CNBC: Fitness Bands best for "Relative Purposes"

A recent class action lawsuit against the popular fitness tech brand, FitBit, raised the question that its heart rate monitors are grossly inaccurate. Last week, a California university – commissioned by the plaintiff’s lawyers – ran tests that agreed the fitness bands are “highly inaccurate...

Plyometric Training: Get Stronger, Faster and More Powerful

If you search the web for different forms of beneficial exercise, you’ll finds hundreds of them. Weight lifting increases muscle mass, cardio is great for toning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a quick fat burner. But if you want to increase your power – namely strength and speed –...
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And keep it off. Let’s not forget that “keep it off” part. I just didn’t want the title of this piece to get too long.

When you get abs for free.. #abs #balotelli #balo #sixpack

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