7 was installed with the steering wheel, these steering wheels were slowed down in accordance with the reference data (IL-2, MiG-3, Pe-2 ser.87, Yak-1 ser.69, Yak-7B ser.36);
67. For planes Il-2, MiG-3, Pe-2 ser.87, Yak-1 ser.69, Yak-7B ser.36, in the case of a choice in the settings for the complexity of "Auto-engine" / "Engine auto control" ( automatic control of screw turns in conjunction with the throttle) due to the slow control of the propeller rotations and in order to ensure the possibility of timely missed approach during the approach, the forced relief of the screw is realized on the condition that the chassis is released and the instrument speed is reduced;
68. The work on the FW 190 A-3, Fw 190 A-5, Bf 110 G-2, MC.202 ser.8 fixed the work of the indicators of the remainder of the cartridges;
69. The visual material "metal" has been reconfigured on the P-40E-1, P-39L-1, A-20B, MC.202 series 8 aircraft, which makes it possible now to create "polished aluminum" painting schemes for these planes;
70. The visual model of damages on the IL-2 airplane of the 1943 model has been corrected, at the fracture of the structure the parts do not look "hanging in the air";
71. The aircraft Yak-1b series 127 improved visualization of seams between parts of the rear armor glass;
72. On the plane Ju 52, the position of the MG 15 machine gun recharging arm is corrected;

Changes in the statistics system:
73. Completely cleaned the system of opening the aircraft during the game;
74. Tables of statistics in all game modes are made more detailed, subcategories are added;
75. In all game modes, the display of the execution / failure of secondary targets in the statistics screen is added;
76. In all game modes on the map, added a display of completed and failed Objective, with the ability to specify the type of icon and description (or disable the display);
77. Changed the system for calculating points for the flight. The dependence on the preset of complexity is removed;
78. The game creates a new uniform for all modes of departure status system. Changed the modifiers points, depending on the status of departure, in the mode Dogfight;
79. Imprisonment now exists in all game modes where the mission designer has taken care to designate areas of influence using the Influence Area. For the tanks, the captivity is purposely removed;

Changes in the multiplayer game:
80. In the multiplayer game, server options are made independent of the preset complexity. The complexity preset now only affects the complexity options;
81. In the multiplayer game, the server option that controls the time of the ban (in any way) of the player on the server is added;
82. In the Dogfight mode, the ability to view statistics and vote for the ban is added while the player is in the lobby card (in a briefing);
83. In the Dogfight mode, Trigger Mission Objective processing has been added, the Primary Objective implementation affects the victory of the coalition and the completion of the mission, the performance of the Secondary Objective reduces the Lifebar of the opposing coalitions;

Changes in the graphical interface:
84. Improved the style of displaying the route lines on the map;
85. The mission lists are made more compact and easy to use;
86. In Scenario Campaigns, the author has the opportunity to separately block the modification of the variant of the aircraft's armament or its modification;
87. Elements of the graphic interface are made more compact;
88. Added the option of scaling the graphical interface, which is necessary for monitors with a high resolution and a small diagonal;
89. Added section "On the game";
90. The application crashes during the first start of the game after its installation or update;

Campaign "Steppe Fire":
91. The campaign is brought to the current standard of the logic of building missions;
92. The tactical layers on the map have been completely revised and supplemented;
93. Changes were made to the laying of waypoints;
94. To offset take-off, now it is necessary to dial only 30 m (instead of the previous 200 m), which accelerates the lifting of large pivot groups into the air and significantly reduces the probability of missing the first waypoint;
95. Corrections in localization;

Campaign "Ten Days of Autumn":
96. The campaign is completely redesigned and is brought to the actual standard of the logic of building missions;
97. The tactical layers are reworked onto the map;
98. Changes were made to the laying of waypoints;
99. To offset take-off, now it is necessary to dial only 30 m (instead of the previous 200 m), which accelerates the rise of large pivot groups into the air and significantly reduces the probability of missing the first waypoint;
100. Intermission of intermediate waypoints in flight no longer affects the efficiency of missions and the offset of landing at their aerodrome;
101. In a number of missions, the total number of aircraft in the air has been increased, and the level of complexity has been slightly increased;
102. Corrections in the localization.

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