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You may be aware that in the recent years the cases of academic probation have gone up and there is serious concern among the administration for the same. This is resulting in a lot of degree extensions as well. Rather than curbing cultural or technical activities or even blaming them we wish to develop an academic culture which can coexist with all activities. We want your opinion so here is a short survey so please do fill it!!!…/1FAIpQLSf0NSynAxcxpa_lL…/viewform…

Have you ever felt, ' If this would have been present, I would have developed an interest in core'? We understand everyone does not want to go into core, BUT everyone has some experiences and ideas which can be incorporated in making a good and healthy academic culture at IIT Delhi. We do complain m...
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Student Mentorship Program takes pleasure in releasing its new logo. This year we plan not only to be known as working for freshers but working on affecting the personality of entire student community. Our initiatives will speak more on that...visit for more details
Credits : Ravi Choudhary and Utkarsh Gupta

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Female students are invited to have their doubts cleared or if you cant come reach out to us at
For those eho cant come we will share with you a video which will clear most of your queries. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow .

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SMP takes pleasure in announcing
This initiative is a collaboration between the Student Mentorship Programme and the Humanities Department of IIT Delhi. The problem here was JEE is conducted in Hindi as well as English Medium and the medium of instruction after coming to IIT is English only. This leads the students qualifying from Hindi medium in deep despair. This leads to a serious visible effect in their academic performance. A lot of other st...udents also face issues in English.

Key Feature of this initiative :
1) Firstly there will be a language proficiency test(LPT) for all freshers during Orientation.
2) After this there will be a compulsory Language Workshop for 15 to 20 days from professionals from humanities department(Coordinated by Prof. Paroma Sanyal) for all those who are from Hindi medium and those who need them on the basis of LPT.
3) After this MRC will assign mentors from 2nd year and 3rd year as Language Mentors.
These will be trained by Humanities Department and they will engage concerned freshers in weekly training sessions which will be based on “Learning through Fun” .
4)This is in lieu with NLN 100 for freshers. So that once they are up to a certain level in language , they can comfortably adjust with their peers in NLN 101.
5)We will also welcome those who are not freshers and still wish to undergo this programme for their development.
6) There will be an LPT at the end of NLN 100 and if there is still need we will continue with this in the second sem.
7) Apart from this an app will be developed linked to the IITD insti app by Board for Student Welfare-BSW, IIT Delhi which will act as an Hindi to English dictionary for technical terms common to first year courses.

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What is engineering? Why should females join IITD? What future options does an engineering degree hold for women? Can a female e...ver make a mark in the largely male-dominated engineering branches such as Mechanical or Civil? I love Biology…will I ever get to pursue it as an engineering student?

To answer queries and address concerns about life during and after engineering, IIT Delhi is hosting an exclusive interaction session for FEMALE CANDIDATES ONLY who have qualified JEE Adv. 2017. Questions will be answered by handpicked faculty, students, and alumni.

Find out what IIT Delhi is like as a place to study and have fun! We are happy to answer all the questions bubbling in your mind ever since your selection in JEE Advanced 2017. IITD is in the Capital of the nation so there is much to explore and learn. On our beautiful campus, there are many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities – through clubs like dramatics, dance, music, robotics etc., academic and creative festivals (like Rendezvous, Tryst & Sportech) while you get an excellent education – not only in Science and Engineering but also in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Venue: Room 121 in Lecture Hall Complex (LHC), IIT Delhi campus
Date: June 17, 2017 (Saturday)
Time : Session 1 (10 to 12 forenoon)
Session 2 (2 to 4 afternoon)

You may attend any one of the sessions as per your convenience. Just walk in. No pre-registration required!

Alternatively, you may write to us at : with your name and phone number and one of our helpdesk volunteers will call or write back to you within a day, starting 18th of June.

Disclaimer: Please note that getting admission to an IIT would depend on your rank, choice filling and seat allocation. Making enquires and coming to the session does not guarantee admission. Please note that the final decision rests with you.

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Nice work by BSP. Students coming to IITD ....have look at this before you choose your branch. Dont just focus on placements ,see what your branch has to offer. To look at the course structure and various courses offered in each department visit the link below…/de…/files/semsch/CouStudy_201617.pdf

With the JEE Advanced results out, and counselling in full swing, as evidenced by the flurry of activity on the various forums, blogs and groups on the Internet..., we thought back to the time when we were confused post 12th graders, greeted by branches which seemed no more than a cluster of nebulous ideas, without a clear picture of what it would actually be like to study them. So, we decided to publish a series of articles, each written by seniors, addressing various angles of their department at IIT Delhi. Through these writeups, which have also been posted on some forums and counselling groups on Facebook and elsewhere on the Internet, we hope to translate the experiences of these seniors into giving prospective freshmen a better ‘feel’ of each program. Do share these writeups if you know of students who’ve just cleared the Advanced and are currently going through this phase!

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As we all know that very less number of female candidates come to IITs. And the basic question that arises in th...eir mind is that : What is the scope of this branch for female candidates (ex. Mech, Civil depts)?
So, IIT Delhi is conducting a session on 17th June, where all the females candidates from Delhi zone (who qualified JEE Advanced), will be invited along with their parents, where they can raise their queries and clear their doubts.

