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Thank everyone for the new views and likes. I have been very meh lately with websites but slowly getting back into it.

Just got most of the new project done you can see a beta live test you need a mobile phone or click the links where it says Switch To Mobile. I have been working on a mobile theme for them.


Website work almost caught up again. Waiting on a client to respond back on Facebook not sure what is going on?

So Sli Designs....Coming Back! We have a new web host. We are currently in the process of transferring all the websites to the new host. This may take a day or two. So far this new webhost seems promising guys!

Websites are down and out for now. We will be back full blast online. New host new speeds and improvements. Good riddance to my other host!

New So Sli Designs is coming soon hopefully before spring. We will not be using WordPress this time we will be using our own custom code! got a small upgrade should increase the speed of the website. More updates coming soon!

New website coming soon been busy with the Holidays and other projects. Need to find some free time here soon.

Check out my new website need steam to login!

Youtuber's ever wondered how to change your channel nickname? Well wonder no more click here!

This video shows you how to change your Youtube Name or Channel. If you do not like the choice of music I put in the background simply mute the sound! If you...

Interesting Fact.

Did you know if you have cable and a decent computer that has a good video card you do not need tv or extra crap to clutter your computer room. Now a days you can watch full episodes on the tv networks website just look them up for example

How to keep Firefox,Google and Thunderbird up to date easily? Well here are a list of tips...

1. Go to your Firefox, Google Chrome or Thunderbird settings icon click on the about icon and it will load the about info. After it does that it will load any updates automatically if there is any.

2. You can go to their main website using Google or Book Marking them for quick access. Then find the latest download link and download and install.


All 3 software's have virtually the same software installed in them and make it easy for users to update.

See More a website dedicated for steam users. Think of it as another image uploading website but you can only be logged into steam to use it!

Image may contain: 1 person
Image may contain: 1 person

Still looking for website clients if your on our list and do not have a website yet and want one...Well send message lol.

What design names we used in the past you ask?


Not in that order but just to give you an idea our name has improved.

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June 5, 2014