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Sasha Matusevich
· August 16, 2017
The best shopping mall in the world, you have the high end fashion and also affordable fashion as well, fun restaurants, and coffee shops as well. Really fun to shop or just to walk around. Everything here is very beautiful. Highly recommend to everyone!
Susan Magarro
· June 4, 2017
Me, my mom& my autistic 19 years old went inside guess store. The manager just stood there , no greetings, not a smile on her face or offered help. Very stuck u...p ! My autistic child then grab a hat & sunglasses & want me to take a picture of him & I did. He loves to take selfie everywhere. Then he went & sat on the couch waiting for me. I was just looking for a pit of jeans, & a shirt.... I look for my son but not there , so I went to the fitting room & the manager was bloocking the door so my son can't get in. I asked her if my son did anything bad. She yelled at me and said that if I cannot watch my son to leave the store. She was so rude . She said she didn't have time to be watching my son. I told her my son is autistic... she said she doesn't care !!!! Yelling!!! I drop the clothes I was about to buy & I gave her my words . She threatened me to call security & I told her to go ahead & call police. On the way out , my autistic son grab another glasses & tried to try on . I tried to grab & say no but he cried didn't want to give it back to me. I finally got it & put it back . The manager was so angry said, she cannot sell the glasses anymore cos my autistic son already been touching it. I was so upset asked her if she wanted me to pay for it. She gave me the mean
Look , put napkin tissue on the counter where I sat the glasses. I was so humiliated! My son was so confused !!!! I cried & went & drop a complaint... the manager on that guess store last Saturday at 6:00 pm , her name is Shaida Wysor. She descriminate my autistic son like he has a disease that is very contagious... i will call the corporate office tomorrow & make a complaint against her, so she will not descriminate any special need child again.
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Lisa Snider
· September 4, 2017
I have been harassed by the same Mall Cop for having my dog Charlie with me. He's my Service Dog and every time I've shown him hid Service Dog Card he just kind...a laughs at me and then begins to interrogate me about why I have him and what type of service does he perform. Last Saturday 9/2/17 Charlie , who is in a stroller because he's a small dog , I was in Victoria's Secret where we are both completely welcome , and when we were leaving there standing waiting for us was the same Mall Cop. I saw a small little girl with her mommy and she wanted to play with him and he got excited about this little girl and started barking which was making her so happy so I took him out and was holding him so she could pet him and the two of them both were screaming laughing and barking. Made her mommy happy. So then I put him back in his stroller and the little girl gave me a hug. She was very happy.
When he started questioning me he totally crossed the line about my health issues which I'm protected by HIPPA and I began to get very upset with him and went back into the store and started crying. I then left again to go home and his supervisor was waiting for me and he made me cry even harder. I finally left
I have seen hundreds of dogs in the mall and they never get questioned especially if they are wealthy customers over by the high end stores.
I call that discrimination because they are just normal pets not Service Dogs 🐶.
I am extremely hurt and now I will be going to Fashion Island instead where we BOTH are welcome with smiles and open arms. Thanks for ruining my favorite mall. I will never ever come back to this mall
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Seanaes McGillicudy
· June 24, 2017
If you've ever been to a city know for fashion and shopping, South Coast Plaza will be a huge disappointment. They have high end stores but the selection is sca...nt. The Saks seemed more like a JC Penney. They had a whole McQueen mini store inside but there was nothing but scarves and accessories. Not a McQueen garment in the store. If you need a pair of mom jeans or a suit or something bland then South Coast Plaza is the place for you. See More
Erica Lynn Eason
· July 18, 2017
South Coast Plaza IS the Best Mall for high end shopping!!!! I have been to Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza in Atlanta Georgia and I will say nothing will ever comp...are!!! Easy parking, friendly employees and no stress shopping. You can browse with ease and I enjoyed my time in the mall. This is the place to be if you love high end fashion!!! See More
Урузмаг Азаматов
· September 11, 2017
