+David said longingly, “O that someone would give me water to drink from the well of Bethlehem that is by the gate!”+ 2 Samuel 23:15.

God hears the longings of every heart. And His generosity always surpases our imagination!
Oh what a well He provided to Bethlehem, what a water sprinkled out of that well!


Jesus came to quench the thirst of each of us, and of those in the past, and of those of the future… in Him our desires find rest.

Lord, teach today our hearts to drink from the well of Your abundant mercy, may any thirst in us be satisfied with Your living water and Your steadfast love.

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+You are my hiding place and my shield.+ Ps119

Through life we learn to hide in many places and behind many shields. Loneliness, ignorance, cynicism, relationships, control, anger, bitterness, detachment, shame, self-pity, accusations…those are just several out of our long list… However these “shelters” always leave us vulnerable and unprotected, wounded or instruments of wounds to others…

Lord, be our hiding place today. Help us to learn to hide only in You in whatever circumstances.

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Mercy is falling
Why is masturbation wrong? 7 quick answers
SCIENCE ABOUT MASTURBATION - can we always trust the conclusions?

For many years, my life was bound by toxic shame. Because of it, I suffered paralysis in relationships - both close ones and new ones, and with same gender and opposite gender. Many times, I was unable to express myself, engage in ordinary situations, or accept good challenges, therefore wasting a lot of life's giving moments, which God was granting me on my way. I am so sorry for that.

About nineteen years ago, I personally accepted Jesus as my personal savior. He immediatel...y started to invite me to come out of my toxic shame prison. He was consistent in this. And, I must say, he has remained “daily faithful” in this invitation through all those 19 years of our journey together.

To be honest, leaving the toxic shame prison and following his lead was a huge challenge for me. It was a process, and at times a real fight, and I still sometimes find myself in it!

However, with every year following Jesus, my freedom grew, and I became more free, happy, and able to receive his life to me, as well as to offer more authentic love and life for others.

Therefore, my heart burns with desire to share those gifts and lessons about shame that I received through him and his body, and my brothers and sisters, along the way.

Not every shame experience is wrong or harmful, but not every one is beneficial! How tremendously helpful it was for me to learn the difference between healthy shame and toxic shame – it surely sped my personal inner healing journey.

I dedicate this short video to everyone who has suffered from toxic shame, or still finds him or herself in its prison from time to time. This video is especially for my brothers and sisters in Christ. If someone is encouraged or helped by it, that will be my reward! Be blessed.

This video is about the main differences between HEALTHY SHAME and TOXIC SHAME with my narration. (English is not my mother tongue, I appologize for possible language mistakes)

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This video is about the main differences between HEALTHY SHAME and TOXIC SHAME. For many years, my life was bound by toxic shame. Because of it, I suffered p...


May the broken bond with His Father, my Father, your Father, our Father in our hearts be restored and any fear or disbelief be quenched. He loves us! Happy New Year! Joy joy joy

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Got 5 min? Check this short animation on WHY IS MASTURBATION WRONG? - 7 quick answers.😃

Will provide you with good christian arguments in disscusions with others in this uneasy topic.

You have to see it, if you are counselor, teacher, parent or simply looking for answers!


If you agree with virtues - share or 👍 and help to spread the news to the hearts, which need good insights the most! Sometimes those are closer than we think!

Thanx and be blessed!


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Popular claims by doctors/scientists/sexologists are discussed in the video - can we always trust their conclusions?

***** Have you ever heard: "masturbation is normal, healthy sexual activity that is pleasant, fulfilling, acceptable, and safe"; "masturbation is a natural and harmless expression of sexuality for both men and women", "experts suggest that masturbation can improve sexual health and relationships" and similar... ******

Check the video about why such conclusions ...can lead us to mistakes in making choices towards masturbation.

Like or share if you agree and help to spread the awareness! Thanks! Be blessed!


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Christmas are comming! 🌟

Are you waiting for the LIGHT? 😉

O Come, o come, Emanuel!

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Lord, help us to trust that You will put the good boundaries to our storms. You are mighty to save!

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+May he be like rain falling on a mown field, like showers watering the earth.+ Ps 72:6

Water our hearts, oh Lord... Every desert we surrender.

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How to overcome masturbation? Ever questioned yourself or know someone who finds this question relevant?
Here I share those first crucial steps for fluent beginning to break free. Practical post for those struggling with the habit or ministering to the ones who are addicted.

If you agree with the ideas-even if it is not relevant to your life - I encourage to share or like this post that it could reach more hearts. Those, which could benefit from it.


My big thanks to everyone who will help to spread the news.

Be blessed!…/how-to-overcome-addiction-to…/

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How to overcome addiction to masturbation? Find out crucial steps for fluent beginning - learn most important aspects how to start journey to freedom safely

Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God.” Jn 6:68-69

Grant us such thirst, Lord...

lead us, Lord, in your righteousness...

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Here I share how my journey to freedom from sexual addiction started. How God made that possible in desperate time for me! His mercy I will sing forever! Read, become encouraged in your struggles. Like it and/or share if you find it useful.

True story about Jesus victory in addiction to masturbation and porn. Read, be encouraged, be blessed! Jesus heals the wounded hearts indeed! He is alive!

Here is my post, where I discuss, why it's important to review, who your authority in sexual issues is while seeking sexual wholness. Also how changes in the answer to that question had changed my journey to the better. Hope it will be helpful! Be blessed!…/u…/authority-sexuality-issues/

Who is your authority in sexual issues? Before starting to deal with any questions towards sexuality, I had found that to be the most important question to answer. Who is your authority in the sexual sphere? Why? Because on the answer to this question depends almost everything. Authority is such per...

+My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me+ Ps 101:6

Lord, teach us to look for our company wisely!

Friends,here you can find my new short post on masturbation topic!
Share, comment or like, if find useful!
Be blessed!

find christian insights why masturbation is opposite to love. Become equipped to respond to those who struggle with masturbation and are full of doubts