Potential clients frequently ask me "how long before I need to get a new Snorex." It's a difficult question because there are so many factors. So my usual reply is "depending on how well you look after it and your teeth, you can expect five to ten years effective use. But every now and again an old customer comes along and says " the Snorex you made me years ago needs replacing". Twelve years is not uncommon, and I have had quite a few come back between fifteen and eighteen years. But just the other day a man said he needed to replace his twenty-one year old Snorex. Initially I thought he must have been only wearing it on weekends. But he reassured me that it had been in constant use the whole time. And for performance and durability it was the best value he could imagine. I am just wondering now how many more there are like that.

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April 5, 2017

I would just like to share this email received lately. Totally no edits.
Hi Max
An update for you from a very satisfied customer.
I have been using my Snorex now for three weeks and I feel like a different person. I sleep pretty much all night now and wake up refreshed and ready for the day. I have energy that I have not had for many years. I get through each day without longing for bedtime and sleep. My husband tells me my eyes look alive nowadays instead of half asleep and he commented just the other day that the “old” wife is back again after all these years.
I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to your product, you have certainly changed my life.

I have been stopping people snoring for over twenty years, by making a custom made device like a mouth guard. By the time people call me they have usually failed with all the cheap and easy off the shelf things and are desperate. But the SNOREX keeps things quiet.

Gold card holders, defence force personnel, Police and other emergency services all qualify for a discount. When getting a Snorex made.

Snoring myth #4; Tried all sorts of things nothing works. Wrong. Cheap 'out of the box' products do have a high failure rate, are generally uncomfortable and not very durable. There is no simple solution, because everybody is different. The only way to go is custom made. That way your individual characteristics are taken into account, it is more like tuning a musical instrument than flicking a switch. Skill and experience in making these results in a very high success rate a comfortable and durable product as well. Having made and supplied Snorex for over twenty years, I have heard many sad stories of couples not be able to share a room and disappointed with attempts to silence the noise. Then when I have supplied a Snorex they say that for the first time in years they can share a room for the whole night. I get a great deal of personal satisfaction that I can make such a positive difference in people's lives.

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Snoring myth #3 'I'm ok it shows I'm sleeping well.' Wrong; The effect of snoring is to create a restriction in the airway, the worse the snoring the worse the restriction. That means the snorer is not getting enough air, creating a cascade of effects that mess up the natural sleep patterns. Which means the snorer is always trying to catch, up no matter how many hours sleep. Falling asleep in front of the TV, feeling sleepy driving. Time to do something about it.

Snoring myth #2 When their snoring is mentioned they reply 'I don't snore, I can't hear a thing, I would know.'

Wrong. It's true most snorers can't hear themselves snore. And they can take some convincing that they do, and their brain somehow shuts it out.

Snoring myths #1 Snoring is a middle aged, overweight male problem.

Wrong. Anyone any age can snore, teenage girls and boys, women and super fit athletes. Not just the middle aged, overweight male. All that stereotype does is to alienate snorers who identify with other groups and make them feel bad about themselves.

Snoring can develop slowly as we get older or it can kick in suddenly at any age.


So if you or someone you know snores, it is quite common. But that does not mean it should be ignored. Because snoring is not without its issues and something can and should be done. But that is something for another post.

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Wow within minutes of setting up my Snorex FB page likes are coming in. Thank you everyone. This is a little overwhelming.

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Gold card holders, defence force personnel, Police and other emergency services all qualify for a discount. When getting a Snorex made.

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