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Online Skype English Class. Native British Teacher from London. IELTS practice, Grammar help, and improved speaking. Practice pronunciation.

Podcast - English connected with drones. Why do we need them? are they dangerous? click below to find out. Delivered by Philip your Skype Class Teacher.

Podcast Drones - why do we need drones? learn about the impact of drones in our world today. Learn new vocabulary associated with drones.

Happy Valentines Day - Read this text and listen to this audio from the BBC about love on Valentines Day. Philip -

Valentines Day - Learn new language associated with love on this special day in Britain when people display their feelings towards their loved ones.
Online Skype English Class. Native British Teacher from London. IELTS practice, Grammar help, and improved speaking. Practice pronunciation.

Describe a persons mood or temperament in English - Delivered by Philip from

Describing Temperament - Learn about how to describe the temperament of a person and how this can change from each individual.

English Suffixes - learn about the ednings of certain words. Delivered by Philip -

Vocabulary Suffixes - learn vocabulary that has suffixes: -ment, -ance, -ence This is important if you want to speak perfect English.

Podcast - do we need sugar?

Do we need Sugar ? Podcast - Listen to why sugar is important and what it does to our bodies. This podcast is great for English learners.

Improve your English speaking skills today with

Do you want to speak good English? Practice with a native speaker from London? Improve your pronunciation? Prepare for a job interview? Get success in an English examination. Then, you should take a class with me Philip your SkypeClass English Teacher.

Hello and good afternoon... Philip here again! I would like to share with you advice and videos for those people taking the IELTS examination in English . Remember! I give IELTS preparation and practice test classes. Click below to watch the videos. Have a nice day ! Greetings from Philip your favourite English teacher -

IELTS - Learn about the IELTS Speaking Test - watch actual videos that show you what is expected to get good scores. Practice for IELTS with your skypeclass Teacher at

English articles - improve your article use with this information provided by Philip - your Teacher at

A/an and the - are used in English often. Learn how and when to use them in English sentences. Understand the rules connected with them and you will speak better english.

Hello again lovely people ! It's Philip here again and I just to remind you that if you want to improve your English speaking skills then you know where to come, come to me !

Online Skype English Class. Native British Teacher from London. IELTS practice, Grammar help, and improved speaking. Practice pronunciation.

Today's Idioms delivered by Philip your Skypeclass Teacher here at Have a great weekend !

Idioms connected with the letter N As you know, native speakers of English tend to use a lot of idiomatic expressions. An idiom is a word or phrase w...

Phrasal Verbs with 'go' delivered by guess who? Yes, Philip your favourite Teacher at

Phrasal verbs with go - learn the different phrasal verbs that include the verb 'to go' Improve your English with your Skype class Teacher and remeber you can practice your new Verbs during your class -

Direct and Indirect Questions - Click below to learn more ... delivered by Philip your favourite online English Teacher.

indirect questions - learn how to ask a question in English. We use direct and indirect. We whow you when to use each of the two types. delivered by

Hotel Vocabulary - learn some new words and expressions connected with the hotel industry - delivered by Philip at

Hotel Vocabulary - Improve your English knowledge of words and expressions connected with the hotel industry. This is useful if you plan to travel to England or other countries.

Today's Idiom - All that Jazz - delivered by

Idioms and Phrases from SkypeClass.Com All that Jazz Meaning: and all that jazz. informal. used when speaking to mean "and other similar things&q...

Joints Vocabulary -

Joints Vocabulary Background Joints (knees, elbows, wrists etc.) connect one part of our body to another part. There are lots of English expression...

Podcast from the BBC - A dry January? Listen to this discussion about alcohol after Christmas and New Year. Delivered by

BBC 6 Minute English - Podcast 6 Minute English * * * Download Download the MP3 recording here Read the transcript * * * A Dry January Are yo...