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We are still doing a do of being right here this year yessseer


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Doering of a remind!

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Shinygecko not Kangaroojin!

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Credit goes to Kuro K. NightShadow. I took the original picture, but he added the caption XD

(Had to repost. I just saw I g...ave the wrong person credit. Sorry lol.)
-Big Boss

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Doing an excusable of the me!?

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Cav and I did a play of the game which is being called Starcraft yesterday and I did a doing of being stomped. But it is being okay, we did a plan of again playing for today.


Hello yes friends I am doing a say of hello to you.
My name is being called Lord Psul, God of Slamming and Jamming and am being a do of admin on this page now yes
I will do a try of to speak in the speak which is doing a refer to as Cavspeak okay


-Lord psul

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Shinygecko not Kangaroojin!

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Warnables! This isn't safely of for the ones who diding a work!

Kid finds mom's toy, has way too much fun with it

100 Licks! I suggestive that we cellophane this occasionally! Cheeses for every singular bodily!

Which is everybodily doering of thisday? I art doing of a listener to musical! Do a told, whatly arrrgh you accomplishmenter?

I did a getter of a masking horses!

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Outsiders is doering of a rainy. Certaining is loudly outer these.

A questioner I having!
Should I doing of a streamers for 20,000 Leaguers Under the Legendaries? I do beliefs that these willing bringing upon to me famous and fortunate. As wells, I wilt provided relieving of comedy!

I am current doing a lamentable. A girling by namer of Kyleigh Leos did an away pass this day. She did a great friending, and were a sweetly personage in the lifetime. Do a resting in a piece.

(Out of character though, RIP Kyleigh. We'll miss you)