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Нов график за тренировки:
Вторник - от 18:30 до 20:00 - Кендо, в Комплекс СИ²ЛА
Сряда - от 20:00 до 22:00 - Иайдо, в СОУ "Никола Вапцаров"
Четвъртък - от 18:30 до 20:00 - Кендо, в Комплекс СИ²ЛА
Петък - от 18:30 до 20:30 - Иайдо, в СОУ "Никола Вапцаров"


Адреси на залите за трениране:

Комплекс СИ²ЛА - ул. "Тракия" №50, Пловдив. В залата се влиза през паркинга.

СОУ "Никола Вапцаров" - ул. "Огражден" №10, Пловдив, спортния салон на училището.

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Hristo Tanev to Kendo,Plovdiv - プロヴディフ剣道会

На 19.05. (събота) на Гребният канал в град Пловдив Българската асоциация „Спорт за всички“ организира за 26-ти пореден път Световен ден на предизвикателството....
Спортен клуб Кендо, град Пловдив взе участие с демонстративна тренировка по кендо и иайдо.
снимки: Ivaylo Georgiev

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На 13.05.2018 г. клуба взе участие в събитието "Fit & Jumping Festival 2018" организирано в Международен Панаир Пловдив.
Показани бяха части от кендо тренировка, джигейко, иайдо сейтеи и корю кати.
Всички които взеха участие се представиха наистина добре, и най-важното - двете изкуства получиха по-голяма популярност
Благодарности към всички !

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Kiryoku International added 42 new photos — with Кристиан Иванов and 14 others.

It was our 2nd National Iaido Championship. The 20 participants were from 4 cities: Plovdiv, ...Sofia, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo. And we had 4 categories: “Mudan”, “Ikkyu+Shodan”, “Nidan”, “Sandan”. Plus we had one special additional rule: winner of “Mudan” goes to participate in “Ikkyu+Shodan”; winner and 2nd place of “Ikkyu+Shodan” go to “Nidan”, and winner and 2nd place of “Nidan” go to “Sandan.
So some people received possibility to compete with more experienced iaidokas and therefore you can see same names in not only category.
The refereeing was conducted by all present sandans and one godan (Leonid Karavaev) under supervision by Peter Röder (renshi, 6dan Iaido).

The competition results were the next:
1st: Daria Ruseva (club "Kaiseikan", Varna)
2nd: Galin Todorov (club "Shinbukan", Sofia)
3rd: Ivan Agopyan (club "Shinbukan", Sofia)
FS: Mario Garnev (club "Plovdiv Kendo Kai", Plovdiv)

1st: Miroslav Popov (club "Kaiseikan", Varna)
2nd: Daria Ruseva (club "Kaiseikan", Varna)
3rd: Magdalena Slavcheva (club "Shinbukan", Sofia)

1st: Nikolay Chankov (club "Shinbukan", Sofia)
2nd: Yordan Yanakiev (club "Plovdiv Kendo Kai", Plovdiv)
3rd: Miroslav Popov (club "Kaiseikan", Varna)
3rd: Daria Ruseva (club "Kaiseikan", Varna)

1st: Alexey Alchin (club "Kaiseikan", Varna)
2nd: Katina Neykova (club "Kaiseikan", Varna)
3rd: Tsvetoslav Nikolov (club "Shinbukan", Sofia)
3rd: Kostadin Vodenicharov (club "Plovdiv Kendo Kai", Plovdiv)

We congratulate you and wish more success in the future!!!

Leaders of three clubs, participated in the championship, were asked l to write a bit.

Kostadin Vodenicharov (3dan iaido, club "Plovdiv Kendo Kai", Plovdiv, main organizer of the championship):
“On Sunday, 15th of April, the Iaido event included warmup, ZNKR Seitei kata points explanation followed by a practice session, a shiai embu, and individual competitions for four groups. Peter Röder Sensei and Leonid Karavaev Sensei oversaw the Iaido program and made sure everything ran smoothly and according to the rules. Our experiment rule (where the people that reached the top of their group continued to compete in the next higher group) proved quite useful in making the competitors show their best.
I am happy to say that although the event is named as a competition there was a feeling of mutual cooperation and friendship between the participants that I hope helped them improve themselves through this experience. My thanks go to everyone that participated in the event and everyone that helped make it a reality.”

