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Anastasia Yu
· July 30, 2017
This was a good place to be for our child. We chose Smart Baby pre-school because we wanted our child to be exposed to the Russian language and culture. The educational component based on the Russian ...language and culture was indispensable, however some activities appear to be more beneficial for younger kids. Oksana is caring and really enjoys children; our son always speaks dearly about her. It's a clean and safe environment, which also comes with healthy freshly cooked meals. On the other hand, administrative part of the organization needs work. I would suggest to read the contract carefully and make sure that parents understand all the details of the contract and discuss anything that is unclear with the owner in advance.

Для нашего ребенка детский сад "Smart Baby" был хорошим выбором. Мы выбрали этот садик, потому что хотели, чтобы наш ребенок находился в атмосфере русского языка и русской культуры. Образовательная программа основанная на русском языке и русской культуре была для нас незаменимой частью, хотя некоторые занятия, кажется, больше подходят для ребятишек помладше. Оксана заботливая и очень любит детей; наш сын всегда очень хорошо о ней отзывается. Нам было спокойно оставлять нашего ребенка в этом садике, и приятно, что в отличии от других садиков, где мы были, там всегда чисто и уютно. И конечно, большой плюс в том, что еда свежая и по-домашнему приготовленная.
С другой стороны, административная часть организации требует доработки. Мой совет родителям - внимательно ознакомиться с контрактом, выяснить и обсудить все, что непонятно, заранее.
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Anna Shapkina
· July 6, 2015
Hi! I would like to provide a feedback for our current preschool which is super positive. My daughter has been attending the Smart Baby Preschool for almost a year now, and she has been definitely gro...wing a Smarter girl because of that! The environment of the School is clean, friendly, and secure. The staff are very welcoming and knowledgeable about the families that send their children here. We are greeted daily and provided a feedback of how a day spent daily too, and the children are made to feel comfortable with staying at school. My daughter loves her friends and teachers. The administrators remain accessible and easy to talk to about any questions you may have. They hold themselves to a high standard of care for the children and it is evident in the way they plan their activities and events and development programs for the children. The fact that it is well maintained and beautifully decorated with Russian theme toys and other stuff lit with lots of natural light is an added bonus. The food is served in Russian, freshly-cooked cuisine style and full of healthy choices. They spend lots of time outside as well in a safe large backyard filled with amazing outdoor toys. I would highly recommend this school for anyone interested in the best standard of care, Russian language, and early child development for their children. And the most important reason we love this daycare is my child's Russian language skills that have been astoundingly improved in just one year. Thank you for all your hard work! If you have any further questions, you can contact me at 503-473-1298 Anna Shapkina See More
Julia Garcia
· December 21, 2015
This is best preschool my kids have attended so far. They love it there and treated like family. Too bad we had to move out of the area, we are going to miss our preschool the most. Highly recommend everyone. Also can't beat the education component.
Dr Julia garcia
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Natalia Redman
· March 13, 2015
Мои впечатления после посещения очень приятные.Хозяйка сада всретила меня приятной улыбкой.Напоила вкусным ароматным чаем.(Из самовара!) Провела мне экскурсию по садику.Показала игровую комнату.Отдель...но для занятий и отдыха.Место для прогулок.Безопасное и очень красивое .Все продумано до мелочей для удобства развития и отдыха деток.Акцент на русскую культуру.Высокий проффесионализм и знание своего дела. Ваши дети в надежных руках.Очень рекомендую! See More

If you do not know which preschool could be good for your child, please call and schedule an appointment. Если Вы ещё не выбрали детский садик для своего ребёнка, пожалуйста, звоните и приходите. Будем рады Вас принять.

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