in absence of updates on the full length, listen to the s/t EP at 33rpm instead of 45rpm. its pretty awesome.

Hey all,
You can listen to a new Some Stranger song from our new LP "Meet In Secret, Speak in Code" over at Robotic Empires bandcamp page as part of the new & free 'BLOOD' mixtape.

It was the last song we wrote and recorded for the record, well into the studio process; but it came together with such ease in a way that surprised us. Tym and I agreed it was just a strange unique gem of a song and it had to have a home on the record. Its a great representation of one end of th...e new albums constantly moving spectrum of Tym's vocal sensibilities meeting my approach to musical arrangements and tonality, and we couldn't be prouder of it.


"Celebrating 15 years as an independent record label, Robotic Empire gives you "Blood", a 30 track free mixtape comprised entirely of label alumni's side projects, solo material and/or otherwise rare/unreleased songs. Enjoy!"

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30 track album
August 2013 at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA with Will Yip September 2014 at Maxmimum Sound in Danvers, MA with Gary Cioffi

monday? monday.

still a jammer

from the album s/t



MIRRØRERRØR, DARK CITY, DEVILYOUKNOW, NUCLEAR AGE, and GONE vocals recorded thusfar. #LP1 forthcoming

TYM doing some acoustic things on a video thing

Live @ Maximum Sound //Tilting at Windmills It's too late don't y...

meet in secret, speak in code

Remember this one?

Some Stranger · Self Titled
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Working on my live board based loosely on the dominant sounds of the LP studio sessions. Theres gonna be an auxiliary raised noise and manipulation rig as well. Pedals are just noisey Legos.

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our s/t EP is on sale today for $9 at Robotic Empire.

Robotic Empire - Online Store Some Stranger - Self-Titled - CLEAR/BLACK COLORED VINYL 12 [Robotic104_12CLEARBLACK] - Striking out from the wastelands of conventional indie or emo rock, SOME STRANGER emerge with five incredibly catchy tracks on their debut release. Blissful melodic vocals soaring ove...

Studio update for LP1

Check out this news article, 'ABSOLUTExclusive: Some Stranger Studio Update,' on

This week we begin to finish recording our 2XLP

More pop jams, with a killer music video from Daniel Danger

Directed by Daniel Danger Starring Autumn Gillette //Third Acts I want to meet the person i met the other day before all this reality got in the way I always...

Hey, I made some pop songs, check em out: TYM //Chasing Ghosts I met a waitress from the coast with hair of fire eyes like jade she was so wra...