The facts: Band: SYSTEM BASTARD from Leeds, Glasgow and Groningen Recording time for 13 Songs: 1 Day !!! Including: set up, soundcheck, recording the basics live, doubling the guitars, recording two singers, plus backings and samples. Mixing time: 1 day. Including mastering I'm not saying I always want to work like this and it wouldn't work on many styles anyway, but for those with a small budget I want to show what's possible in a very short time :-) Cheers ! Did I say I love this band ?!?!
To grind or not to grind ...... Suffering Quota in the house !
Mosh !

New Slaughterday !!!!!!! Recorded at the lodge some moons ago.....

Band: Slaughterday Song: Wasteland Of Demise Album (Mini-Album): Abattoir Label: FDA Records Year: 2018 Available at the FDA Records Online Shop under the fo...

Noisecore, Hardcore, Shantycore..... Call it what you want . SLOW EYE from Vechta !

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Shouldn´t the goal be to go beyond the genuine plastic, edited to death, melodyned production that became so normal to everyone ??? ..... trying to preserve at least SOME human touch, so you can show your kids in 20 years how YOU sounded and not how good computers and engineers were back in the day. Or am I just a retarted, old fool ???? I´m not against editing or using samples or digital sounds ...... It´s the playing. Playing TOGETHER as a band. Our music was meant to be different from mainstream pop, but so many productions in the last 2 decades were just made up like pop. Soulless, perfect, clean bastards. Don´t write your songs only on guitar pro. Go to a dirty place, full of trash and empty beer bottles and jam TOGETHER !!!

Band: Anvil Album: Pounding The Pavement Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Year: 2018 ______________ Not mine. \m/

WECKÖRHEAD - Audio recorded live at the Lodge !!

Es ist geschafft! Das erste Video "d-das Pik As" ist am Start! Teilen! Jetzt!

Fabulös gedreht in der Töpferei Niehenke Hasbergen mit der maßlosen Unterstützung ...von Annika Storck, Fräulein Van Beckvoort, Anna Mehmedovic, Dr. Dr. Dräse (ablösefrei geliehen bei der Frog Bog Dosenband - und unbeschädigt wieder zurück gegeben!), Hasi Stark, Muna Bockhorst, Daniela Hackbarth, Jörg Uken, Rico Schnnathorst, Mitch Kijewski, Bernd Niehenke , Justaf Brimborium und Olaf Bredenförder!

Kostümberatung durch die Waldbühne Kloster Oesede e.V.

Ein riesiges und herzliches "Danke" an auch alle!

Weckörhead kriegt auch dich!

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Motörhead Tribut auf deutsch

Angrillen !!! Wow

Angri in!!! Wow :-)
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Beer Busters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe ....... der gute Volkmar Weber über "Kadaverficker" !

Hehe ;-)....... Good Volkmar Weber about " carcass fucker.......
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Kadaverficker added a new photo to the album: KADAVERFICKER - Articles & Reviews — with Jörg Uken.



last time I worked with this guy is almost 20 years ago.......

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soundlodge added 5 new photos — with Henri Sattler and 3 others.
February 2

Bläst from the päst..... "God Dethroned" recording "Toxic Touch" in 2006 ..... Have a blasting weekend !

Wochenende !

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Phlebotomized is feeling great at soundlodge.

It’s a wrap for the first part! All drums, bass and rhythm guitars are recorded! A BIG thanks to Jörg! 🤘🏼

Recording "Phlebotomized" from Holland !

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January 25
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Throw (way) back Thursday ! Soundlodge 1997 - 2000 - upstairs

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3 pages of gear talk in the new issue of "Gitarre & Bass" ..... Nice Andrew Samuélz + Klaas Olthoff ! Hättet ihr gedacht das eure Amps mal auf einem Anvil Album landen würden ?? Oder in der "Gitarre & Bass" ??? Erwin Wilken kann ich hier leider nicht markieren.... Danke für die '84 Gibson SG ! . Robb Reiner Anvil, have a look !

3 pages of gear talk in the new issue of " Guitar & Bass..... nice :-) @[100001586803550:2048:Andrew Samuélz] + @[100001452696091:2048:Klaas Olthoff]! Would you have thought that your amps would end up on a anvil album?? or in the "Guitar & bass"??? ;-) Erwin Wilken can't tag here.... thanks for the ' 84 ! ;-). @[100003300898704:2048:Robb Reiner] @[9152864781:274:Anvil], have a look!
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..... watch Lips giving an interview for "Gitarre & Bass", represented by Matthias Mineur, in the studio ! Filmed in August, 2017

Mitleid ist so ziemlich das Letzte, was Anvil verdient hätten, auch wenn ihr tragischberührender Dokumentarfilm ,The Story Of Anvil‘ (2010) eindrucksvoll bel...

"My own Words" from Groningen recording a nice little EP

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