I told a guy at the Apple "genius bar" that it's kind of disappointing that iOS doesn't have a native function to export SMS messages to which he responded in a... snarky tone "...well telling me is not gonna help anything."...befuddles me how one can pay a thousand dollars for a piece of hardware and be made to feel like a burden when asking some questions about it... See More
Maria Sosas
· July 29, 2017
What can't say about South Coast Plaza I've been shopping and eating dinner lunch or anything else in this place for over 44 years it's a great relaxing enjoyably place to my it's the best place
Russell Merryman
· August 10, 2017
This mall, is probable one of my favorite shopping mall's there in Costa Mesa! So much to like about the vast variety of places to shop there, and look around at, with two sides to the mall on both sides of Bear 🐻 Street.
Earl Vinluan Pagal
· April 17, 2017
I just received your 2017 Spring catalog & was disappointed & dismayed that only white models were used to advertise the various stores at SCP. Hispanics, Black..., Asians & everyone in between patronize your mall. Orange County embrace & encourage diversity so it disheartening to see SCP not follow that mantra.
Maybe this was an oversight but doubtful since you use professionals to create the catalog and you approve it. SCP making their mall white again. Sad considering some your workforce is made up of minorities and immigrants.
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Mary Vecellio
· September 26, 2017
The Longchamp store at South Coast Plaza has FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. They care about the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers. If you ever need a Longchamp and are in the area, this is the place to come. 5 out of 5 stars from one happy customer!
Anna Laura Rivera
· June 21, 2017
one of my favorite places to shop! Love this mall , one hour drive from home but well worth it......
Yetta Julianne
· July 3, 2017
The customer service at Louis Vuitton was wonderful! Hawa Assefie helped me & my Mother pick out a few items and was very friendly as well as knowledgeable. Will certainly be going to Hawa for all our Louis needs. 🖤🦋
Yumi Ko
· September 11, 2017
I Love SCP before kids and after kids! They have so many events for Children! We just saw an awesome shows yesterday and our kids loved it! Also we love Access lounge!
Corinna Tutor
· May 14, 2017
We searched all over for the perfect dress for Makaila's graduation day. Of, we found it as South Coast Plaza. It was wonderful seeing her eyes all aglow when she try it on. Always a great experience at South Coast Plaza!
Aleli Grajera Tan Soliman
· April 26, 2017
Had lunch at Pacific Whey Cafe. Love the sandwich. Browsed through the loveliest furniture and decor stores, Z Gallerie for example. They have my favorite chocolate store Harry and David. I live 18 miles west but do not mind coming back at all.
Eleanor Hernandez
· August 13, 2017
I love the place!! A lot of high end stores...a big selection of beautiful merchandise...and the convenient to Park ...
Priscilla Adathrone Jimenez
· July 24, 2017
The best place to eat and shopping a lot Victoria secret channel forever 21 H&M gac Ruby's Mediterranean Cruise ILOVE it's with my family we love forever sout coast plaza all the best
Vargas Silva Mireya
· September 5, 2017
Very nice shopping mall...nice securities that would actually walk you to were you wanted to family and I enjoyed our day!
Nguyen Angelo
· September 3, 2017
My wife was a victim of theft... someone picked her sunglasses right out of her purse.
Very professionally done with out her knowing.
We found out when we got ...home...
Please be careful!
Watch out for petty thefts.
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Geo Bal
· August 7, 2017
Love going there, especially during the holidays! Lots of great memories, like the time we went into Burberry and saw a $200 dog bowl! 😂😂😂
Swing into Fall with #oscardelarenta exotic #TRObag. #Fall2017
Last chance to shop: South Coast Plaza will be open from 9am-6pm for Christmas Eve! Dream Big.
The Spring Garden show, At Home in the Garden, is happening now through Sunday! @FiestaParadeFloats created our beautiful centerpiece from botanical parts. Watch it come to life, then see it in person, plus check out 50 garden vendors, 10 outdoor garden displays, over 60 seminars this weekend. #SCPatHomeInTheGarden
South Coast Plaza added an event.
4 hrs


Top DJs ignite the ‘Snow Ball’ where you watch electric performances then join in an ultimate dance party surrounded by the hottest dancers of the holiday season! Step into a mirrored world where beautiful new makeup kits surround you as MAC Artists prep you with the perfect holiday look. Grab a mask, take a selfie, and catch a show then join in yourself at center stage – the shine is on you!

Custom tattoos, makeup, giveaways* and more! It’s the event of the season – don’t miss it!

RSVP link:…/ProSouthCoastPlaza

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Oct 20 - Oct 22South Coast PlazaCosta Mesa, CA
25 people interested