the comedy of man starts like this:
our brains are way too big for our mothers' hips

and so nature, she divines this alternative:
we emerge half-formed and hope whoever greets us on the other end...
is kind enough to fill us in

and babies,
that's pretty much how it's been ever since

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Video by Matthew Daniel Siskin, and everyone in America. Father John Misty's album Pure Comedy is available now on Deluxe 2xLP / 2xLP / CD / DL / CS in Europ...

no gods to rule us
no drugs to soothe us
no myths to prove stuff
no love to confuse us


not bad for a race of demented monkeys
from a cave to a city to a permanent party

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Music guest Father John Misty performs "Total Entertainment Forever" for the Tonight Show audience. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: ...

We're special in other ways
Ways our mothers appreciate

And the freaks have stormed the White House
I moved into a lighthouse

From the album: Terror Twilight

je näher ich dem Ende komme,
umso mehr schreib ich den Anfang um.

(Locas in Love - Teile)

Lied aus dem Album „Use Your Illusion 3 & 4“ von eine deutsche Band „Locas In Love“ erscheint im Februar 2015. Offizielle Seite : Face...

Und ich,
ich bin der Junge, den du nicht Mann nennen sollst,
weil das für alles steht, was falsch ist!

(Locas in Love - Blackbox)

i think you're the same as me
take 2 sugars in the tea

Oasis play a small gig at Gleneagles golf club 6th of february 1994.

hear them whispering
French and German
Dutch, Italian, and Latin

when no one’s looking I touch a sculpture...
marble, cold and soft as satin

but the most special are the most lonely
god, i pity the violins

in glass coffins they keep coughing
they’ve forgotten
forgotten how to sing
how to sing

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© 2012 WMG Directed by Adria Petty & Peter Sluszka "All the Rowboats" from Regina's forthcoming album 'What We Saw From The Cheap Seats' is available worldwi...

Zwischen 2 und 4
ist die Stadt in meiner Hand

video by tehafilm, vienna (

he used to do surgery
for girls in the eighties
but gravity always wins

This performance in a recording studio in Holland captures the band during the Bends tour. They perform their hit "Fake Plastic Trees" with no audience. This...

if i was Leonard Cohen
or some other song writing master
i'd know to first get the oral sex
and then write the song after

it would take me an age to marry you
now i've seen you use my razor like you do
its true

Graham Coxon - Bittersweet Bundle of Misery (MV)

lane driver
the forces against you, the rain
fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly
don't try, try, try, try, try...
it's a brand new era, it feels great
it's a brand new era but it came too late

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don't talk about the 32nd of December
that's the night i'm trying so hard to forget
all you do is you come round and then ...
... well I remember
remember what i try, that i, what i ...


( babyshambles - the 32nd of december )

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and concerning certain borders
it is known and one must understand
that they mostly fluctuate
you said to me a Sprite in hand


( tocotronic - the boundaries of good taste II )

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do you want to know where it stands right now?
do you really care
or how?

( stephen malkmus and the jicks - vague space )

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i went to the concert
and I fought through the crowd
guess I got too excited
when I thought you were around


( the strokes - heart in a cage )

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we just don't belong
in hospitals
in shopping malls
with heavy heads and locker walls


an empty street at 3 a.m.
you told me you're not one of them

( the pains of being pure at heart - belong )

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