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  • Announcer/DJ/Board OperatorJune 1998 to presentPlainfield, Vermont
    Host of "The Quiet Storm," northern New England's only Smooth Jazz/R&B radio program, broadcasting locally on WGDR-FM in Plainfield, Vermont; WGDH-FM in Hardwick, Vermont and nationally on the Pacifica Radio Network, the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), and
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  • I'm a radio DJ -- the host of "The Quiet Storm," northern New England's only locally-produced Smooth Jazz/R&B radio program, broadcasting in northern and central Vermont each Thursday on the non-commercial community radio stations of Goddard College in Vermont: WGDR 91.1 FM Plainfield and WGDH 91.7 FM Hardwick.

    A syndicated version of "The Quiet Storm" airs nationally on Wednesdays on the Fishbowl Radio Network

    As the Smooth Jazz genre rapidly disappears from the U.S. commercial radio airwaves, fans of the music are turning increasingly to non-commercial radio stations and the Internet to fill the subsequent void.

    You are cordially invited to listen in LIVE ONLINE to the local version of "The Quiet Storm" -- now in its 15th year on the air -- every Thursday at 12:00 noon Eastern Time/9:00 am Pacific Time/17:00 Greenwich Mean Time (16:00 GMT from Mid-March to the the first week of November) at

    Or you can listen to the national edition of "The Quiet Storm" every Wednesday at 6:00 pm Eastern Time/3:00 pm Pacific Time/23:00 Greenwich Mean Time (22:00 GMT from mid-March through the first week of November) at

    From Wikipedia, the Internet encyclopedia:

    "One of the longest-running non-commercial smooth jazz radio programs in the United States is "The Quiet Storm," which airs weekly on the community-based WGDR-FM in Plainfield, Vermont and its sister station, WGDH-FM in Hardwick, Vermont, both owned by Goddard College. Launched in 1998 and hosted by Skeeter Sanders, "The Quiet Storm" is actually a 50-50 mix of smooth jazz and soft R&B, presented in "Triple-A" (Album Adult Alternative) style, with a strong emphasis on "B" and "C" album tracks that most commercial stations often ignore. The program takes its name from the early-evening program pioneered in 1976 by WHUR-FM in Washington, D.C. and duplicated with great success as a 24-hour format three years later by KBLX-FM in San Francisco."
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  • "I have a dream that my four little children will grow up in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.