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Amy Capaul
· February 18, 2018
Poor parking garage. I was blocked in due to there being a huge snowbank at the other end. My only choice was to drive backwards, but this plan failed once other cars started coming in behind me, even... though there were no open parking spots. It was ultra frustrating to get my point across to the cars behind me that there was no where to go. It was a gridlock without any authority directing traffic. Never parking there again. See More
Shannon Sullivan Rose
· December 2, 2017
Came here to see Santa for our first born, so all we really came for was a cute picture with Santa. Long story short, we didn't get the cute Santa photo we intended for and had the experience of Santa as the "Christmas Story" experience versus the "Miracle on 34th Street" experience we hoped for. See More
Theresa Peterson
· September 30, 2016
The mall itself was nice but this review is for Jcpenny Portraits.
Every time we go to Jcpenny Portraits they do a great job expect for this last time.
My mom wanted her grand kid's (6,4 and a set of twins 2) pictures so I made an appointment at 10 am right when they opened so everyone would be in a good mood. When we got there the "photographer" Jan was so crabby and would not listen to anything I said.I told her about my son not liking strangers but that the girls will all be good. Well she kept touching my sons face and would make him cry and every time we would get him to smile she would have her camera in her lap. Then she took out a cat toy and kept shaking it in his face......
Well $99 later we only have good pictures of the girls.
Please do not let Jan be your "photographer" if you have children because she will be crabby and rude.
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Edward De Gregoire
· January 26, 2017
My review will be about 'walking the mall' (I know that sounds so AARP for me to say but it is true. My girlfriend and I went to Southdale to walk for over an hour and by walking clockwise around the... place (and including the major department stores ailes), then reversing and going counterclockwise, first on the second level then the main floor, we covered almost three miles. We used the Map My Walk app on each of our phones. I think her Verizon/Samsung app was more accurate than my ATT/Apple app. We stopped several times to look at cool and interesting stuff and might come back and buy it soon. See More
Lori Thoma-Byrne
· December 2, 2016
Way to hide Santa southdale. My 3 yr old wanted to "just see him." We entered at the correct spot so we could "walk by him." We were immediately scolded by both the worker AND SANTA. They stated we co...uldn't do that. There was NO ONE else there, no one taking pictures. Another family had just left. So much for the Christmas spirit. Apparently this Santa you have to pay to see. Ridiculous. Whatever happened to keeping him out in the open for all to see and enjoy? Kids shouldn't have to forced to sit for pictures. They should be able to wave, give a high five, etc. Some kids just want to see him. Well we were just shooed away by Santa. Way to go southdale. See More
Judith Giizhik
· July 29, 2017
Me and my fiance walked the mall and just was so relaxing to look around and check things out. We ate at Ruby Tuesdayz and I swear that food was so delicious! We plan to head back again tmw. Can't wait.
Bruce Kallenbach
· December 12, 2014
Many many moons ago shopping over the years here with a variety of shops, stores over the years that have come and gone! More modern now and Edina area has really grown into a major shopping hub aroun...d Southdale! With so many new stores, and that whole area redone over the years with double deck parking now and so many other stores, restaurants around there! At 1 time a zoo, water fountain with fish in it in the Atriam, and a big screened cage for Parakeets that would sing! And in the early 80's with the old Woolworth's that had a soda fountain and fixed burgers, fries! My step-son used to fish the pond for quarters all the time! And 1 time my aunt, uncle went shopping there from Beresford, S.D. and they couldn't remember were they parked their car! See More
John Harding
· March 31, 2017
I'm one of the morning mall walkers, and would like it if we could start walking at 7 instead of having to wait until 8. Their reasoning is that walkers interfere with cleaning people, but the cleanin...g people are still working at 8:00 and 9:00. See More
Rose Eastman
· January 22, 2017
I like southdale because they have the greatest lil play area with baby rides, and my granddaughter just loves it. And of course reasonable prices and better deals and the food is awesome and not so crowed.
Becky Jones Thompson
· December 24, 2016
What exactly are the rules for the stores opening? Can they just choose when they want to open despite mall hours? It's 8:30 on Christmas Eve, the mall opened at 8 and I'm looking at at least 10 sto...res/kiosks that aren't open yet. And this is definitely not a one time occurrence. See More
Thomas Sergeant
· November 1, 2016
I have been a fan since 1957 I remember the Greenbriar shop at Dayton's the pizza for a quarter The Toy Fair the parking lot with the animals to remember where you left your car the Goldfish ponds a w...onderful experience See More
Amanda Jacobson
· April 5, 2017
Special shout out to Zoie at the Michael Kors store at Southdale! My mom and I recently stopped in. She was extremely helpful! Also, today, we received a hand-written thank you from her that was perso...nalized from our shopping experience! Thought that was an awesome touch! Will definitely be back! See More
JP Armstrong
· March 1, 2016
Invisible security and no customer service booth... Anywhere. After exploring the bowels of the mall, I found a security office (no signs and not available to the public) which contained a very unimpr...essive officer.
While speaking with retailers, I found that ALL of them are very frustrated with all mall services, especially security and customer service.
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Jesse Tyler McWilliams
· June 30, 2016
Please close " Gamerheadz " and replace the space with a " Barnes and Noble " it would be a great space for it.

Tony(owner) runs a dishonest business at " Gamerheadz " his business should be investig...ed by the federal government.🇺🇸 See More
Phillip Haywood
· March 19, 2017
I always shop and dine at Southdale all the time its close to Fairview Hospital which is my place of empolyment.
Chuck Martinez
· August 20, 2017
It was a good place to watch a good movie i enjoyed the movie
Matthew Borchert
· February 28, 2017
Just went in to pass some time by. Took forever to find a bathroom, was ridiculous. Why no signs, at least there are a few stores I can buy pants at when I piss myself
Laurah Bonnah
· February 25, 2017
I love the play tot area. My favorite Cz it's big enough and I like it's location. I go there mostly for this and daughter loves it as well.
Jean Brandon Doroff
· April 13, 2017
MN Wild Hockey Lodge store was great. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Enjoyed shopping there.
AMC theater was so-so. Could hear the movie in the next theater during quiet parts of the movie, se...ats not the recliners like other theaters, and food was fairly expensive for what you got. See More
Priya Mansukh
· November 9, 2016
Southdale center is so wonderful, its an amazing center.. U can go do all ur shopping there..I had a great time there..
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