Help to do it by myself. Self directed Learning and real life experiences are a great field of practice for skills learned at school.
Happy Birthday Pi
Sakul Rattana Vittaya School Preparations for English Camp 2017
Smile Kids Asia added 186 new photos from April to the album: Happy Songkran 2018 — at จุดชมวิว 360องศา.

We went with our smile kids of Saphan Rewm to have a tour to Saphan Hin and Rawai and then enjoyed to go swimming to 360 - it was a great Songkran day with lots of water.

Group of Smilekids


Thanks to all Smile Kids celebrating Happy Birthday with Andi and Lai. It was a great party and we really enjoyed it!

Happy Birthday Pi

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Thai Royal Anthem by Strings

with closed captions so that also foreigners can understand the meaning of this beautiful song.

ขอเป็นข้ารองพระบาททุกชาติไป Every moment I spent working on and creating this video was simultaneously an extreme honor and the most emotionally impactful ex...

On 13. January 2018 - the second saturday in January, Thailand celebrates Children's Day and the community of Saphan Rewm Phuket did a great job to provide lots of fun and activities for the kids.

Smile Kids Asia added 21 new photos from January to the album: Kids of Saphan Rewm — at Smile Kids Asia Guitar Hub - Ban Lai, Anuphas Phuket Karn Soi 9, Talad Yai.

It is easy to make kids happy with some delicious donuts.

Happy New Year to everyone and may your wishes become true.

This "New Year's Greeting" song has been composed by Late King His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! May all your wishes come true! “New Year's Greeting” - Original Composition by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. “พรปีใหม่” - เพ...

an amazing voice singing an amazing song. A song for all those kids which are searching for a home!

潘美辰 - 我想有个家
Pan mei chen - Wo xiang you ge jia
wo xiang you ge jia
yi ge bu xu yao hua li de di fang
zai wo pi juan de shi hou
wo hui xiang dao ta
wo xiang you ge jia
yi ge bu xu yao duo da de di fang
zai wo shou jing xia de shi hou
wo cai bu hui hai pa
shui bu hui xiang yao jia
ke shi jiu you ren mei you ta
lian shang liu zhuo yan lei
zhi neng zi ji qing qing ca
wo hao xian mu ta
shou shang hou ke yi hui jia
er wo zhi neng gu dan de
gu dan de xun zhao wo de jia
sui ran wo bu zeng you wen nuan de jia
dan shi wo yi yang jian jian de chang da
zhi yao xin zhong chong man ai
jiu hui bei guan huai
wu fa li yuan shui
yi qie zhi neng kao zi ji
虽然你有家 什么也不缺
sui ran ni you jia shi me ye bu que
wei he kan bu jian ni lu chu xiao lian
yong yuan du shuo mei you ai
zheng tian bu hui jia
xiang tong de nian ji
bu tong de xin ling
rang wo yong you yi ge jia

Learn more about the Chinese Language and Characters in this song.

I want to have a home

I want to have a home
One does not need gorgeous place
When I'm tired
I will think of it
I want to have a home
A place that does not need much
When I was shocked
I will not be afraid
Who would not want home?
But some people do not have it
Face tears
Only rub gently on your own
I really envy him
After the injury can go home
And I can only be alone
Lonely looking for my home
Although I have never had a warm home
But as I grew older
As long as the heart full of love
Will be caring
Who can not complain?
Everything can only rely on yourself
Although you have no shortage of home
Why can not you see a smile?
Never say love forever
Do not go home all day
The same age
Different hearts
Let me have a home

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【10岁小姑娘邱诗晗演唱《我想有个家》泪眼萌动 惹古巨基怀念《我歌》】一直热心公益的#中国新声代#邱诗晗以一首《我想有个家》把漂泊在外的孤苦和留守孩子们对父母的期盼之情表达出来,也唱进书桓男神@古巨基LeoKu的心�...
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Living Montessori Now

“The Child Is Both a Hope and a Promise” Montessori Word Art Freebie!

One of my absolute favorite Montessori quotes: "The child is both a hope and a promise to ...mankind." (Education and Peace)

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Smile Kids Asia shared a memory.

Lions Club of Patong Beach sponsors Smile Kids at Austria Phuket Community Center Ruin.

We presented some teaching aids - 3 whiteboards and an amplifier with loudspeaker to the organisers and kids of Smile Kids Club. They meet every Saturday aftern...oon in Koh Sirey area of Phuket Town for fun, games, singalong and lessons jn English language, Music and Art. The aim of the Thai and Farang organisers of the club is to provide an alternative to the street scene and to keep the kids away from the local drug culture. Seen in the photo are (left to right) Lion Rune Hyll-Krantz; Thai organiser K Tang, Lion Club President JUm Ali Khan. Lion Club Treasurer Hans Krake and Lion Andi Becker (who runs the music lessons)

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Smile Kids from Saphan Rewm 2 dancing at Lions Club
When will be the reunion to dance that dance again?

Teach your children well ...

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We African Nations

Children of Freetown, Sierra Leone taking care of each other during times of adversity ♡

Smile Kids Asia shared a memory.

Happy Mothersday in 2014 at ThreeGeneration Center Rawai

A nice Celebration with our students from Learning English with Music took place at Three Generation Center Rawai