Sure, you can play Sound Shapes, but what about literally seeing the shapes of sounds as they reverberate? Check out this interesting article on that exact quirk, also known as synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a superpower phenomenon whereby a lucky group of people see color when exposed to stimuli, most commonly sounds. It's the inspiration behind some famous art and music -- but it's virtually impossible for mere mortals to get their heads around. This visualization is the best attempt I'…

Sounds Shapes turns one this week... party time!…/happy-birthday-sound-shap…/

We’re celebrating a big birthday this week – Sound Shapes turns one! At the age when we were wearing diapers and barely crawling, our strange musical platformer has been out in the real world making things happen.
making a beat using sound shapes + op1 keyboard

Every screen a new logo and sound – cool level by TheBeej

Sound Shapes music platform game for Sony PlayStation VITA and PS3 community website homepage

Saw the Death+Checkpoint=Warp technique again. Def not intended by anyone here @ Queasy #clevercommunity (@CallKell)

Man, just can't figure out how to get through this level.

Btw, have you guys been following all the E3 stuff... whoa, crazy right? Games and press conf throwdowns. Gonna be a fun 2013.

A ton of PS games incl. Sound Shapes on sale for E3. Some serious deals (also, a good time to become a PS+'er)…/playstation-plus-e3-2013-…/

Picking up ingredients for the next Sound Shapes DLC Pack.

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The new Sound Shapes Milkcrate update is live w/ albums from @baiyon, @verge, @gamespot and @ghostly – also it's free…/sound-shapes-special-gues…/

Everyone has the friends who know all the new bands and all the cool music, who make the mixtapes and the killer roadtrip soundtracks, the friends who you always ask, “What are you listening to?”

A quick headsup, the Sound Shapes servers will be offline 10am-12pm Pacific today... after that new Milkcrate albums will be ready to go!

Today: 80's and Dubstep DLC rolling out to Sound Shapers in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, +++... check out the Playstation Store and you're likely to find some new beats.…/new-sound-shapes-dlc-thi…/…

For our fans in Europe, Asia, Japan, South America, the new DLC rolls out to your Playstation Store on your weekly release day.

Our new 80s/Dubstep DLC is out! Check out all the details and a trailer here

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and “wub” is in the air… and with the spring comes a new blast of Sound Shapes DLC. Two unique sound...

Sound Shapes is on sale in the EU along with some soooooo many other great games... it's a crazy list!

You know how it goes. A friend raves about a game that you aren’t familiar with, and you then keep meaning to check it out but never quite get...

We have no idea where they're taking Sound Romp but excited to see as some of the best creators in the community are part of it.

A group of folks started this thing 'Sound Romp' – kinda like collaborative, episodic, storytelling w/ Sound Shapes