So, for this we invite students (Preferably Girls (Boys can also Join), Of any year, any Branch), who'll be happy to speak up for
his/her department and volunteer to help the JEE qualified candidates. Volunteers should be present in IIT or near.
Also, all those who'll come will have to attend a meeting on 13th, where we can discuss on how we'll proceed with the session and about further arrangements. (Also, You can fill the form if you are not present on 13th, we'll work on some alternative)

Session : 17th June, 2017
Deadline of Form : 12th June, 7PM

For more info. contact :
Ankit Soni : +91 9654784979
Divyam Gupta : +91 8588819895

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Fill this form, if you are interested in speaking about the scope of your branch for the JEE Qualified students (Majorly for Female candidates, who think that some branch doesn't have scope for them)

Hey all,
This is the points for the CV points approval for the students sitting in placements this year. The deadline is 16th June 11:59pm. No requests will be entertained after that.

Hey all,
CV points of all previous teams are now available on
Kindly download the pdf file. For any other queries contact us.

Team SMP

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Today is the last date for filling your place in tour of stalls for Orientation 17.…/1FAIpQLSeXs-WQsdhdc-yxv…/viewform…

Team SMP

Tomorrow is the last date please fill it ASAP

Hey all,
Kindly fill the form for Tour of Stalls of Orientation 2017. Make sure that your club officially registered under a Board and confirm it with the respe...ctive General Secretory and the Board president failing which you will not be allowed to present.
Deadline is June 4, 2017(that is Sunday 11:59pm)
The link for the form is

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Great effort by BSP....freshers should have a look as mostly they will be affected by this by and large.

About two weeks ago, the SAC Facebook page saw a flurry of activity in response to a post pertaining to a proposal discussed and passed by the BAP. The agenda? ...Reducing the credit limit per semester to 22.
BSP had then promised a well researched article about this issue, to try to understand what the BAP wished to achieve, and the nature of the student community's opposition to this move.
We present to you a comprehensive report about this proposal, and urge everyone to read this article, for this issue affects the entire undergraduate student community extensively, for better or for worse.
Feel free to give us your feedback in the comments.

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Board for Student Welfare, IIT Delhi invites applications for Design Executive of BSW and SMP. The work of the executive will include designing posters and editing videos throughout the year.
Present 1st, 2nd and 3rd-year Students and 4th year (dual degree)- UG; Present 1st year PG
Please file in your applications at
The deadline for filling the form is Wednesday, 26th May, 7:00pm.
Divyam Gupta
General Secretary, Board for Student Welfare

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MRC Awards and mentor induction session held on 8th May 2017. Congratulations to all the awardees .(P.S. feel free to tag yourself)

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First session conducted by SMP to welcome mentors to the team and brain storming on improving the system. Sincere thanks to mentors and faculty coordinators to be a part of it. Looking forward to more of such sessions .

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May 9

On 8th May, Student Mentorship Program, IIT Delhi held its induction and award ceremony. The main motive of this session was to guide the newly-appointed mentor...s and to felicitate the previous mentors and MRC position holders who had successfully carried out their duties during their tenure.

The session started with an informal motivational session by Mr. Shashank Bishnoi, an IIT Alumnus himself. He primarily focused on inspiring the newly appointed mentors by a pep talk and soon had the crowd involved with his engaging discussions on emotions faced by freshers and their regrets in case they "misuse their independence". He also focused on the most important ‘precaution’ that a mentor must take which is not to impose his/her views on the corresponding mentees but rather guide them towards taking their own decisions. Using his excellent oratory skills and vivid descriptions, he managed to clearly establish the sanctity of the relationship between a mentor and his/her freshers.

This was followed by an award ceremony where the efforts of the hardworking mentors and MRC coordinators was duly acknowledged. Award for BEST COORDINATOR, OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO MRC and PRIDE OF MRC was given to Shuchi Maheshwari, Sarthak Sethi and Atul Verma respectively. This was followed by some traditional Do’s and Don’ts and new practises to be inculcated from this year onwards. Also, the new MRC secy Ravi Choudhary was officially handed the beacon for the next year.

The session was concluded by a greatly inspiring address by Prof. Sangeeta Kohli, the President of BSW. The guests then proceeded to the delicious refreshments waiting outside the hall. All-in-all, it capped off a great session which would certainly help the new mentors to fulfill their responsibility in a commendable manner.

The list of awardees was as follows:
Hardik Verma
Krishn Gopal Rajput
Saksham Agarwal
Sanchit Dayal
Sanjana Garg
Sthithpragya Gupta
Jayesh Bankoti
Aniket Bajpai
Ashutosh Sharma
Dipjyoti Mitra
Inamul haq azad
Sansiddh Jain
Sweta Soni
Jai Naulakha
Vipasha Mittal
Sanjana Gupta
Shreyansh Gattani
Niladri Shekhar Mandal
Abhinav Shukla
Apurv Kaushal
Siddhant Gupta
Simranjeet Kaur
Vasu Tekriwal
Harsh Gupta
Lakshay Goel
Neelotpal Nag
Jishnudeep Kar
Seema Shrotiya


Amol Singh
Nachiketa Mittal
Shreshtha Anupam
Chaitanya Arya
Deeksha Bhargava
Shubhi Agarwal
Rishabh Mahajan
Shivank Goel
Jatin Mittal
Rashi Gupta
Aditi Agarwal
Varsha Seshadri
Mudit Garg

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A session worth attending because only we can find solution to our problems!!!

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