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Linda Donhauser
· April 6, 2017
I honestly have had the fear of the dreaded (but necessary) "dental visits" since childhood. The staff at Siwoski Dental has been AMAZING and have understood & ...guided me through my dental work over the past few months. I LOVE my NEW look! I can't believe I feel so comfortable walking into a dentist's office, and are treated like family. THANK YOU Arek, Kari and staff for helping me overcome my fear and making me feel and look so special. You are the BEST! :) See More
Steve Fuhr
· December 10, 2016
I am more than happy with the work that
Dr Siwoski and his team did for me. Their attention to detail and friendly professionalism was very much appreciated.

Thank you so much!!
David Neuber
· February 13, 2016
As a Dental Technician with over 30 yrs experience the ultimate compliment one could give to a Dentist is refer there friends and family . I have done just that. Keep up the great work Arek
Wendy MacLean-Granby Rhodesians
· January 23, 2016
I have been going to this office since 2010.recieved exceptional work Staff and Dentists Number one.. Will Miss Dr Regher....Look forward to continuing under new care..
Patti Wilson
· June 29, 2015
I am so sorry for your loss, I respected and loved him, he was an exception to dentistry!
FUN FACT FRIDAY. Miller Siwoski turns 1. When your fingers won't get cake to your face fast enough......just dive in. Have a great weekend.
FUN FACT FRIDAY. The Queen has been waving here in our office for 4 years now. She comes all the way from London, of course ! She has been a great topic of conversation for people heading in to have their work done. She brings a smile to most faces. If you would like an audience with the Queen, please give the office a call.
FUN FACT FRIDAY. In FACT we have a great office, especially on a FRIDAY! This is a quick glimpse into our beautiful office where we make the dental magic happen. We finish up with a peek at the place where we unwind after a busy day. Hope you enjoy the tour and maybe you will come by and see it in person. HAPPY FRIDAY.

FUN FACT FRIDAY - Lets do a FILLING ! Just in case you were wondering what we were doing in your mouth when you have a cavity. You are seeing 2 small cavities being repaired on his front teeth. Thank you to our willing patient.
1) Prepare the tooth - remove the decay
2) Etch the tooth (blue gel) so the filling will attach
3) Desensitize the tooth - try to eliminate post-operative sensitivity
4) Place the bond - to adhere the filling to the tooth...
5) Cure the bond with the light ( blue wand)
6) Place the filling material - white putty like material
7) Cure the filling material (blue wand) to harden the filling material
8) Shape and polish the filling
9) Check the bite and done

If you think you need a filling, give the office a call. HAPPY FRIDAY and have a great weekend. We are closed until Wednesday July 26 at 8:00am.

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Posted by Siwoski Dental

We are so glad that you enjoyed your tour and the MJO Tours treated you so well. Again congratulations Becky Birbilis.

Becky Birbilis added 29 new photos — with Amanda Gaythorpe.

Great afternoon with these special ladies Shannon Holmes Debbie Brown ❤️❤️ Thanks to Swioski Dental and MJO Tours for the great time 😘


Dentistry is fun but Zipping is really fun.! The staff needed a fun weekend and this was it. Oyama Zipline first then a cool and refreshing dip in Okanagan Lake. No dock no problem. We are refreshed and ready to help you with all your dental needs. Give the office a call.

FUN FACT FRIDAY. Miller Siwoski turns 1. When your fingers won't get cake to your face fast enough......just dive in. Have a great weekend.

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Becky Birbilis dropped by to pick up her MJO tours GC. We cant wait to see the pictures. Thank you everyone for participating in our contest. Watch for the next one.

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No Cavity Club Winners June 2017. Congratulations Gavin Harrision winner of the $ 100.00 Wal Mart GC and Rick Stoltz winner of the $ 75.00 Earls GC. It does pay to brush your teeth. Keep up the good work.

— Products shown: Dental Hygiene.

Siwoski Dental with MJO Tours and Becky Birbilis at Siwoski Dental.

FUN FACT FRIDAY - We have a winner for our Wine Tour Contest. We are excited to send Becky Birbilis on a Wine Tour with MJO Tours. Becky please contact the office to collect your prize. Thank you everyone for Liking our page - Sharing our post and Commenting on what type of wine you like. Keep your eyes open for our next contest.

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We will be closed Monday & Tuesday and will reopen July 12 @ 8:00am

Siwoski Dental with Arek Siwoski at Siwoski Dental.

FUN FACT FRIDAY. Taking time off is good for your mental and physical health, and you can come back more productive and effective. It's a win-win.Here are four science-based reasons you should book your next vacation today.
1. Stress reduction.
2. Heart disease prevention
3. Improved productivity.
4. Better sleep.


Siwoski Dental is returning at 7:00am Monday July 3 from vacation. We will be relaxed and ready to help you with all your dental needs.

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The Canadian Beaver....and his TEETH ...are some of the symbols we love about Canada. Happy 150th Birthday Canada from Siwoski Dental. We hope you will enjoy the celebrations ! Happy Long Weekend.

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Just in case you are throwing a DENTAL THEMED is a recipe we would like to share. Enjoy !🍏🎉

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Siwoski Dental with Arek Siwoski.
June 23

FUN FACT FRIDAY. • During the Dark Ages it was believed that one could grow a new tooth simply by “implanting” one taken from someone else – ideally from a hanged criminal. At Siwoski Dental we are using MODERN techniques and no criminal teeth. Give us a call if you would like to see if you are a candidate for Dental Implants.

— Products shown: Dental Implants.

It is 2 years since we said Goodbye to our friend Dave Regehr. So many happy times and memories were made here in this office. We miss you.

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Siwoski Dental with Arek Siwoski at Siwoski Dental.
June 21

We have not all quit but the office will be closed until July 3 at 7:00am. Dr Siwoski is brushing up on his Dental Implant skills and the staff are taking a break. See you soon when we are next in the office.

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