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Good morning. Are the reports of President Trump’s political demise greatly exaggerated? And how many commenting on Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit have actually read it? Here’s a preview of what I will do 9am on CNN.
Wow, the week now ending has been a total disaster for President Trump - or was it? A contrarian take coming your way 9am CNN - here’s a preview.


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Honoring Bruno Sammartino with audio from the attic - take a listen to me with the champ:

Bruno Sammartino passed away this week at age 82. This interview is from 2007 on WPHT. Connect with Michael Smerconish: - - - htt
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Warren Moleé
· April 2, 2018
I got Sirius 5 years ago with a new car purchase. That was the first time I heard of Michael Smerconish. Since then his show has started my day and kept me sane in a world that has mostly wandered fro...m the path of common humanity. I have learned a great deal from his radio show and recommend it to everyone I know. Not only do I agree with much of what he says relative to politics, I seriously believe that his format of fairness and civility represents what America really stands for. See More
Larry Timmons Sr.
· March 11, 2018
Smerconish I like how how you work your ass off to be a moderate voice in this left vs right media world. I’m old enough to remember when viewers had no idea what way the journalists leaned. I could ...automatically assume that I was getting and unbiased view of the news no matter what was being reported on. Thanks for that. See More
Marianne Lusk
· February 17, 2018
It is tragically convenient for Rep Rick Scott, non committal on gun control, to call for the resignation of the FBI director during this time of the Mueller investigation. A horrible oversight happen...ed with the result of slaughter. The FBI is not the only problem is Scott also calling for Sessions to resign. Could getting rid of the FBI director be convenient for the President and those involved in the Russia investigation. See More
John Belbeck
· February 24, 2018
Smerconish is like an island of intellectual honesty. In a media landscape where political talk shows are often love-ins for their own political point of view (CNN included), this program stands refre...shingly apart. Smerconish books interesting and relevant guests, presents both sides of the debate from sometimes unexpected perspectives and lets viewers like me form their own opinions on the issues. This show should be moved to prime time. It is exemplary. See More
Gregory Howard
· February 17, 2018
Enjoy your commentary. It is funny to see the feedback from the audience as it proves how easy it is for them to get things wrong. It is sad that you and others have to explain "in THIS indictment" a...nd what it means because people, including Trump, just don't get that it is limiting the results to a particular scope.

Thank you!!!!! Thank You!!!!!
I hope others will cover the LOCAL 30+ failures.
They are closer to the issue and numerous failures.
You have a video of him shooting out of the back of a house. Did anyone call? If authorities were notified did they come out and investigate? Search for shell casings?

Gov Scott asking for resignations makes no sense unless HE is going to resign because he is FAR from faultless in this matter.
See More
Lacey Prokop
· February 21, 2018
I really enjoy that you always get both sides of the story! You try really hard to appear as Switzerland in most polarizing debates, but sometimes your sun shines through. Big fan of your team and yo...ur mission! Thanks for making my commute tolerable! See More
John Manasco
· February 24, 2018
Enjoy you on CNN but I think it's time for a critical look at the man in the mirror. Your question this AM actually makes the case that no mere human being is always capable of intelligent handling of... a gun. If law enforcement officers act like fallible humans, than who can we trust with these deadly devices? I'm sure your military experience proved to you that not everyone in uniform was dedicated to the mission. For every perfect, stellar military member, there was always a drunk sleeping it off behind the chow hall (probably a responsible gun owner) Last week on CNN, you admitted you owned "many" guns. I think that may be coloring your thinking. I'm older than you. I've known many wonderful people but I've never known anyone who was always totally under control. That's why guns are bad and guns are stupid. See More
Ray Charles
· March 1, 2018
I really enjoy listening to you on Satellite radio on POTUS. Change your listening to the topics you bring up and I also enjoy watching U weekly on CNN. If there was anyone who is truly fair and bala...nced I believe it's you and I love the way you try to look at issues using facts, logic, and critical thinking skills. It's a very rare capability in this day and age. See More
Robert MacQuarrie
· February 24, 2018
Just started watching him a month ago. Watch a lot of opinion shows and this by far the best. He is on early so l set to record so I don’t miss. I’m happy with the time but he should on later in a better spot.
Mattie Pringle
· March 10, 2018
He is very good, love his show. He always give an astonishing review of what ever the topic is at that moment and we have had an enormous amount of interesting topics with this man in office, I won't... give him the privilege of calling him a President. See More
Kizzy Thompson Johnson
· March 17, 2018
I absolutely love 9am Saturday mornings. Whether in front of a tv or in the car, listening to Sirius XM. I just have to tune into Smerconish. He's real and honest and if agrees, he says so and if he d...oesn't, he says so. Keep up the great work! See More
Rick Polise
· March 24, 2018
Good show Michael, always watch it or record (9pm Saturday night in Perth, Australia). Always presenting both sides of the argument. I must admit, I don't know how Americans elected someone like Trump... who is totally incompetent for the task of POTUS and putting the world in real danger. See More
Steve Jay
· February 17, 2018
Great stuff. I keep listening now because I want to hear the definition of the word "unwitting" in respect to the way it was used in the 13 indictments against the Russians. Those "unwitting" particip...ants, some presumably members of the Trump entourage - in the Grifter game, are these people more commonly known by cons as the "Marks?" See More
Rob Saunders
· March 14, 2018
I am from Canada, southern Ontario about an hour so drive from Toronto. Really like listening to you on POTUS. You really help me understanding what the hell is going on politically south of our border.
Arleen Greenwood
· March 17, 2018
He’s brilliant at sorting through the rubbish and getting to the point of any subject and then letting all of us make our own decion. He doesn’t decide for me. I’m grateful for that, Michael.
Carol Olsen
· March 24, 2018
Like your “both sides now “ reporting. Very refreshing . Unfortunate won’t be heard by those who need it most! Will recommend to my friends on left& right& family( we don’t discuss politics around fam...ily holiday tables) , cause this is a way to get intelligent issues aired with opinions discussed by intelligent & respected brains from both sides answers, whether political, social, legal or just simply human- meaning humanitarian! See More
Bo Lankford
· February 17, 2018
Really not sure about Michael ; he seems pretty dumb I think he’s a socialist; he’s just like all of cnn’s crew one sided on the fla school shootings,anyone who can just walk in a school unchecked ...kill 17 people and walk out it really doesn’t take a college education to figure u need armed security guards at schools this is sick ,also fast capital punishment within 6 months of multiple murders not 15 years on death row See More
Steve Dugan
· April 11, 2018
I listen to you every morning and catch the 6:00 O’clock replay on my way home. I enjoy the guests, topics, and the camaraderie between you, TC, and Dan.

Thanks for all you do!
Terje Rogne
· April 6, 2018
Absolutely the best radio talk show ever. I love that there is someone that can portrait the middle of the political ground that so many Americans live in.
Jane Sutton
· February 24, 2018
I may not always agree with you, but you are beyond fair and always try to give both sides of any issue.