Jonathan Wilson - "There's a Light" [Official Music Video]
Jonathan Wilson - Rare Birds [Official Album Trailer]
Jonathan Wilson live from Cake Wines, Sydney

Friends, music lovers, humans, brothers, and sisters: it is with great pleasure and excitement that I finally get to share my new album, Rare Birds, with all of you, on 180-gram vinyl, cassette, CD, and of course all streaming outlets everywhere. It's out on Bella Union, the only label I would want to release this music.

I'm very proud of every song, every word, and every single sound on this record. It's been very much a labor of love. Almost 5 ...years since my last full-length, I didn't want to release this until it was exactly how I wanted it to be; every mix, the mastering, the art... everything. It is finally complete.

I couldn't have done it alone. So many people to thank, and you know who you are.

Enjoy the music. I hope it brings you some very pleasurable vibrations. I'm starting a US/UK/European tour today with my magic band. See you guys out there!

Smooches from LA,

Photo Credit: Rachel Cassels

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Happy to share today the video for "There's a Light."

It's undoubtedly one of my favorite tracks on Rare Birds. The idea came to me that I needed an anthem of pure positivity. The point was to put these words of peace, love, and hope in the mouths of whoever sang along...

The track you hear is the first take we played of the song, ever. This very unique and trippy video was done with my friend, and longtime collaborator, the amazing Grant James. He shot the whole thing on obs...olete Japanese broadcast cameras with hand performed analog video effects captured live on beta tape.

We filmed with the incomparable Lucius, who sings on the track. The viddy was shot at the beautiful Masonic Lodge in Los Angeles's Highland Park.

Hope you dig it. We had a blast making it. Oh, and the amazing intro by none other than Bedouine.

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"There's a Light" couldn't have gotten a better home on Spotify: "A little psychedelic, a little groovy, and very rootsy." Thanks for the cover and making the track your #1 on Psych & Groove:

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Cosmic Joe and Holy Mole // what an amazing east coast run with the one and only Laraaji 🍊 such a blessing making music with this man

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Wow. I can’t believe all the places Rare Birds hit the charts on iTunes! Germany, Romania, US, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, UK, Russia, Spain, Italy, India, France, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Australia - you all rule and I thank you.

Photo by: Madga Wosinska

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Had an amazing chat, heavy canyon style, with my old friend Jenny Eliscu. We talked Rare Birds, 90's big budget rock, smoothies, Rare Birds, cacti, Rare Birds, bulletproof covfefe and all kinds of other distinctly American things...

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of LSQ by Jenny Eliscu for free.

You can listen to Rare Birds a week early thanks to the fine folks over at NPR, an institution we need now more than ever. They have been excited enough about sharing Rare Birds with you that they have put it up on NPR's First Listen. I’m honored to debut my work with NPR, and I’m happy that you, the gentle listeners, get a chance to hear this 5 year work-in-progress first. Hope you enjoy it and listen often. It takes a few spins for the gradient layers to sink in.

Wilson is a student of rock and pop in all its forms, and Rare Birds is his finest album yet.

A look inside the indie ghetto-matrix! Rare Birds is out March 2nd. My buddy, the talented Ben Montez, rolled over during the making of Rare Birds and captured the vibe around the studio, around my life, around the microphones... I had been making some ambient tunes up in a little synth studio I setup in my bedroom. Those are the sounds you hear, along with the snip from the record. Please do enjoy.

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Pretty little Rare Birds preorders are finally flying out into the world! If you place your order by Monday, you have a good chance of getting the record by release day:

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Here's the "Loving You" Making Of video.

The good news came in that Matthew Daniel Siskin, one of the most insanely talented people I know, was keen to do a vid for the song. He had heard the track in the early stages in my studio and it stuck with him. I was ecstatic to see what creative universes he would conjure… When I saw the treatment I loved it immediately, and Matthew just kept bringing it to a more amazing place with every step of the process. He was relentless with ...bringing it to exactly where it needed to be with the visual molecules coexisting with the audio molecules.

My only requirement for the video was seeing Laraaji floating. I envisioned him cruising through Machu Picchu on a cloud full of vast emptiness. Matthew and Laraaji got together in Harlem very early one morning and made some real magic. Every time I see these two amazing humans in the video it makes me smile... I know how special this day was when Laraaji and I made this song, and seeing it now at full harvest warms my soul...

In this behind the scenes making of video you’ll hear bits and pieces of the Loving You "16 dainty minutes" long-player remix, due out later this year.

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I had a week to create a video for one of my favorite artists, jonathan wilson. this is the making of said music video. see the finished thing: https://www.y...

I don't like many drummers getting anywhere near my albums, but this time I got to work with one of my favorites on earth, the masterful Joey Waronker 🔥 Joey plays most of the drums you'll hear on Rare Birds

🎞 by Gus Seyffert

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Jonathan Wilson was live.
February 1

Jonathan Wilson live from Cake Wines, Sydney

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Posted by Jonathan Wilson

My new song "Loving You" is out now wherever else you listen to tunes: Spotify, Apple Music, etc

One day one of my musical heroes Laraaji came into my studio to just experiment and record some music. I had the ditty “Loving You” lying around. It was a song I wrote from a feeling or inflection of a word I heard John Lennon emote in one of his songs. I then put down a simple little drum machine beat along with the piano and vocal that you hear now. Larajji then beautifully chanted over the song, one take... then he played his cosmic zither, undulated gracefully with his iPad, and truly shaped the scope of the track. I added a specific drum/cymbal treatment used throughout Rare Birds, my funky Crumar bass, Lana Del Rey, a few other things, and boom - that was the genesis of the new album Rare Birds. That song set the tone.

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Here’s a sneak peek at the live show to come, this was night 1 at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles. I honestly cannot wait for you guys to see this show, hear this band... Shows are selling out quick, many are already sold out, so if you want to catch it, don’t delay:

Check out all the sold-out shows below, and announcing a few more including some special solo shows with strings.


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do you like fuzz? I teamed up with the fuzzy freaks at Jext Telez and created my signature pedal, and it's a glorious thing:

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Contained herein are some of my favorite pieces of my life's work. Choice nuggets from albums I've produced, played on, songs I've written, and the work of my best friends and musical mates. All of it is special to me, and putting it together in compilation form for you was a pleasure... hope you dig:

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