Soy | Sugar | Sriracha Sauce + Jazz Hands
[#TBT] to shooting an episode for @diningattiffs new YouTube channel. Homemade Tocino Breakfast Sammichez on garlic buttered milk bread from @pangeabc, yo. Please like and subscribe for Good Food & Good Conversation (as well as my episode coming next month)! Was that seriously just last week?! 2014 has been a trip so far... #SGDfood #refilfood #thebestthingsinlifearepork #DATtocino #yolkporn (shoutout to @kat7leen for coming up with such a sammich idea!)
nothing like looking back on the past year to remind myself that I'm moving a lot faster than it feels like. So many new friendships and relationships this year. 2014 started with me taking baby steps towards my dream; it's ending with me parkouring towards my dream and living the life I've always wanted to lead. So many more big things planned for 2015. Happy New Year. See you all on the other side #SGDfood