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Mcpotar Speaking At Kingdom Artistes Indaba
Dexter Baysiq has been rising in the industry for a minute and a half. My first review of him was on the Zimlink Blog several years ago. In those days he was solely a Christian Rapper but over the …

New Artwork

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Hell broke loose,
He'd been going through hell,
Dating loose chicks,
Going through ...
Hil-brow with Lucy,
26, bloke,
Did a degree at Solusi,
Then he saw Lucy,
Bougee in Gucci,
Ready to throw punches to contenders,
Then hell-broke-loose see,
When some gossip got juicy,
Rumours spread across,
She was dating her boss,
So he was sharing command,
It took him to the edge,
An over-dose,
White powder in the nostril-dumb-ass,
I saw this coming,
I'm Nastradamus,
No laughing matter,
The coldest summer.

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Coming Soon

(A remake of the old Cartoon)

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Word of the day is SPECERE.

Meaning - Look At (Latin)

Gives birth to SPECT in various words. A few examples.


IN-SPECT : Look into

INTRO-SPECT: Look into self

RETRO-SPECT : Look into the past.

ASPECT: A certain view

RE-SPECT: Look back at. (regard)

CIRCUM-SPECT: Look around.

SPECTRUM: A series of visibility

SPECTACLE: An amazing scene

SPECTACULAR : Amazing to see.

SPECTACLES: Appliance to correct seeing.

SPECULATE: See guessingly in into the future.

PER-SPECT-IVE : How one see's things

PRO-SPECT : Too seek (LOOK for)

SPECT-ATOR : Someone who is watching.

Compiled by Mcpotar (Linguist/ Animator/Writer)

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When I see this guys posts am annoyed lol

Annoyingly egotistical, ambitious and ready to take on the world. The young R Peels is set for longevity on the local music scene. Coming up, the Economics student has always worked with whatever h…

Mr & Mrs.

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Add your joke on tge white part

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I stretch work!

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2nd Illustration of the day

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Heart of prayerful expression,
H-O-P-E spells hope,
As I HOP onto a HEAP of,
Topics big as a Hippo,
Whilst using Hip-hop,...
Strong facts they heap up,
Like elections a rip off,
They reap off your rights,
RIP of as in death of,
As in Funeral,
As in few neural,
Disorders in the brain,
From daily money strain,
My people tied in chains,
We still will vote again,
Till all the broke are sane.

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Enjoyed this view.

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My Father

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Mcpotar added a new photo.
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