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Betty Ranney
· July 25, 2017
What a wonderful group to share your faith journey with. There are so many opportunities to get involved to pursue your passions for serving others, creativity, learning, teaching, singing, social jus...tice and the list goes on and on. Trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesus is the most rewarding path that you will ever take. See More
Sarai Riddlesworth Case
· November 11, 2015
Full disclosure: I'm the pastor.
So, obviously I'm biased.
But I will say this. SoL is different. The people are normal, everyday sort of folk. There are families, there are singles. There are young ...and there are old. What makes us different is that we believe in Jesus Christ as the center of our lives, but rather than inundate others with an overbearing message, we want to listen to the stories of others. Visitors find that they feel welcome and upon a second visit, are surprised that people remember them. We believe that the world has seen too many Christian churches that yell, condemn, or shame any number of behaviors or beliefs. In a world that is shifting globally on almost every axis--economic transfers of power, religious majorities rapidly shifting, natural resources depleting while new technologies and possible solutions are researched, and a global population shift as generations age and are birthed; now is the time for peaceful, patient collaboration. We believe in prayer, the study of scripture, worship, generosity, and service to our community in order to remove barriers between one another.
I welcome you to Song of Life and hope that one day we can listen to your story too.
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Casey Lea DeWitt
· June 28, 2017
Love attending church and community events with Song of Life. Everyone is welcome and the Pastor Sarai Case is awesome! Both as a friend and a preacher!!
Carla Miller
· October 10, 2016
Pastor Sarai is one of the kindest and most caring souls on the planet, and the atmosphere of friendship and welcome in the congregation is second to none :)
Merry Christmas! Today is both the fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve. Tonight we welcome our Lord Jesus Christ, and celebrate his holy birth, as He comes Down to Earth! (Please enjoy the audio only - our candle-lit service didn't allow good video this evening.)
Renovate: Never Too Late

Come join us Saturday from 8 to 10 am at Appleby's on Power and Ray Rd. for a Flapjack Fundraiser. Tickets are 8 dollars at the door and proceeds go to SoLteens to help cover the cost of Winter Retreat. All you can eat Pancakes!!! Definitely!!

Renovate: What to Know Before You Build

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