My latest podcast is a conversation with well known author Patti Miller.
we talked about one of her memoirs, and about her writing workshops.
Patti grew up in the town of Wellington in Western NSW.
A few years ago Patti noticed a news item about the first post-Mabo Native Title claim made by the Wiradjuri in Wellington Valley...
She began to wonder where she belonged in the story of the town.
It led her to the question at the heart of Australian identity –
Who are we in relation to our cherished but stolen country?
Feeling compelled to return to the valley, Patti uncovered a complex story of
indigenous and white politics, family mythologies and the power of place; a story that is both an individual search for connection and identity, and a universal exploration of country and belonging.

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In this episode I bring you a conversation with well known author Patti Miller. As well as her long list of publications, Patti is also well known for conducting writing workshops in Australia and in Paris, teaching aspiring authors the art of writing memoir.

Episode 2 of my podcast! Is democracy dead or just on life support. An interview with a community development worker who is now a clinician in private practice. She advocates radical community involvement for clients in issues that affect their lives.

Joanne has a private practice as a clinical social worker in Mudgee – a small rural town in Western NSW. But the focus of my interview is her community development work- particularly in the northern rivers region of NSW and her related research around the practice of democracy.
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My first podcast episode!
An interview with Josie McSkimming (private practitioner and adjunct lecturer at UNSW) about her doctorate and subsequent book on leaving christian fundamentalism. You can stream it from my blog or get it through the iphone podcast app- just search for my name or the title.

I aim to bring you in depth interviews with social workers from across Australia, as well as commentary and interviews from the realms of politics culture and human services.

In hindsight it was a bit premature setting up this page.
Until the AASW election is over I will be focusing on campaigning, rather than broad policy issues.

My latest piece on working with the NDIS

Let me frame his piece by stating unequivocally that the NDIS is a genuine capacity building initiative and a great social good. Its current target is to improve the lives of 460,000 Australians with individual funding packages, to help them to participate more fully in their communities. It enshrin...

My post on the plight of social work students caught between the AASW and the universities has had a lot of shares on Facebook in the last month

As a major employer of social workers, I have spoken to countless new graduates and students on placement. Sadly, I have heard too many stories of placements gone wrong. Even worse, some students have told me that they set aside serious grievances in order to be able to complete their placements. T...