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Small Craft Club is with Jennifer Lynn Kiogima-Raphael.

Will you change your profile picture help Capt. Rorke Miller will the Maritime Heroes Award? He has tirelessly worked long hours with some of the most vulnerable in our community. He has given kids their first ice cream in months, introduced them to a new way of thinking and literally changed their lives through his active involvement. Even if you change your picture for a moment, it will help us promote this amazing guy's work!

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Have you seen this video about innovative ways to help college students?

Welcoming new students and giving them the opportunity to connect with those who've been on campus for awhile is the goal of The Muster Project. This new app...
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SAIL Champion

Champion Crew enjoying an early morning Stand Up Paddle.
It was so rewarding to see one of the youth who built the boards with Small Craft Club sharing the frui...t of his labor as a SAIL Champion crew.

The whole dynamic on the beach was awesome.

I built that.
Maybe I could build that.
I want to build that.
What else could I build?
What else can WE build?
If we can build this, what else are we capable of building?
What else are we capable of?


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Small Craft Club is with Velvet Batteiger.

Velvet Batteiger and Captain Rorke with the boards "Li'l Champ" and "Layla" after the @M22 Challenge race.
Tons of competitors were interested in them.

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AHOY Small Craft Club Crew and Volunteers,
Champion needs some love to get prepped for 2013. Her shop crew meets every Saturday morning and Tuesday evening.
However, there is often someone in Building 2 making it happen on other days!
Remember, every Tuesday in the season, Champion voyages with volunteers only.
Log time in the shop, get time on the Champ!

"Mom, do I have to go to counseling?" to "When's our next session!?" This is a series of videos that I did to help family therapists and educators to more effectively help teams to grow together. Check it out or do the activities with your own family!…/

If you are like me, you sometimes get antsy in sessions. I think our clients like to move around a bit too, especially kids, teens, and families. I have developed several programs where we use activities to meet therapeutic goals. But somethings, it is not always possible to get clients out sailing…

Great Lakes Boat Building School has added a Build Your Own SUP class at Maritime Heritage Alliance.
August 5 - August 10
For more information, sign up here -

“Ridiculously fun! Like walking on water!”The Kaholo Paddleboard is fast enough to race but stable enough for a first-timer. There are no other stand-up paddleboards in the world that are easier for a neophyte boat builder or are better looking. Perfected by CLC over a 5-year period, the company has...

Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan had this nice little write up about the Small Craft Club.
We always appreciate a pat on the back in print. Thanks for spreading the word. Hopefully, readers will be moved to become supporters.

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While the type is very small in this image, I assure you that The Leelanau Examiner wrote a very complimentary article.

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Thank you very much to the anonymous donor who put $75 in the donations jar.
Also, thank you to the folks who put in the other $4.85 in change!
We are very thankful and hope you get great parking spots wherever you go for the rest of the year for your generosity!

Hey, Small Craft Club followers, check out who checked us out - The TC Waterman Challenge & Expo

They posted.....
“very cool group- teaching kids to build SUP'S! We need to get these kids to our event and EXPO.”


Furthermore, I received an email last night from TC Waterman about how they want to help us be successful including - promotion opportunities, a booth for the crew to show off their craftsmanship, race entries, and other stuff.

You guys earned all of these opportunities because of your hard work and diligence.
Now, your obligation is to come up with some ideas of ways that we can help this community event be the best it can be. Mark your calendars - August 17, 2013.

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That is very cool of the Record Eagle to recognize the hard work of these great guys.

The Small Craft Club Crew got the boats fully epoxied by the end of the week.
Now it is up to them and all other MHA members to get them sanded and painted (or varnished and sanded and varnished and sanded and varnished and sanded and varnished and sanded and varnished, and then some)

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Small Craft Club is with Eric Pentecost.

Here is Muster Project Mentor, Eric Pentecost, getting an epoxy lesson from Adam Burks.

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Small Craft Club updated their cover photo.
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Here is part of the crew with Velvet Batteiger from Collectors Foundation. Thanks for the compliments and cookies.

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