This is Skyler's Grandma. I am sharing this video with you of Skyler singing Amazing Grace at his friends benefit. Hope its a blessing.
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Miranda Lee Kelley is feeling thankful.

Battling a drug and alcohol addiction is a beast for the person addicted and the ones they love. So I am asking you to stand with me in support. I am celebratin...g #40months & 20/days clean from meth after 13/years of use. for every family member and friend who has lost their battle with drugs and alcohol and those who Continue to Conquer it. Put this on your page for one hour if you or someone you know HAS or HAD an addiction. Many will be hesitant to copy and paste this, will you? Thank you to all my family and few friends thats stayed by my side thank you👀💯 #Recovery #OnlyJESUS #SetstheAddictFree

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Today is Skyler's 13th Birthday! Let's wish him a very Happy Birthday!!

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Thank you everyone for all of your prayers. Molly is going to pull thru!! God is good. As I gave her a bath today I witnessed sores from head to toe. She is sti...ll having withdrawal. And in and out of consciousness. She has agreed to go to rehab. Thank you Pastor Gilbert for your help. I post these pictures and testimony with Molly's permission to cry out to you who are using methamphetamine. I never thought this would be my daughter and she never thought we would be here. god has given her and I a second chance for me to be a mother and now she has a daughter. She agrees it's time to put an end to the sickness. Please pray for her through this long journey. The Dr. says it's gonna get worse before it gets better. But she can do it!! Thank you again for all of your prayers. And I hope this has helped someone whatever they are abusing to put it down.

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Mandi Obrecht to Put the Dope Down

One day when I was young I heard a knock at my door
It sounded familiar, like I had heard it before
I opened the door and to my surprise
There stood a young lad...y with blond hair and hazel eyes

She said, I have the answers, are you ready to play?
So I grabbed my money and I said ok
There were the answers that I had always sought
Liquids, pills, and powders, and I bought and bought

Then one day, my friend suddenly changed
her face became ugly, calloused, and deranged
She grabbed my hand and we tore through the town
My loved ones and friends could only watch and frown

She kept whispering something I could only guess
It sounded like she was repeating "Yes, Yes, Yes"

How quickly from fun to very near death
How quickly from one beer, to smoking crystal meth
I thought of my family, oh what a mess
But all I heard was screaming "Yes, Yes, Yes"

I had to find help I was at my wits end
I had lost my children, my family and my friends

I said "God are you there, can you help me please?"
A sudden peace came over me and I fell to my knees
God answered the riddle that so long I did guess
Why my addiction kept screaming "Yes, Yes, Yes"

It's because I kept asking night after night
It's going to be different this time right?

I said, "God I'm not worth it I feel like a jerk."
He said, "Suit up and show up its time to go to work"

So I am here to tell you in this little rhyme
Life keeps getting better "One day at a time'
So when you think you are going insane
There's always, sunshine after the rain.

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Miranda Lee Kelley to Crystal Meth Addiction Support and Help Group

Just wanted to give someone Hope! #Recovery is possible! I lost 13/years to meth... I just celebrated 3/years clean last month!! Only because of #JESUS Thanks for letting me share.... 5/25/13

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Miranda Lee Kelley is celebrating me.

Me & God, did it!! Today I celebrate #Year3Clean what a miracle the Lord, has done in my life.. I give all glory & praises to you God! #KeepMovingForward
“I what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:12-13 NIV

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Posted by Meth Destroys
Meth Destroys

Addicts in jail speak of their regrets. This drug destroys every aspect of your life.

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Shades Of Hope Treatment Center

This came from one of alumns and I believe it is one of those thoughts that holds volumes of truth. What do you think?

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Miranda Lee Kelley to Meth Destroys

I lost 13 years of my life to my meth addiction...But God, has set me free! I❤️life:) May 25th, I will be celebrating 3 years clean. God is so good.

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If your doing meth and still look normal, Its only a matter of time before you look like this. Get OUT of it before its too late! #Meth #Methamphetamine #drugs

Throughout my life, you have always chosen the addiction over my programs, my swim meets, or even a simple movie night.
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Miranda Lee Kelley is feeling blessed.

Great service tonight @ ⚓️Anchor Point, if you weren't there you missed a Blessing! Gotta ❤️on my Jesus, Praise His name today I have 976/Days Clean from meth, no pills, no weed, no needles💉
Grateful am I for the life I have found in him. #MyDifferenceMaker #HeMadeTheWayForMe

How horrible!

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Danielle Simone

Wow...gave me chills

I NEED To Get High,

I am not your child, or spouse, or friend. I’ve changed. I don’t belong to you any more. I don’t care about you. Not in... the way you want me too. I care about getting high. I WANT to get high. I will do ANYTHING to get high. I LOVE getting high. I NEED to get high.. and I will step over you to do it. When I look at you, I don’t see YOU. I see a means to an end. You have money. I want it. End of story. I don’t care if you can’t pay the rent. I don’t care if you need groceries. I don’t care if you promised you wouldn’t give me money again. I don’t care if you lie to Dad. I don’t care if you’re broke. Sell your rings, take a loan, sell your electronics, max out your credit cards, borrow the money from someone else, because if you don’t, I will STEAL it. I WILL find a way to get HIGH. You think you can CHANGE me, or SAVE me. You are WRONG! Something cold and dead slithers within me. I no longer respond to love or truth. You can CRY all you want. I don’t care. I have no integrity or values. My morals are a thing of the past. I will say anything, do anything, and hurt anyone, to get my next FIX.
Although I may play the game with you, make no mistake. I don’t play it because I LOVE you, I play it because I want my DOPE. I will say what ever you want to hear, I will promise you the world, I will look you in the eyes, and I WILL break your heart. Over and over again. I don’t have a heart any more. I have a HUNGER. It’s calculating and manipulative, and it OWNS me.
In a strange way you’re thankful for this hunger. For when I feel it coming on, I find you, quick! Then when I’ve gotten what I want from you, I leave. You’re anxious without me. You offer to buy my food, or pay my rent. You always GIVE me something.
By now, you’re NEED is almost as great as mine.
I can’t stay SICK without you. You can’t breathe without ME.
You think you’re helping me. You believe you’re making a difference, but what you’re really helping… is my ADDICTION.
I won’t tell you this, but you know it, deep down.
If we keep going like this, one or both of us will die. Me from an overdose, that you paid for, and you from a heart attack, or stroke.
You’ll wait YEARS for me to change, or see the light, and I take full advantage of this.
You keep my secrets and protect my lies. You clean up my messes and bail me out. You love me to the exclusion of EVERYONE else.
You are bitter and resentful. You hide from your friends and isolate. You HATE.
Your world revolves around one thing only… ME.
But will your LOVE ever become greater than your FEAR? Would you be strong enough to reach out for help? Will you learn to say NO? Will you allow me to experience the consequences of my actions? Will you LOVE me enough to feel your own discomfort and stop enabling my addiction?
I lay trapped with within the confines of this cold dark, serpent – addiction, and I am… dying.

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