Tsvetoslav Nikolov (3dan iaido, club "Shinbukan", Sofia):
“Our club Shinbukan participated in the event and was represented by eight iaidokas from Sofia and one from Veliko Tarnovo, competed in all four categories.
The tournament organisation was impeccable – from the participants’ accommodation at the hotel and the sayonara party, to the tournament events themselves, the awarding ceremony and the participants’ see-off.
The competition took place in a very pleasant atmosphere and a spirit of friendship and cooperation. What was very useful and valuable was the participation of Peter Roeder sensei (Germany, iaido 6th dan), who opened the competition with a short seminar session, including a warm-up part, demonstration, and explanation of the seitei katas’ main points, as well as individual training which introduced the possibility of giving personal advice and guidance.
The tournament matches were also preceded by a demonstrative match, as well as by detailed referee instructions. The competition ended with iaido kyu grade examinations, followed by an award- and diploma-giving ceremony. All contestants from Club Shinbukan are fully satisfied by the environment in which the tournament took place and are looking forward to its next edition in 2019. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all organizers of and participants in the tournament!”

(Leonid Karavaev)id Karavaev (5dan iaido, club "Kaiseikan", Varna):
“Well, it’s difficult to add to my friends’ words above written. It was really nice event with productive and friendly atmosphere. All of us received more good experience. So let me to write just some my impressions and thoughts
- This our rule with coming up to higher group gave very special moment for observation. Let me to illustrate it on base of a competitor, who collected 3 medals in 3 different categories. It was Daria from our club (you can see young fair-haired girl in the photos). Everybody knows that any competition is enough difficult and exciting thing. For Daria it was her first competition participation. Let’s see her from side: first pool… first shiai… then some deep breathings and clothes&sageo fixing – and back to second shiai. Then after few shias – one more… then after one shiai – again… and finishing by golden medal in “Mudan”. It meant “Bingo! Daria goes to next level game”, so after few minutes she go to “Ikkyu+Shodan” (having previously memorized another set of katas for the category) and to have several shiais again. And again “Bingo”: she became 2nd in the category and stepped to next level - “Nidan”. Again memorizing new set of katas, again several shiais (BTW - with more experienced opponents) and… 3rd place in “Nidan”. It was a good stayer distance in one Iaido competition, my dear friends.
- In the first pool in “Nidan” grope we had special situation: all of them were with 1 win 2:1 ippons. So we had for them “encho” as one kata for all simultaneously with for referees.
- As you see on pictures, Peter-sensei brought one small cup there. It was his first trophy in Iaido competition in 2000th year. Peter passed it as special gift to winner in highest category in Bulgarian iaido national (Sandans for now), as carry-over trophy. So now it kept by Alexey Alchin and would be passed to next winner in next year (or kept again – we will see!). It was very exciting moment. I personally believe that the cup (the first trophy of so many years regular and successful competitor as Peter), given with best wishes and wholeheartedly, will bring fortune to Bulgarian iaido competitors. Many thanks to you, Peter-sensei!
- Let me to note that all participants of the event (and competitors and referees) are in line of Rene-sensei. Dear Rene-sensei, thank you very much for our teaching!
- And let me to remind that the next Iaido competition in Bulgaria will be during the 9th summer budo camp, named “Varna Open” (7th edition). We wait all you there

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На 15.04.2018 г. се проведе ежегодния Национален Турнир по Иайдо.
В него взеха участие членовете на клубовете от София, Варна, Пловдив и Търново.
Турнира се проведе под ръководството на сенсей Питър Рьодер ( 6ти дан Иайдо ) и сенсей Леонид Караваев ( 5ти дан Иайдо ).

Освен турнира се проведоха също семинар, ембу и изпит за степени, като от нашия клуб успешно защитиха :...
Марио Гърнев : 1во Кю
Димитър Таушанов : 4то Кю

Наградени за успешно представяне в турнира :
Костадин Воденичаров : 3то място в категория СанДан
Йордан Янакиев : 2ро място в категория НиДан
Марио Гърнев : Боен Дух

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Национален турнир по Кендо и Иайдо ще се проведе на 14-ти и 15-ти Април 2018 г. в Пловдив, Зала "Олимпиада". ВХОД СВОБОДЕН!

