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SUCSS shared Sky News's live video.
July 26

Josh goes live on facebook to talk about the C2C!

Sky News was live.
July 26

Cyber attacks - We were at an ethical hacking competition involving simulated cyber attacks.

Students from 25 of the best universities in the UK and USA are competing in an ethical hacking competition.

Swipe presenter Gemma Morris answered your questions and comments

SUCSS shared their event.
May 8

Come along and learn all about MetaSploit, details in event!

Tue 6:00 PM UTC+0154/8031
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SUCSS added an event.
May 1

Mohit Gupta will be presenting and running a hands-on session using the Metasploit Framework.

Tue 6:00 PM UTC+0154/8031
13 people interested

Congratulations to our new committee!

President: Josh Curry
Vice President: Jamie Scott
Events Secretary: Tom Charter...
Secretary: David Young
Treasurer: Izzy Whistlecroft
Tech Officer: Kajusz Dykiel
Webmaster: Laurie Kirkcaldy

Thanks to those who came along to our agm, and we look forward to seeing you all at our meetings in the new year!

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SUCSS shared their event.
April 24

The room booking is now confirmed for our 2017 AGM on Wednesday, where we'll electing our new committee for next year. See you there!

Wed 6:00 PM UTC+0158 / 1025 (S/R H)
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SUCSS shared their event.
March 23
Wed 6:00 PM UTC+0158 / 1025 (S/R H)
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SUCSS added an event.
March 23

We'll be electing a committee for next year at this year's AGM.
We may also be discussing potential changes to our constitution.
If you intend on running for a position and would like more information, please message our page, or email us at sucss@soton.ac.uk.

See you there!


Roles Available:

President: The President shall oversee the organisation and management of the Group and the Committee as a whole; ensure the officers’ accountability to Members, the Committee, and the Students’ Union; and represent the Group to all external interests.

Secretary: The Secretary shall oversee the administration of the Group, take minutes at General Meetings and Meetings of the Committee, and maintain the register.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall oversee the financing of the Group, set the Group's budget, and maintain the accounts of the Group.

Events/Social Secretary: The Events/Social Secretary shall provide social and cultural pursuits for the Group’s Members on a large/small scale, such as Balls, sojourns, conferences and nights out.

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist the President with the day-to-day running of the society as well as assisting with establishment and development of industrial relationships.

Technical Officer: The Technical Officer is primarily responsible for the technical aspects of the Group such as hardware and development of other technical items. They may also be required to coordinate with the Webmaster from time to time.

Webmaster: The Webmaster shall be primarily responsible for the running and development of the website. They shall also coordinate with the Technical Officer where appropriate.

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Wed 6:00 PM UTC+0158 / 1025 (S/R H)
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SUCSS added an event.
January 30

MWR InfoSecurity will be presenting a workshop on password cracking, and the techniques involved in cracking hashes. The workshop will cover the basics of password cracking and leveraging basic techniques to optimise attacks against large hashlists as well as targetted attacks. You will also learn what makes a strong password. Finally, there’ll be a competition as to who can crack the most hashes.

It would be beneficial for participants to set up OpenCL on their laptops befor...ehand to work with hashcat v3.30. This can be tested by running a benchmark with the command 'hashcat -b -m 0' as well as running the example scripts that come with hashcat. Typically, OpenCL comes with the drivers for your CPU / GPU, and having the latest version of these provide OpenCL. If this is not the case, there will be guides online for your OS and hardware. The SUCSS committee can help set this up in advance and there are links to assist below.

There will be pizza + beer/cider.

Useful Links:
Hashcat - https://hashcat.net/hashcat/
Hashcat GitHub Repo - https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat
Ubuntu/Mint guide - https://blog.sciguy16.pw/…/installing-hashcat3-on-linux-mi…/

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Wed 6:00 PM UTC53/4025
18 people went
SUCSS added an event.

In this session, we'll be looking at reverse engineering and the dangers of modifying binaries for linux machines (and hopefully windows when we set up some examples to try!).
Please bring laptops! Sadly we don't have any decompiler software on the lab machines. Correction: I found some on uglogin.

Wed 6:00 PM UTCZeplerSouthampton, United Kingdom
24 people interested
SUCSS shared an event.

Netcraft are coming in to run an event for the department on Thursday about reverse engineering Phishing software

Thu 6:00 PM UTC+01Mountbatten Building Seminar Room, 53/4025
55 people went
SUCSS added an event.

Location: Zepler Computing Lab, Building 59 Level 3.
In this event, we'll be exploring SQL injection. After a short talk on what SQL is, and how it fits into client and server side web technologies, we'll move over to some practical challenges allowing you to explore the dangers of not parameterising your SQL queries!

Wed 6:00 PM UTC+01ZeplerSouthampton, United Kingdom
35 people interested
SUCSS added an event.

MWR InfoSecurity will be presenting a talk on privilege escalation, the process of elevating your access rights to gain greater privileges on a system, or access information that wasn't available from your original access point. How do you go from a low privileged shell to root on unix? How to you get administrator on a windows system? We'll cover the methodologies, information gathering techniques and a number of system specific routes to escalating your privileges.

In addition to the above, there'll be a short discussion on how to get into the industry, the different roles available and the kind of things you can do to make yourself more attractive to employers.

Join us at 6:30PM this Friday 21st October in 53/4025, beer/cider and pizza will be provided.

Fri 6:30 PM UTC+01B 53/ LT 4025
25 people interested
SUCSS added an event.

We'll be holding our first event of the year on the 4th October, in the Level 3 computing lab in Zepler (Building 59).

Starting off, we'll introduce our society and committee, and then we'll be following our 30mins learning and 30-mins practice routine to learn about the linux terminal, use basic shell commands, and potentially connect to IRC.

You don't absolutely need to bring anything for this event, but it may be handy to bring a laptop if you would like to set up an environment and some tools to try in your spare time.

Tue 6:00 PM UTC+01ZeplerSouthampton, United Kingdom
45 people went

The Cyber Security Society will have it's first session of the new academic year on the 4th of October. More details to follow.

SUCSS added an event.
May 3, 2016

Come hang out and do a security challange with us. We'll be around to help you out with the challenge if you encounter difficulties
Note: This session with be shorter than usual.

Tue 6:00 PM UTC+01Teaching Area Level 3 labs
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A challange designed for a recent selection process designed by our former Technical Officer (Mohit). Involves analying signals and following them to where they lead

Tue 6:00 PM UTC+01Zepler Level 3
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SUCSS added an event.

We shall be looking at network captures and extracting information from them.

Tue 6:00 PM UTCZepler Level 3
8 people went