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Today we let you in to see one of the rifles from the Sniper Central Collection. We will be doing these pages just to show some unique rifles and equipment we have acquired over the years. It certainly is not the biggest or best collection out there, but it is ours and will be the foundation of the Sniper Central Museum (or Montana Museum of Sniping?) we dream of and plan on opening in the future.

The first rifle is our M1D

To see the list of rifles in the collection, and ones we'll be displaying, head here:


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We display and talk about our own M1D from the Sniper Central Collection.

We just posted our full review of the Steyr Pro THB compact tactical rifle. You can read the full review and see the results here:

Sniper Central full detailed review of the Steyr Pro THB. Can this heavy barrel sporting arm make a suitable SSG-69 replacement?
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Scott Lehmann
· February 22, 2018
I have one of there rifle packages. I fell in love with it right off the bat. I reload my own rounds and consistently get groups of 0.75 inches at ,200 yards. The team at snipper central are forward. See More
Brad Sutter
· November 10, 2017
I've been doing business with Mel and Bryon for a number of years and they run a honest and tight organization. Quick shipping and great follow up. I would strongly recommend Sniper Central.
Luke Whelan
· November 17, 2017
Great source of information, honest no bullshit reviews, and consistent methods of assessment of gear.
Scott Musselman
· March 8, 2018
Great buying experience, very informative and well versed. Greatly appreciated the time taken while purchasing my rifle. Thanks guys

Interesting announcement coming from the US Army... kind of…/

The Army further muddies the water with a recent announcement for a Squad Designated Marksman Rifle

Just posted the next episode in our Sniper Talk video channel over on you tube. This time we head to the range to test the ability of the SX-1 to hold a zero after remove the barrel. You'll also get to see the barrel removal process.…/

On episode 13 of Sniper Talk we test the Ritter & Stark SX-1 multi caliber rifle to see how well it maintains and holds a zero after swapping the barrel.

We just posted a commentary and review on the USAF Advanced Designated Marksman Course.…/

We provide some history and commentary on the USAF ADM-Course and the capability of USAF Snipers

McMillan has announced their new A6 rifle stock...

McMillan announces their new A6 tactical rifle stock

Just posted an information page about the Canadian C14 Timberwolf

When Canada wanted a state of the art Sniper Rifle for their armed forces, they looked inward.

USMC is increasing the size of their STA platoons…/

USMC is increasing the size of the STA platoons
Sniper Central's take on the Remington bankruptcy

Time for another one of our full rifle reviews! This time around it is a Gladius from GA Precision. Enjoy…/

We review a tactical rifle from one of the premium custom tactical rifle builders in the world

Well, enough with all of these product announcements. How about an announcement of our own? We would like to announce a whole new way of doing training... the Sniper Central Experience. Read about it here:…/

The Sniper Central Experience is the most personalized and custom tailored training available.

Okay, one last new product announcement for this week. Nikon just revealed a new LRF, the Monarch 3000…/

Nikon announces their new image stabilizing Monarch 3000 Laser Range Finder

New product announcements continue to roll... This time, Timney triggers. They have just announced a new replacement trigger for Tikka rifles (finally).…/

Timney finally comes out with a replacement trigger for the Tikka T3 series of rifles.

Rolling out some more new product announcements for 2018. Here is the new Leupold Mk5HD line of scopes...…/

Leupold introduces their Mk 5HD line of scopes

There are some reviews that I just get excited about, and doing a full review of one of my long time friends, a M24 SWS, is a true pleasure. This time it is one of the M24 Collector Edition refurbished rifles. To read the review, follow the link below.…/

Sniper Central does a full evaluation of the legendary M24 SWS