Събитието се организира от СНЦ "Пловдив Кендо Кай", Българска Федерация по Кендо и се осъществява с финансовата подкрепа на Община Пловдив.

GPS координати на залата: 42.122235, 24.755217


14-ти Април - Кендо
Начало 10:30.
1. Индивидуално състезание без богу
2. Индивидуално състезание с богу
3. Отборно състезание
4. Награждаване
5. Изпити за степени от 5-то до 1-во кю

15-ти Април - Иайдо
Начало 10:00.
1. Демонстрация на Сейтей кати
2. Демонстративни състезания
3. Свободна загрявка
4. Индивидуално състезание
5. Награждаване
6. Изпити за степени от 5-то до 1-во кю

Групите в индивудиалното състезание по Иайдо ще са както следва: Мудан (до 2-ро кю включително), 1-во кю - 1-ви дан, 2-ри дан, 3-ти дан. Победителят от всяка група продължава състезанието в следващата по-горна група, ако има такава.

Участието в състезанията и изпитите е БЕЗПЛАТНО.

След края на всеки състезателен ден ви каним да се съберем в Бирария "Йегерхоф" (, GPS координати 42.1416525,24.7894014.

За желаещите да ползват хотел, препоръчваме Хотел "Родопи", който е най-близкият до залата. Уеб сайт на хотела:

За повече информация и/или заявки за участие или полагане на изпити, моля пишете на
или се обадете на телефон +359886648611.

National tournament for Kendo and Iaido will be held on 14th and 15th of April 2018 in Plovdiv. Venue: "Zala Olimpiada". FREE ADMISSION!

The event is organized by Plovdiv Kendo Kai and the Bulgarian Kendo Federation with the financial support of Plovdiv Municipality.

GPS coordinates of the venue: 42.122235, 24.755217

14th April - Kendo
1. Individual competition without bogu
2. Individual competition with bogu
3. Team competition
4. Award ceremony
5. Examinations for 5th-1st kyu grades

15th April - Iaido
1. Demonstration of Seitei katas
2. Demo competition
3. Free warmup
4. Individual competition
5. Award ceremony
6. Examinations for 5th-1st kyu grades

The groups for the indivudal competition in Iaido will be as follows: Mudan (until 2nd kyu inclusive), 1st kyu - 1st dan, 2nd dan, 3rd dan. The winner in each group continues the competition in the next higher group if such exists.

Participating in the competitions and exams is FREE OF CHARGE.

After the end of each day of competition we invite you to a gathering in Beer house "Jägerhof" (, GPS coordinates 42.1416525,24.7894014.

For those wishing to stay in a hotel, we recommend Hotel "Rodopi" which is the closest one to the venue. Website of the hotel:

For more information and/or application for competition or an exam, please write to
or call +359886648611

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Apr 14 - Apr 1542.122235, 24.755217
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Konstantinos Matzaras to 12 th Thessaloniki Kendo Cup

We would like to welcome Plovdiv kendo kai dojo from Bulgaria to the 12th Thessaloniki Kendo Cup.

На 13.01.2018 г. в град Варна, под ръководството на сенсей Леонид Караваев се проведе мини семинар, ембу и изпит за кю степени по Иайдо.
От страна на нашия клуб защитиха успешно степени:
Марио Гърнев : 2ро Кю
Димитър Таушанов : 5то Кю


Искрени поздрави и към приятелите от KaiSeiKan Dojo ( гр. Варна ) за организиране, ръководене и изпълнение на мероприятието, също и за чудесното представяне на останалите участници в изпита.
Благодарности !

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Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing

Всички минали, текущи и бъдещи членове на клуба и техните близки са поканени на празнична вечеря в ресторант "Туин Пийкс" на бул. "Васил Априлов" №18, от 19:00 на 22 декември 2017.

Fri 7:00 PM UTC+02Twin Peaks / Туин ПийксPlovdiv, Bulgaria
3 people went

Тренировка по Кендо в клуба ни.

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На 20.10.2017 г. се проведе мини вътрешен семинар по Иайдо в Спортен клуб "Кендо Пловдив", като гост ни бе Леонид Караваев ( 5ти дан Иайдо ) от клуб Кайсейкан - Варна.

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На 7ми и 8ми Октомври в град Варна се проведе ежегодния есенен Иайдо семинар под ръководството на сенсей Караваев (5ти дан Иайдо).