Heart of the Trinity -St. Therese Inspiration

"You came into this land of exile, willing to suffer and to die, in order to carry away every single soul and plunge it into the very heart of the Trinity - love's eternal home.” -St. Therese of Lisieux

Do the will of Jesus -St. Therese Inspiration

"I would like to love Jesus so love him more than he has ever been loved! My only desire is to always do the will of Jesus!” -St. Therese of Lisieux
Submit your prayer petitions to be remembered in prayer by St....
Submit your prayer petitions to be remembered in prayer by St....
Walk with Jesus, 2018
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Judy Hess
· February 27, 2014
Sweet Therese is my
patron Saint. I was a child as was she, later the small mission church which bore her name; (in which I was married,) was used to prepare us, as we planned and built a Shrine & Ch...urch dedicated to her when
she was named officially
a Doctor of The Church!
I love you my little Therese!
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Penelope Stevenson Pfizenmaier
· March 18, 2015
I love visiting the Shrine. I have been here five times. It is a very nice display of Saint Therese, as well as a very nice gift shop.
Carletta Bell
· September 29, 2016
I love my Rosary but lost the cross off it I want to know how I can get another cross. carletta Bell 1537 4th ST N E Rochester,Mn 55906 I love my Rosary Thank you God Bless You
Patricia Roberts
· January 2, 2017
How lovely to be in the care of St Therese.
Janice Pignata-Agnello
· March 12, 2014
I highly recommend St. Therese and the Society of the Little Flower for spiritual help and inspiration!
Charolette Romero
· April 18, 2016
Mom & I believe in st.theresa the łittle flower I enjoy having a daily inspiration every day
Tony Guajardo
· August 20, 2016
Absolutely amazing, love her and this organization SO MUCH
Maria Sherlyn Santoyas-Marjoni
· April 26, 2014
Please let me be a member of your organization so that I can receive her words everyday....
Madeliene Mc NallyMurray
· August 20, 2014
My Little Flower always watches over me and my girls
And all my family
LolaPaz SanDiego
· February 7, 2015
St therese my patron saint,for my plan i can not decide i pray st Therese to send me flower
Barbara Lim
· August 8, 2015
Very highly recommended if you are searching for a spiritual deepening...
Lin Loho
May 10, 2015
St Therese is my patron in my life.....
Cindy Snipes
· July 11, 2013
Lovely Site! I wish I could attend the Little Flower Conference beginning 7/19/13.
Kara Young
January 30, 2012
I highly recommend this site!
Marcy Rosenberg
August 30, 2013
Very Highly Recommended!!