Have you seen this online tool? I absolutely love it! It’s called Canva.

Canva allows you to make professional and stunning graphics for your Facebook posts (plus lots more for your marketing efforts) easily and beautifully.

Have a look and play here:

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Have you tried using your graph search on Facebook? It’s actually a pretty fun tool to use as well being a fantastic tool to learn more about your audience…

Try this…

Find another Facebook page that is similar to yours. Now run a search to find out what other pages your fans and their fans like! For example: “Pages liked by people who like Social Network Marketing and Xmedia Digital Solutions”.


You could use the information given from your search to benefit your own page. Go and look at the pages in the search that are similar to yours and see what type of information they are sharing. Take note of what is working and not working for them. Use this to brainstorm how you could implement their successes for your page.

However don’t just copy and paste their posts! That’s just cheating and bordering copyright. Instead take note of the types of posts that are working for them and use them to inspire you for ideas to use on your Facebook Page.

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Have you tried the new app that’s taking off? It’s called Vine! This app is so much fun and can be very powerful for your Facebook page. For example a retail store that sells shoes could take a funky video of an employee modeling 4 different pairs of shoes in a matter of minutes, save it to your phone and then upload it to your page using the Facebook app! Check out the video I created…
Tip to Encourage More Interaction With Fans!

1,697 people reached, 448 post clicks, 56 likes and 49 clicks to the DairyNZ website. Not bad I’d say! You too can get results like this, as long as you insure you are posting the type of content that your fans want to read.

I’ve blurred out the image below for privacy, but if you’d like a closer look you can visit the DairyNZ Bright Kiwi’s Facebook page here:

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Has your Facebook page switched to the new Facebook Layout yet? The majority of your businesses information is now on the left hand side – this includes your apps, a map with your business address, phone number, website URL as well as photos and videos.

I’m loving the new layout, but what do you think? You can have a closer look at the changes here:…/news/A-Streamlined-Look-for-Pages

A preview of the updated look coming to Pages.

I went to check out if the vast number of new Facebook advertising possibilities were available to New Zealand yet… but they are not. Not on my account anyway

I wonder when and if they will be available in New Zealand? Maybe we’re just too small for this type of data… although a lot of people are selling to overseas buyers now.

Advertisers can target Facebook users based on behaviors on and away from Facebook. Here's how, complete with examples...

BuildSmart, a client of mine, uploaded and shared their new video on their Facebook page just the other day. So far the video has had over 700 video plays!!

Moral of the story here is... don’t just upload your videos to Youtube! Make the most of all your social media platforms. Facebook is a powerful way to spread your videos.

Check out their video here:

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This has made me look at Like-Gating Competitions completely differently now...

The age-old practice of Like-gating Facebook campaigns and apps can actually reduce exposure to your brand. Learn what to do instead.

Woohoo, I'm back! Sorry I haven't made any posts for a while, but I’ve had a good reason... Two weeks ago I finished my treatment for Cervical Cancer *happy dance*. So I had to have some time off to celebrate…

I take my hat off to all those who are, have been or know someone who has been through cancer. I met some lovely people through this experience and I wish them all the love.

If you have the chance to donate to the Cancer Society, please do. They do a wonderful job help wonderful people:

Right, time to get back to having fun growing and improving Facebook Pages!

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This used to bug me, not being able to edit scheduled posts! Thankfully now we can easily edit the text and timing before they are published. Thanks for the #FACEBOOKUPDATE

If you haven’t tried scheduling a post, I recommend it! It allows you to write your posts in advance and then schedule those posts to send in the future.

This means you don’t have to remind yourself everyday to make a post at a particular time (I know you’d rather be relaxing, watching Shortland Street at 7PM instead…)

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On to my new book for the month ‘The Art of Attraction in Business’ by Tamsen Garrie.

So far I’m loving it… it’s really interactive! Tamsen has little activities throughout the book to help train your brain to start thinking positive and get your butt into action to become successful.

Now… time to start putting her suggestions into action with my own business.

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This Facebook Flavoured Ice-cream apparently taste like chewing gum and candy… I want to try it!…/croatian-confectioners-creat…

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266 clicks to the DairyNZ website generated from this post! Writing powerful posts such as this one is easy when you’ve got talented people like Monique in the DairyNZ Scholarship Programme. Check out their Facebook page:

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DairyNZ Bright Kiwis

“I am slowly appreciating how different it is to farm cows inside. There is so much more to think about.“ – Monique, DairyNZ Scholarship Recipient.

Monique is o...n a student exchange in Canada and by the sounds of things, she's loving every moment of it!

“I've eaten Poutine (a chip, gravy and cheese dish) and plenty of maple syrup, and I’ve even had Tim Hortons. Now I have brought my own pair of Ice Skates! What more is there to do before I become a real Canadian?”

Find out what Monique is studying and how you too could experience a student exchange here:

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Vodafone New Zealand is the fastest brand to respond to their fans on Facebook for December 2013, with an average response time of 233 minutes! Go Vodafone!

More cool facts about good old New Zealand on Facebook can be found at Socialbakers: such as the most popular post that fundraised $42,000 for Starship Foundation. Needless to say, I was very impressed with that one.

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break, unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great in Wanaka but I made the most of the beautiful days with walks, bike rides and a bit of swimming.

Time to share my New Year Resolution! This year I will complete my website for Social Network Marketing. It’s been one of those things that I keep saying “I’ll work on that tomorrow…”

I’ll update you when it’s up and running, which shouldn’t be too far away! The website w...ill have more information about what Facebook services I provide and also client success stories.

Time to get cracking.

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I’ve just finished reading this amazing book by Mari Smith! If you are truly serious about improving your online presence with social media, I recommend giving it a read!

Now… what to read next. Any suggestions?

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Do you know what people are saying about your business online? Would you like to respond quickly to the comments? Then a great way to do this is by using Google Alerts!

Google Alerts emails you when someone mentions your keyword (such as your name, business name or products. Alerts for misspellings of these keywords are important too.)

This allows you to keep on top of what is said about you online by either thanking the person for the wonderful comment or dealing with t...he negative one, if you think it warrants a response.

You can set this up here:

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