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Who wants to launch the next Decentralised Facebook? Start their ICO? Or create a new token?

We're getting back into Blockchain tech, with the tools to start develop DAPPs on Ethereum!

How to develop a DApp on the Blockchain? Where to start? What are the tools?

Today: The Tangle, a #blockchain alternative. lighter & more "flexible"!

Could we get rid of the blockchain? Is there a way to design a decentralized system that does not rely on the blockchain? What would they look like? In the following, we dig into a blockchain…

"We can now see where Alan Turing went wrong, prediction, not behavior, is the proof of intelligence…. the Turing Test, by equating intelligence with human behavior, limited our vision of what is possible."

The follow up paper for On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins'

Why neurons have thousands of synapses, a theory of sequence memory in neocortex Hawkins & Ahmad, Front. Neural Circuits 2016 It all began with a fascinating lunchtime conversation with Martin …

Today we talk about #blockchain and Proof Of Work!

How it works and why try to get rid of it?

We hear a lot about Proof Of Work and Proof Of Stake. And It’s hard to talk about Blockchain Platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum without getting into mining. But what is Proof Of Work? How does it…

Blockchain Monday!

We published "How to implement a Blockchain Structure",

Checkout Ouroboros,...
our educational Python project that is going to grow up into a complete currency-able platform for you to learn & try!

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The role and algorithms of Blockchain structure are familiar now. But how to implement these? Here's a detailed example.

To learn more about Blockchain & Bitcoin:
"Bitcoin For The Befuddled", is a great introduction if you have a semi-technical background (you're familiar with the words "server").

It's approachable & still relevant in 2017.

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Statistics from AngelList about jobs in the Blockchain Ecosystems:

The AngelList guide to getting a job at a cryptocurrency startup.

What's the point of Mining the #Blockchain? Or why do we need Proof Of Stake exactly?

Short Answer: Choosing the next Block to share in a network of millions of machine.

Long answer:...…/what-are-proof-of-used-f…/

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The Proof Of Work algorithm is a cornerstone of Blockchain-related technologies. It gave birth to the Mining concept. In the next few months, we're going to witness the release of Proof Of Stake algorithms to replace it. But what are these Proof Of Algorithms doing? Why are they important?

We published an article that starts with a simple network and rediscovers the #blockchain.
Give it a try:…/blockchain-structure-and…/

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Who wants to get into Blockchain / Bitcoin / Ethereum?

Here's an introduction to the Blockchain-related technologies ALGORITHMS and PROTOCOLS. This is a QUICKSTART for developers who want to get into the Blockchain but don't know where to start.

As developers we had a hard time figuring out how to attack this behemoth,...
Should we make sense of the trading?
Should we Implement blockchain algorithms?
Or should we learn about the 1000+ different crypto-currencies now live?

...Is it too late and is there a chance we'll we ever catch up with the State Of The Art?

After a few months of investigation, we found the actual learning material on Blockchain tech to be oddly complex & shallow.

We cut down legacy & implementations details, and this is what we got,
3 fundamental pillars for the Blockchain-related technologies.
3 small bites you can take at the Blockchain-Elephant now.

The good news is:
You already know one, and the two others are fascinating!

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Bitcoin / Blockchain / Ethereum related technologies are revolutionizing Decentralized Systems. But where to start to get into this domain? What are the fundamental algorithms of the Blockchain?

We're in the phase of testing our Facebook #chatbot with a few alpha testers,
here's a non-obvious tweak we just found:

You can have Facebook hide your testing pages while alpha-testers try-out your chatbot, go to the page settings, and add them as editors.

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Good day fellow Entrepreneurs, Friends & Curious Followers!

We reached the threshold to secure our vanity URL @
Thanks to all of you, it looks pretty nice.


We'll be sharing content about chatbots, apps, fancy frontends & badass backends soon.

Any comment, question or things you're curious about:
Reach out to us directly with the "send a message" button.

This may become a robot soon... or maybe it already is... 🤔


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SingularGarden updated their cover photo.
June 8, 2017
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SingularGarden updated their profile picture.
June 8, 2017
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