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About Snot
  • Members:
    Bauto - Michael Bautovich (Team Bauthorn)
    Green Horn - Stephen Green (Team Bauthorn)
    Big Gay Al - Alex McDonald (Team Crim'n'al)
    Crime - Matt Hill (Team Crim'n'al)
    Legend - Nathan Forsyth (Team Ledgbas)
    Pembas - Philip Pembroke (Team Ledgbas)
    Pockets - Matt Rawle (Team Buckets)
    Bubbles - Matt Williams (Team Buckets)

    Current Jacket Champion - Green Horn
    Current Platter Champion - Buckets

    Previous Winners Jacket Platter
    2001- Mona Vale- Green Horn...Bauthorn
    2002-Chatswood- Green Horn..... Bauthorn
    2003- Wagga- Green Horn........Bauthorn
    2004- Penrith -Green Horn.......Buckets
    2005- Forster- Green Horn......Bauthorn
    2006-Hobart- Green Horn......Bauthorn
    2007- Gold Coast- Green Horn... Ledgbas
    2008-Perth- you guessed it- Green Horn....Buckets
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