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The HEMP shirt presale ends on the 13th!
Purple, black, or green Stoney Sunday shirts are available!

#askstoneysunday RT @tamoradontgive: when you start using another bong do you keep water in your other ones or do you just empty them?


They've all been sent out! If you don't have your Smokey Santa gift box within the next 7-10 days contact me please!

just about 40 left to send out of the 160+! So sorry for the delays, enjoy the goodies!

SO excited some Smokey Santa gifts have arrived to Reefers & more eager to ship out the rest! Presents for potheads! Really sorry for the delay!

International Smokey Santa gifts have shipped, domestic are headed out this week! Thank you for your patience!

I'm a bit late.. But international #smokeysanta gifts go out tomorrow! USA gifts after Xmas but before New Years! So sorry for my delay!!

Such a great evening with @StreetKush420 and @SuperXinck420! They made great #smokeysanta elves!

Smokey Santa is going worldwide! Australia, Scotland, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, gonna need a strong Sativa to make it happen!

Nova Scotia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, the UK, Mexico, and Australia have #smokeysanta gifts and/or @StoneySunday shirts.

Smokey Santa UPDATE: gift boxes are nearly done and will be going out as soon as possible! Elves have been busy...

GIfts will be heading out in about a week or two! Hope to arrive by Christmas but you know how Stoner Time works right?

It broke my heart that #smokeysanta participation had to close so early, but I am really excited to begin prepping the approximately 170 gift boxes that will be going out next month! If you donated...

Reminder: everyone who donated will be getting a present, Smokey Santa is full of surprises!

Participation is currently closed, but everyone who has sent their money is definitely getting a gift!! Thank you! Boveda Inc Vape World Humboldt Traders Smo...

My site is having troubles, I'm sorry! Add .tumblr after Coralreefer420 on each page and you're good to go, sorry for the hassle!!

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