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Steve Lee Faddis
· December 20, 2017
Message me for info on sober grants or email, reverendstavroslee@gmail

We are asking for your help getting deserving people into sober living. Men and women newly out of rehabilitation & detoxificati...on suffering from addiction issues.
Without our help some of these people will have no where to go but the streets and this is not where we want them.
With your help they will become productive members of society once again.
Grants to those who are coming out of programs will be set up to pay for at least a months' fees for that individual so he or she can find gainful employment to continue their path to recovery.
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Recovery. Your story. How will you get there?
A Work in Progress Sober Living is currently accepting a new female client. As one of LA's premier sober living homes, A Work in Progress is hands-on in their sober living approach, offering incredible recovery support. A Work in Progress - Women's Sober Living (818) 633-1719 |
Now accepting new clients at Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center, located in beautiful Altadena, California. Drug & alcohol treatment and sober living for men and women in a luxurious, home-like setting. Insurance accepted or financing options are available. For more information call (844) SOBER-50.

Please do NOT drink and drive. My heart breaks for the families of the lost.

Three people were killed Thursday morning in a fiery fatal crash that shut down a portion of Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach.

What if....

Just saw a TED Talk that Made Me Question the long held belief of keeping Our Personal Recovery Stories Anonymous. Tara Conner makes a good point, Maybe It's A...bout time We Step Up To The Plate and Have Our Voices Heard and Hold Out Our Hands to Those Still Suffering. Check out what Tara has to say.

All About You Recovery Counseling
(952) 583-0320 |

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Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006, shares her life-long struggle with addiction and what she has learned from 10 years of sobriety. Addicts are not bad people that ...